Ernst Homburg interviewed in newspaper NRC on new book

The national newspaper NRC interviewed Ernst Homburg on his new book: Hazardous Chemicals, Agents of Risk and Change, 1800-2000. The book covers the discovery and regulation of hazardous chemicals. Homburg: “Sometimes fear goes to far.”

The full interview (in Dutch) is available online.

Picture: David van Dam

Collective volume on language in the mines by Leonie Cornips & Pieter Muysken

A special issue of the ‘International Journal for the Sociology of Language’ has just been published on language use in the mines. Language use in mining poses a particular challenge, since mining creates very specific social ecological circumstances. The issue came out of a symposium comparing mining languages in Africa, South America, and North Western Europe, held at Maastricht University, the Netherlands.

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Leonie Cornips talks on radio L1 about her research

In the programme ‘Stemmingmakers’ on the local radio station L1 Leonie Cornips talks about where she grew up, the dialect she researched for her PhD, the undermining role of pre-schools on the Limburgian dialect and the language of cows.

The full episode is available online.

Results from KNAW committee chaired by Wiebe Bijker sent to parliament

Wiebe Bijker chaired a KNAW committee to investigate possibilities of decreasing the number of animal experiments in fundamental neurosciences. This report, together with a watered-down ‘inventory’ on the basis of the committee’s report by the KNAW Board, was presented to ministers C.J. Schouten (Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality) and I.K. van Engelshoven (Education, Culture and Science).

On 4 July, they sent a letter with their response, the report and the inventory to parliament.

Maarten Doorman on national TV NPO2 in philosophical quintet

The TV discussion programme HUMAN of NPO 2 has a philosophical quintet which discusses words we struggle with. The fourth episode is on authenticity. We all long for authenticity and like to be original, but at the same time we also like to be part of something. Does that go together? How do you define what is authentic? And what is the purpose of the search?

The full episode (in Dutch) is available online.

Free try five at UM Sports for first year students

UM SPORTS offers you a two-week try out of the sports programme without any obligations. Within these two weeks, you can try out the sports programme 5 times for free. This can be a group class (Box-it, Zumba, Yoga, Spinning, etc.), a walk-in training (Indoor Soccer, Volleyball, Unihockey, etc.), the Gym, squash or participation in tryouts of the Student Sports Associations.

Start your Try Five from 23 August -16 September 2019. Register online.

12th International Conference on History of Chemistry in Maastricht

This year the 12th International Conference on History of Chemistry, co-organised by Ernst Homburg (chair), Cyrus Mody and Geert Somsen, was held in Maastricht from 29 July to 2 August 2019. It is a biennial conference which aims to bring together and facilitate communication between historically interested chemists, chemistry educators and historians of chemistry from all over Europe and beyond.

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Kiran Patel gives keynote lecture at Max Planck Society

At the Max Planck Society’s 70th Annual General Assembly in Hamburg, where some 700 representatives of the German Max Planck Society met, Kiran Patel gave the keynote lecture ‘Europe in Turmoil: Lessons from the History of European Integration’.

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Afke Groen new UTQ coordinator FASoS

The Faculty Board has appointed Afke Groen as the new UTQ coordinator for FASoS. Afke will succeed the current coordinator Patrick Bijsmans from 1 September 2019 onwards.

For any questions related to the UTQ please contact Afke at

We would like to thank Patrick for his excellent work in the past years!

Maastricht Disrupt Conference 2019, on Saturday 22 June

We are an interdisciplinary student committee passionate about Design Thinking for creative problem-solving. The annual ‘Not a Design Conference‘ inspires its audience with innovative concepts and visions. Through talks, workshops and a panel discussion you learn about how our inventions influence nature and how nature influences our inventions.

Saturday 22 June, 09.00 – 21.00. Cube Design Museum, Kerkrade. Tickets are available online.


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