SG Lecture Series: Birth of Reason, from 20 September

This series of lectures will take you on a journey of discovery from antiquity to the present. The lecturers will analyse, contextualise, and possibly criticise some of the more conspicuous rationalisation processes that have shaped Western civilisation.

The lectures take place on Thursdays 20 and 27 September, and 4 and 11 October. The costs whole series cost €8 for UM students and €20 for UM employees. Please register online.

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Nora Vaage gives videolecture on GMO sound art, on 22 September

At TodaysArt Festival, on 22 September, Nora Vaage will give a videolecture on GMO sound art. The panel is centred around Guy Ben-Ary’s cellF, the world’s first neural synthesiser that jams with human musicians. The discussion will extend from Nora Vaage’s reflection on Ben-Ary’s work, opening up questions about his conceptualisation of the neural network as his rockstar alter-ego—and as such, an extension of his body and a “functioning human brain”.

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Religious Maastricht tour by MeetMaastricht, on 22 September

Maastricht is a beautiful city, full with tourists and students. But did you know that Maastricht used to be an attraction for pilgrims?

The cultural foundation Meet Maastricht organises a special tour this weekend in English for all hidden religious treasures in Maastricht. Please register online.

When: Saturday 22 September, 11.00 – 12.30

Starting point: entrance to St. Servaas Basilica

Exhibition: From Radiograph to Scan, at Maastricht UMC+

Exhibition: ‘From Radiograph to Scan. One hundred and twenty years of medical imaging.’

The opening of this exhibition will take place at Wednesday 26 September 2018 at the Maastricht UMC+, in the corridor to the Van Kleef building (Level 1).

The exposition highlights the difficult early years of roentgenology immediate after the discovery of the X-rays by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen in 1895. From FASoS Annemieke Klein is involved with the exhibition.

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Lecture evening: Interscience ‘Natuur versus Cultuur’, on 17 October

On this evening of short lectures, organised by the Young Academy, the border zone between nature and culture will be explored.

How to think of gender differences or the impact of biology on economic decisions? Should we allow brain scans in court? And have humanities scholars something meaningful to say about the climate? The lectures will be in Dutch.

When: Wednesday 17 October, 19.00 – 21.00
Where: Aula, Minderbroedersberg 4-6, Maastricht

Do you want to improve education at UM? Sign up for the EDview symposium

Do you want to improve education at UM? Then sign up for the EDview symposium on Tuesday 23 October! The symposium features interactive sessions about the future of PBL education, an inspiring keynote speech, a presentation of the results of project EDview, and a response from UM leadership that includes action plans for the future.

Register online for the symposium, or visit for further information.

Marith Dieker and Zahar Koretsky participate in TEDx PhD Pitch Night

Maastricht’s first ever TEDx PhD Pitch Night took place on 12 September. PhD candidates had 3 minutes to pitch their research and see if they could secure a place on the TEDx Maastricht stage.

Marith Dieker and Zahar Koretsky participated and pitched their own research on the red dot. One of the jury members was Valentina Mazzucato.

Below they share their experiences on the event.

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Café Mondiaal: Is there hope and perspective on peace in Syria and Iraq?

Lately it seems to be a bit calmer in Syria and Iraq, or at least the conflicts are not in the news as much anymore. Yet there are still terrorist bombings too often. What is the situation currently like?

Assam Dandashly is one of the speakers of this edition of Café Mondiaal and will give an introduction to the topic.

What: Café Mondiaal 51 (in Dutch)
When: Thursday 6 September, 19.30 – 22.00
Where: Café Pelt, Pancratiusplein 48, Heerlen

PAS Festival 2018 – Free Festival on 7 and 8 September

PAS Festival: Pleasure, Art and Science

When: Friday 7 and Saturday 8 September, from 19.00 – after midnight

Where: Various locations of Maastricht University and the Jekerkwartier

Free entrance

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Lauren Wagner speaker at the Going Nomad exhibition, on 8 September

On 8 September the Going Nomad exhibition created by Zone2Source takes place in the Amstelpark, Amsterdam. Lauren Wagner will speak together with her collaborator Clemens Driessne (Wageningen University) on ‘At home in the world, a modest proposal on full mobility’.

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