Kiran Klaus Patel & Valentina Mazzucato appointed as KNAW members

Kiran Patel, professor of European and global history and Valentina Mazzucato, Professor of Globalisation & Development are both elected members of the Royal Academy of Arts & Sciences (KNAW). KNAW members are prominent researchers in their field, nominated by peers from within and outside the Academy. The KNAW is both a learned society and an organisation of Dutch national research institutes. Earlier this week, it appointed its new members with a membership for life. The inauguration will take place at the Trippenhuis in Amsterdam on 16 September 2019.


Interview: Raf de Bont on research project Moving Animals

Globalisation is undeniable. People, goods and information are moving around the world at an increasing pace. But what about animals? Do they also cross national and continental borders and how does that work? These are some of the questions that FASoS historian and researcher Dr Raf de Bont will research with his recently obtained Vici grant of 1.5 million euros. Read the entire interview here.

Interview: Miriam Meissner on researching minimalism and post-growth

A garbage island more than twice the size of Germany is gently rotating in the North Pacific. Also, there’s a sale. There’s always a sale. The perpetual accumulation of things brings with it some pitfalls: the issue of storage, the economic perils of living beyond one’s means and the colossal environmental problems that might eventually end our civilisation (in that order).
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Interview with MA ES Alumnus Joost van de Akker

In 2018, European Studies alum Joost van den Akker became one of the regional ministers of Limburg, “the most international province of the Netherlands”. In his eyes, the university is a “European musketeer” whose pursuit of internationalisation and Europe is a winning model. “It’s an example to all of Limburg.”

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Guest lecture by Prof. Nikolas Kompridis, on 2 July

On Monday 2 July, 10.00 – 11.00, Professor Kompridis will give a guest lecture on ‘Beginning and Belonging: The Contemporary Refugee Crisis and the Right to the Human Condition’. Nikolas Kompridis is professor in Philosophy and Political Thought at the Australian Catholic University. The lecture will take place in the Turnzaal, Grote Gracht 90-92. 
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Guest lecture by Prof. John Parkinson, on 5 July

On Thursday 5 July, 16.00 – 17.00, Professor Parkinson will give a guest lecture on ‘Communication as cultural practice: some implications for democratic theory’. John Parkinson is professor of Politics at the University of Canberra in Australia. The lecture will take place in the Turnzaal, Grote Gracht 90-92

Launch new Student Intranet

As of today all FASoS students will have access to the new Student Intranet, which will replace FASoS Study Information. The new Student Intranet will be the one-stop location for all students to access all study related information such as the course registration procedure, the education and examination regulations, binding study advice, the exam schedules etc. 
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Next week: Graduations!

During the next two weeks, all BA & MA graduations will take place. On Monday we will start with the MA European studies and the MSc Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology. Please find the programme of all other ceremonies below.
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Christine Neuhold and various MSc ES students interviewed by NOS Nieuwsuur

On Tuesday 26 September, NOS Nieuwsuur filmed during a lecture of our research master European Studies. Prof. Christine Neuhold and various students were interviewed. The interview is available here (36:05/37:40).

Informational session ‘Getting to grips with your pension’, on 6 November

Are you 59 or 59+ and ever wondered…?

  • Early, late or semi-retirement – what are my options, and what are the consequences?
  • How much is my surviving dependants pension, and can I exchange it for a higher individual pension, or vice versa?
  • Can I supplement my pension savings?
  • I want to make some calculations, so how does MijnABP work?

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