AXA Post-Doctoral Fellowships 2016-2017

Did you finish your PhD no more than three years ago? Does your research focus on risks? Do you have an outstanding CV? Then an AXA Post-Doctoral fellowship may be of interest to you. The fellowship offers a grant of €130.000,- for a maximum period of two years, for research that contributes to the knowledge on risks. As UM can only submit a limited number of applicants, an internal selection procedure has been set up with the deadline on 8 May.

Projects eligible for funding by the Fund must:

  • fall in the scope of the eligible thematic focus (please see below);
  • concern a free standing independent research project involving full-time work for the duration of the fellowship (with an exceptional acceptance of up to 20% of the time dedicated to teaching);
  • address academic research (and not Research & Development);
  • deal with research that conforms to the AXA Group Compliance and Ethics Guide.

Research eligible for funding by the Fund must fall within the scope of one of the themes identified by the AXA Scientific Board:
Improving the Management of Life & Health Risks, and in particular:
• Demographics, longevity and aging
• Prevention, personalized health and behaviour change
• Population health management
• Management of chronic & non communicable diseases management and long term care
• Efficiency of healthcare systems

Improving the Management of Data & Technological Risks, and in particular:
• Robotics, automation & autonomous vehicles
• Artificial intelligence, data science & machine learning
• Cyber risk & protection

Improving the Management of Climate & Environment Risks, and in particular:
• Risk modelling of natural hazards & weather events
• Urban resilience
• Sustainable resource management

Improving the Management of Finance, Insurance and Regulation Risks, and in particular:
• Asset valuation, risk modelling and behavioral finance
• Responsible investment strategies & sustainable finance
• Geopolitical & country risk
• Systemic risk and macro-economic and societal role of insurance

The proposals will be assesses on the following points:

Scientific excellence and innovativeness
• Definition and structuration of the scientific case
• Progress beyond the state of the art
• Innovative nature of the concept proposed

Quality of the research environment & feasibility
• Work plan and planning
• Appropriateness of the methodology
• Host environment and supervisor
• Appropriateness of the budget

Impact of the research
• Better understanding of important hazards and risks
• Impact of the research on society/communities

Applicant’s profile
• Academic excellence and a proven track record in accordance with the stage of the candidate’s career
• Demonstrated expertise relevant to the research proposed
• Personal commitment
• Potential for independence of research
• International mobility
• Communication skills

The application process entails:

  1. an internal UM selection of candidate(s) for the allocated slot(s) based on the CV and summary of the proposal by 8 May 2017;
  2. decision of the Fund on the candidates(1-2) that can be proposed by the UM (by 17 May 2017);
  3. application of the proposal by the selected candidate(s) by 15 June 2017.

Interested in applying? Please contact Merle Achten.

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