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Brexit FAQ page for current students from the UK and exchange students

The United Kingdom’s exit from the EU will also have an impact on higher education. Please note that there is still a high degree of uncertainty around future relations.

To inform students from the UK and incoming and outgoing students to and from the UK on the possible implications Maastricht University has composed a Brexit FAQ.

Although utmost care was taken in compiling the information, no rights can be derived from the document.

New open office hour of the programme directors BA-AC

The programme directors of the BA Arts & Culture, Alexandra Supper and Nora Vaage, hold their weekly open office hour on Tuesdays, 15.00-16.00 in GG90-92, room E0.01. You are welcome to drop by with questions and concerns about the programme.

It is appreciated if you let us know via email if you’re planning to visit:

Information on exam location Club Pellikaan

Flycatcher’s annual student monitor showed that some students are unhappy with Club Pellikaan as an exam location, particularly with a view to its accessibility and its toilet facilities. UM takes the results of the student monitor very seriously and, where possible, seeks to achieve complete satisfaction among all its students on exam facilities.

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ES students can register now for a free language skills training course

As a 2nd- and 3rd-year bachelor’s student European Studies you have the opportunity to take a free language course in a second language other than English during periods 4 and 5. If you pass the course, you will obtain 3 ECTS credits for it. Please register for a course via the My UM portal before Sunday 3 December 2017.

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Application 5th semester Study Abroad for 2nd year students

If you would like to spend your 5th semester abroad at one of our partner universities please check the Student Portal → My Organisations → FASoS Bachelor ES or CW/AC → Study Abroad (left-hand side menu). The application deadline is Wednesday 22 November.

Launch new Student Intranet

As of today all FASoS students will have access to the new Student Intranet, which will replace FASoS Study Information. The new Student Intranet will be the one-stop location for all students to access all study related information such as the course registration procedure, the education and examination regulations, binding study advice, the exam schedules etc. 
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3rd year ES students; please apply for the MA programme ES before 01-08

Did you know that our master’s programme European Studies offers 3 great specialisations geared towards future careers in public administration, the private sector and academia? The master’s programme European Studies is tailored to enhance your existing knowledge about Europe and its place in the world and is one of the top ranked master’s programmes in the Netherlands.

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Extended application deadlines FASoS master’s programmes

For the following master’s programmes at FASoS, the application deadlines have been extended until 1 August 2017:

For more information about the extended deadlines, please contact the admissions office.

Send large files securely and quickly using SURFfilesender

As a Maastricht University student and employee, you may use SURFfilesender from now on. This file transfer service allows you to send and receive large files quickly, securely and easily. Unlike WeTransfer, with SURFfilesender you can send files for free even more securely and up to 500 GB.

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Free writing and research support

Are you busy writing your bachelor’s or master’s thesis? Peer Point is a peer-to-peer service set up by the University Library offering free advice on how to write your paper and do your research work. Check out opening hours on the Peer Point Facebook page or via email.

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