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Kiran Patel’s Projekt Europa discussed in the US

Partly funded by the Gerda Henkel Foundation, Kiran Patel recently presented the findings of his 2018 book ‘Projekt Europa: Eine kritische Geschichte’ at various research universities in the United States.

He gave presentations at New York University, the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, the University of Colorado, Boulder, the University of California, Santa Barbara and, finally, the University of California, Berkeley.

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Thomas Christiansen interviewed by the oldest Japanese newspaper, Mainichi

In a wide-ranging interview with Mainichi’s Brussels correspondent, Prof. Thomas Christiansen discussed the rise of populism in Europe, the implications of Brexit and expectations for the upcoming EP elections. In his responses he emphasised the remarkable unity of the EU27 during the Brexit negotiations and highlighted the damage that Brexit is causing to Britain’s (trade) relations, not only in Europe but also globally.

Adriaensen, Bijsmans & Groen publish on skills development in the BA ES

Johan Adriaensen, Patrick Bijsmans and Afke Groen have just published a first article from their research project on generic skills development in the BA ES. The open access article in particular looks at how a portfolio – and in this case, a PBL self-assessment – may help to monitor students’ generic skills development. The current portfolio may achieve its educational objectives, but has limitations in light of teaching and learning research.

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New blog @FASoS T&L blog by Constance Sommerey and Afke Groen

On International Women’s Day, Constance Sommerey and Afke Groen blog about the gender biases they encounter in the teaching evaluations of students. Being a young and female tutor is a recipe for poorer teaching evaluations, which can have real consequences. It’s thus about time to address and disarm such bias.

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Katleen Gabriels lectures on ‘Can robots discriminate?’

Katleen Gabriels gave a lecture for the Universiteit van Vlaanderen (the Flemish counterpart of ‘Universiteit van Nederland’) on ‘Can robots discriminate?’.

Throughout the history of technology there are many discriminating designs. We, humans, have a lot of prejudices in general, conscious and unconscious. And designers are only humans too…

Gabriels explains in the lecture how discrimination surreptitiously sneaks into computer technology.

Launch: Entrepreneurial Thinking for Female Researchers by Dorina Baltag

The project ‘Entrepreneurial Thinking for Female Researchers’, led by Dr. Dorina Baltag, was launched on Wednesday 27 February. This event took the form of a panel discussion where speakers shared their knowledge and personal experiences on the issue of dealing with uncertainty that early-career researchers face when they want to enter the labour market.

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Introducing: Erman Atak

Erman Atak has joined FASoS as Research Fellow with a grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (2019-2020). As a part of Dr Bosse’s ongoing ASPASIA project, Erman’s research will focus on the influence of lobby groups on EU military operation ‘Sophia’ against migrant smugglers.

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Katleen Gabriels in national newspaper NRC and on

The Dutch national newspaper NRC published an article on parents tracking their kids digitally; how much freedom does a child still get? (Gps-tracking, familie-WhatsApp en Magister: kinderen worden beperkt in hun vrijheid). Gabriels says that due to the new technologies we tend to confuse control with care. Read the full article online.

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Book launch and panel discussion of ‘How It Happened’ at CEU Budapest

The critical edition of Ernő Munkácsi’s ‘How It Happened. Documenting the Tragedy of Hungarian Jewry’ (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2018) was launched and discussed at CEU Budapest on 14 February.

The event was hosted and moderated by CEU’s Rector Michael Ignatieff. The panel included Nina Munk, László Csősz and Maastricht University’s Ferenc Laczó. A video recording of the event will be posted shortly. (Photo credits Andras Dimeny.)

Dorina Baltag wins Diversity & Inclusivity Grant

During the first round of competition for the UM grants on Diversity & Inclusivity, Dr. Dorina Baltag has been awarded with the Grant for her project “Entrepreneurial Thinking for Female Researchers”. This award encourages innovative activities promoting diversity, inclusion and equity, complementing UM’s broader institutional efforts in D&I policy ‘Diversity at the Core’.

Use the online form to register for the project activities.

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