Niels Stensen Fellowships for postdocs

The Niels Stensen Fellowship Committee annually offers seven fellowships to young, excellent, catholic researchers to help them gain experience in international research. The fellowships are intended to support the scientific development of the grantees. Applicants can be nominated by two different professors, whose nomination letters must be handed in before 1 May 2014.

The Niels Stensen Fellowship Committee requires applicants to:

* be catholic. The aim of the Niels Stensen Fellowship is to contribute to the development of catholic scientists. The level in which someone practices Catholicism is however a private matter.

* have obtained their PhD between 15 June 2012 and 15 June 2014, OR

* will obtain their PhD in the near future. In this case the manuscript must be approved of before 1 January 2015.

* be excellent. Candidates must show extraordinary qualities for conducting scientific research and carrying out knowledge utilization. It is expected that they will be prominent members of the Dutch scientific community in the future. This must become clear in the nomination letters of the professors.

* go abroad. The fellowship is intended to go abroad for a minimum of 9 months and maximum 12 months (latter is preferred). The host institution is rather not a place where a candidate has conducted research in an earlier career stage.

* return to the Netherlands. The candidate should return to a position at a Dutch university after completion of the fellowship.

For support with your application, please contact Merle Achten.

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