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NORTIA early-career residency for Dorina Baltag

Dr Dorina Baltag has been awarded the NORTIA Early-career Researcher Residency and is visiting Brussels School of International Studies, BSIS at Kent University (Brussels campus) during this autumn 2018. The NORTIA residency presents itself as an opportunity to present the results of Dorina´s research and to develop further her research agenda on EU diplomacy.

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Lectures in PBL: the latest FASoS Teaching & Learning Blog post

Problem-Based Learning predominantly revolves around the learning process in the tutorial group. But what place then for lectures in this process? In her new post on the FASoS Teaching & Learning Blog, Afke Groen discusses her experience with lecturing in Problem-Based Learning. She shares several ideas and suggestions on how to make lectures more active and more complementary to the learning process in the tutorial group.

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Introducing: Imogen Liu

I joined FASoS in September as a PhD candidate on the ERC project SFWsEUROPE, where I’ll be exploring the legitimisation of sovereign wealth funds in the global political economy.

I completed a research master in political science and public administration at Leiden University and my bachelor’s in economics and statistics at the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

I am interested in questions of economic governance, regulation and change.

Introducing: Karoly Molina

My name is Karoly Molina and I am the research assistant for the Maastricht Centre for the Innovation of Classical Music, a joint effort between Maastricht University, South Netherlands Philharmonic and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences.

I completed the M.A. Art, Literature and Society here at the faculty focusing my research on art and literature by immigrants.

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Introducing: Collin Prumpeler

My name is Collin Prumpeler. On 1 September 2018 I started as head of the office of student affairs. I have been working for various universities of applied science. I started as a lecturer technical business administration. Afterwards I had a variety of managerial roles. My expertise is mostly in course development, change management and quality management.

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Introducing: Neil Thomas Smith

Hello! I am a postdoc working in the newly inaugurated Maastricht Centre for the Innovation of Classical Music (MCICM). My research thus far has focused on contemporary music aesthetics and analysis, as well as ‘making it’ as a composer today.

At MCICM I will initially be exploring how orchestras’ modern mission to engage society manifests itself in the manner they organise space. I am based in the pleasant confines of GG76, room 0.15.

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Introducing: Karin van Leeuwen

My name is Karin van Leeuwen and on 15 August I joined FASoS as an assistant professor working in the Department of History. As a historian specialising in the political history of contemporary Europe, I will be teaching in the European Studies and Arts & Culture programmes. In the first years, I will combine my position at FASoS with a post doc project at the University of Copenhagen.

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Introducing: Joey Tang

My name is Joey Tang and I started this week as a PhD student at FASoS. My research will explore gender inequality in Dutch organisations by using ‘big data’. I attained my BSc in sociology at the University of Rotterdam and my MSc in cultural sociology at the University of Amsterdam, where I also worked as a research-assistant. For the last two years, I have worked as a data scientist/analyst for various large companies in the Benelux.

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Introducing: Matthijs Krooi

My name is Matthijs Krooi and last August I started working at FASoS (BBS) in the role of Policy Advisor for Quality Assurance. As such I try to make sure that the processes and procedures related to education quality are meaningful, transparent and a driver of improvement. I am particularly interested in how the quality assurance system can support communities of practice in an ongoing dialogue.

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Introducing: Yf Reykers

My name is Yf Reykers. On 27 August 2018, I joined FASoS as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science (for one year). I will be involved in tutoring and teaching in the Bachelor and the Master in European Studies. In my research, I mainly focus on multinational military operations. I particularly study issues relating to the accountability of military operations, rapid response mechanisms and inter-organisational relations.

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