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Russo and Vink receive funding for project voting mobile EU citizens

Luana Russo and Maarten Vink are part of an international consortium that has been awarded a European Commission Action Grant to work on the project “Fostering Awarness, Inclusion and Recognition of EU mobile citizens’ Political Rights” (FAIREU). The project aims to foster the successful inclusion of the EU mobile citizens in their host EU country’s civic and political life through the provision of a holist approach to tackling obstacles they face when exercising their political rights.

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CAST thesis Veerle Spronck nominated for Max van der Kamp thesis prize

The National Centre of Expertise for Cultural Education and Amateur Arts (LKCA) nominated Veerle Spronck’s thesis ‘Between Art and Academia: A Study of the Practice of Third Cycle Artistic Research’ for their biannual Max van der Kamp thesis prize. Her CAST thesis of June 2016, supervised by Peter Peters, ethnographically examines how artistic research functions in practice in the Netherlands and Flanders.

NWO Rubicon grant awarded to Valentina Carraro

Valentina Carraro has been awarded an NWO Rubicon grant to carry out a two-year research project entitled: “The More the Better? The Complementarity of Human Rights Reviewing Mechanisms in the United Nations”. The research will be performed at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights, in Vienna.

New research project for Joop de Jong on cultural participation

Joop de Jong and his research team, consisting of Sandra van Helden and Ward Schoonbrood, have been commissioned by Tout Maastricht to analyse the results of the recent survey on cultural participation amongst 12.000 Maastricht residents. The main results of the analysis will be presented to the city government and city council before the local elections on 21 March.

Official launch Mo-Trayl Website

Mobility trajectories of young lives (MO-TRAYL) is a five year ERC funded research project (2017-2021) which aims to develop a better understanding of the relation between migration and young people’s life chances. The project is led by Prof. Valentina Mazzucato. Furthermore, postdoc Karlijn Haagsman and the following PhD students: Gladys Ankobrey, Laura Ogden, Onallia Osei and Sarah Anschütz are involved.

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E-journal subscription UM library: save some money

UM Library has access to more and more e-journals. Maybe even a journal you have a personal subscription to. Save some money and find out if the library has your journal in the collection. You can check this by contacting Ask your librarian.

Christiansen, Dijkstra and Neuhold brief Dutch parliament on Europe

The standing committee on European Affairs of the Dutch parliament visited Maastricht on 11 December to debate the White Paper on the Future of Europe. Thomas Christiansen, Hylke Dijkstra and Christine Neuhold provided expert testimony on democratic legitimacy and EU security policy.

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Vincent Lagendijk receives two research grants

Vincent Lagendijk received two fellowships over the last couple of weeks.
The first one is from the German Historical Institute (GHI) in Washington DC, and the second stems from the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library. Both research trips will be in the first half of 2018, and are contributing to his work on a transnational history of the Tennessee Valley Authority.

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Nantke Pecht receives Fellowship from University of Potsdam

Nantke Pecht has been offered a short-term fellowship in the research cluster SFB 1287 ‘Limits of Variability in Language’ at the University of Potsdam for 2018. For a period of three months, Nantke Pecht will carry out research within the project, ‘Integration of linguistic resources in highly diverse urban settings: Stretching the limits of variability’, set up by Prof. Heike Wiese and Ulrike Freywald. For more information, please see the website.

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Ulrike Brunotte gives lecture at Meertens Institute (KNAW)

Ulrike Brunotte presented her new research project at the KNAW-Meertens Institute seminar ‘Religion, Media, Body, Heritage’ on Thursday 23 November. She gave a lecture on ‘The Beautiful Jewess as Frontier Figure in Europe’s Internal Colonialism. Some Remarks on the Intertwinement of Orientalism and Anti-Semitism’. After the meeting, she was invited to become a member of the research group.

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