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Help FASoS to improve our programmes: fill in the NSE questionnaire

Every year all students in the Netherlands are asked to fill in the NSE questionnaire. Through the NSE many students analyse their programmes and universities. The results from the survey will be analysed thoroughly by FASoS and will be discussed in the management teams. This way FASoS can keep on improving their study programmes. All students will receive an invitation email to join. Thank you in advance for your participation!

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Update on smoking areas at FASoS

Last year, FASoS has introduced a new smoking policy. The designated smoking areas have now slightly changed, as it is no longer allowed to smoke in front of the Grote Gracht 76 building. This way people can walk in and out and in front of the building without having to go through smoke.
We would like to ask the FASoS community (staff and students) to contribute to making FASoS a comfortable place for everyone.

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Wiebe Bijker presents evaluation report WWR to Prime Minister Rutte

Prof. Wiebe Bijker presented the report ‘Meer dan ooit nodig—Evaluatie van de Wetenschappelijke Raad voor het Regeringsbeleid [WRR], 2013-2017’ (‘More needed than ever—Evaluation of the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy, 2013-2017’) to the President of the WRR (The Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy) and the Prime Minister on 30 January. Bijker chaired an evaluation committee.

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FASoS Teaching & Learning Blog launched

Teaching and learning are at the heart of FASoS. The newly launched FASoS Teaching & Learning Blog offers teaching staff a platform to share experience and best practices. Blog posts discuss particular challenges and situations in Problem-Based Learning, novel ways of testing, use of digital tools, interactive lecturing, and so on. The first post by BA AC ‘Tutor of the Year 2016/2017’ Philip Post deals with engaging students in PBL tutorials.

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Patrick Bijsmans and FASoS alumna Christiane Barth publish thesis research

Patrick Bijsmans and FASoS alumna Christiane Barth (MA European Studies) have just published Christiane’s thesis research in the peer-reviewed Journal of Contemporary European Studies. Entitled ‘The Maastricht Treaty and public debates about European integration: the emergence of a European public sphere?’, this Open Access article looks at debates about European integration in British and German newspapers in the early 1990s.

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Veerle Spronck wins Max van der Kamp thesis prize

Veerle Spronck won the biannual Max van der Kamp thesis prize, after being chosen from three nominations. In her CAST thesis ‘Between Art and Academia. A Study of the Practice of Third Cycle Artistic Research’, supervised by Peter Peters, she ethnographically investigated the everyday practices of artistic researchers in the Netherlands and Flanders.

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FASoS students receive thesis prizes during Dies Natalis 2018

During the annual Dies Natalis (anniversary celebration) of Maastricht University on 26 January 2018, four FASoS students received a prize for their bachelor’s/master’s thesis.

On behalf of FASoS, congratulations to Ellen, Marie, Lea and Robin!

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Claudia Egher wins IDS Vision Essay Competition

Claudia Egher has won the Vision Essay Competition at the launch for Maastricht’s new Institute of Data Science (IDS). The competition invited submissions for visionary essays on the future of data-driven society. Claudia’s essay, titled ‘Digital Morning, or Manic by Design’, depicts a morally ambiguous future of personalized mental health and digital surveillance, inspired by her research on the enactment of bipolar expertise online.

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Christiansen, Dijkstra and Neuhold brief Dutch parliament on Europe

The standing committee on European Affairs of the Dutch parliament visited Maastricht on 11 December to debate the White Paper on the Future of Europe. Thomas Christiansen, Hylke Dijkstra and Christine Neuhold provided expert testimony on democratic legitimacy and EU security policy.

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New composition of the Faculty Board as from January 2018

At the end of December, the two-year term of both Jessica Mesman, vice dean of education, and Kiran Patel, vice dean of research, comes to an end. Having led the research self-evaluation with great success, Kiran will now return to his regular duties as head of the history department, as originally planned. He will be succeeded by Thomas Conzelmann, who previously served as vice dean of research from 2009 to 2013.

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