Facility updates

Phishing emails circulate that appear to come from staff members

Spammers are sending phishing emails to FASoS staff members, impersonating other FASoS staff members (often managers).

E.g. they impersonate a head of department or (vice)dean, asking if you are available to assist them. If you react, they will try to lure you into activities like giving your credentials or paying a bill. Please do not respond to these emails, but forward them to ICTS so they can block the sender.

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Window cleaning FASoS buildings, from Monday 28 October onward

From Monday 28 October onward, all office windows will be cleaned on the inside and outside. The works are expected to end around Monday 4 November.

Please make sure that the windows are free from papers or other objects.

Bee hives at FASoS

At the beginning of September two bee hives have been installed at the parking of FASoS. The hives are installed and being taken care of by Xander Lebesque who, besides his professional job at the ICT-servicecentre, keeps bees as a hobby.

Bees are important for the environment for many reasons. Many plants simply need bees to be pollinated. By placing the bee hives we hope that we can contribute a tiny bit to the biodiversity at FASoS and around.

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More sustainable faculty: no more plastic cups

To contribute to reducing the amount of plastic waste, FASoS decided to not provide plastic cups anymore at the Douwe Egberts coffeemachines in the buildings.

Please use your own mug or get a UM-cup at Bandito (deposit of €1). The UM plastic cups can be used and washed up to 500 times and at the end of their useful life, they can be recycled with the plastic waste.

This measure will be implemented before the start of the academic year.

Video conferencing facilities available at FASoS

FASoS now has two professional video conferencing setups available, and a third is on it’s way.

Since video conferencing is used more and more in our daily work, FASoS invested in professional video conferencing facilities. Two are available already:

  • A fixed, designated video conferencing setup in GG86, room 1.014 (above Banditos)
  • A portable all-in-one video conferencing device, to be used in any room

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Maintenance works at FASoS

This summer, maintenance works will take place around the FASoS buildings. The works are expected to last over the summer and will cause some noise nuisance. For an overview of the works to be carried out, please read below.

If you have any questions please contact Vincent Cordewener

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Summer Opening Times Bandito Espresso 2019

Because of the upcoming holidays Bandito Espresso has adjusted opening times:

  • 17 June – 23 August: closed for summer holidays (the Common Room and garden are available for use)
  • 26-30 August: open from 10.00-14.00

From Monday 2 September onwards it is back to business as usual.

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FASoS buildings closed on Monday 10 June

Please note that due to Pentecost all FASoS buildings will be closed on Monday 10 June 2019. They will open again as of Tuesday 11 June during regular opening hours.

Faculty buildings closed due to Ascension Day

Due to Ascension Day, all FASoS faculty buildings will be closed on Thursday 30 and Friday 31 May 2019.

Ambulances at FASoS during Kidzcollege on 15 May

The next UM Kidzcollege will take place at FASoS in the Turnzaal on Wednesday 15 May. Part of the programme will consist in letting the children see from up close how an ambulance works and what the vehicle looks like from the inside. Two ambulances will be parked behind the Turnzaal in the morning and will shortly demonstrate the use of their siren.

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