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Decisions and announcements Faculty Board meetings December 2018

The FASoS Faculty Board held two meetings on 5 and 19 December.


  • Following the advice of the OTO, the Faculty Board decided on funding the applications for a VSF-/RSF-contribution.
  • The BA Digital Society will maintain the same admission requirements as the other two bachelor’s programmes at FASoS.
  • The Board approved the revised profile report special chair ‘History of Science and Technology’ and the nomination of the chairholder.

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Giselle Bosse’s course on ‘Survey Research’ UM best practice example

The course ‘Research Methods: Survey Research’ (BA European Studies), coordinated by Dr Bosse, has been selected by EDLAB as ‘Best Practice Example for the Use of Creative PBL’. In this course, students carry out quantitative surveys for cultural and social organisations in Maastricht and the wider Meuse–Rhine Euroregion. Students also create interactive WordPress websites to present research results and policy recommendations to local clients.

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UM SPORTS For Every Body: fill in our online survey or join a focus group

We need your help! We are interested in the views of all UM students and staff members regarding body diversity and inclusivity at UM SPORTS – regardless of whether or not you are a UM SPORTS member. You will share your views via an online questionnaire that will take you max. 15 minutes to complete. Or you will share your views during a 1-hour focus group, for which you will receive a €7,50 gift voucher as a thank you. 
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UM Crowd: acquire financial resources with crowdfunding

Do you have an ambitious academic or student project in mind, yet lack part or all of the financial resources that it requires? Starting in 2019, the Limburg University Fund/SWOL (UFL) provides an innovative way of obtaining the money: crowdfunding. To this end, we will soon launch an online platform: UM Crowd.

We are still on the lookout for crowdfunding campaigns in 2019! If you are interested in UM Crowd, please get in touch with Guido Vanderbroeck.

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‘Welcome123’ is not a strong password!

Passwords are an important aspect of information security at UM. Strong passwords make it more difficult for unauthorised persons to gain access to your information and information belonging to UM.

UM is working to ensure that all staff and students use strong passwords and change their passwords on an annual basis. Change your password now and make sure your information is fully secure!

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No FASoS Weekly during Christmas break

FASoS Weekly will take a break during the Christmas holidays from Monday 24 December 2018 until Friday 4 January 2019. The next edition of the FASoS Weekly after the holidays will be published on Thursday 10 January 2019.

Happy holidays!

You said, we did: December 2018

To keep everyone informed on the changes that are made at FASoS in response to your feedback, FASoS staff and the Student Reps started a new series. In our first post we will highlight some of the things we are working on.

  • Tutorial rooms/art competition
  • Common Room GG76s
  • Umbrella
  • Sanitary products in toilets

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Contribute to sustainability at FASoS by individual action at work

Help to make FASoS more sustainable with the following tips:

  • Turn the lights off when leaving rooms, use natural daylight wherever possible
  • Take breaks throughout the day
  • Report any issues with heating, ventilation and/or air conditioning to the Facilities Services Servicepoint
  • If you have to order equipment throught the UM ordering system, order sustainable alternatives
  • Dispose of waste correctly

See below for more details and other tips.

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Decisions and announcements Faculty Board meetings November 2018

The FASoS Faculty Board held two meetings on 7 and 20 November.


  • The Board selected the four nominees (BA and MA) for the SWUM Student Prize for best end work, which will be awarded at the Dies Natalis in January 2019.
  • The Board re-appointed Aagje Swinnen as head of the research programme AMC for a two-year term.
  • Student Representatives organised the Potluck Dinner in November, and received a financial contribution of the faculty.

First FASoS Green Impact Team meeting and first points earned

On Wednesday 21 November, the first FASoS Green Impact Team meeting took place. A collective of 9 team members strong, consisting of: Charlotte Bens, Manon Beudart, Silvija Burbaite, Timothée Galvaire, John Harbord, Zahar Koretsky, Eliza Marx, Sjoerd Stoffels and Jana Tinkov.

The team nickname themselves Soylent Green – the title of a grim Science Fiction thriller that plays in an ecological crumbling world.

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