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Follow-up Research Assessment 2017

As communicated before, our research institute received a very positive result in the 2017 research assessment exercise (three times ‘very good’ for research quality, the link to society, and the viability of the research institute). The Executive Board of our university has in the meantime approved the response by the FASoS Faculty Board to the recommendations that we received.

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Hans Schouwenburg wins UM valorisation prize

Two researchers who earned their PhD from Maastricht University in 2017 were awarded a prize for the quality of their valorisation chapter in their dissertation. Since a few years, PhD candidates at the UM are required to write a chapter about the way their research can be translated into societal or economic value. Last year, Dr. Hans Schouwenburg and Dr. David Barata wrote this chapter so well that they were awarded the Valorisation Prize 2017.

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Harro van Lente awarded for Sustainability Science paper

The journal Sustainability Science has awarded the paper ‘Sustainability assessment as problem structuring: three typical ways‘ an honorable-mention in the Best Paper Award 2017.

The paper, authored by Harro van Lente and colleagues from ICIS, addresses the epistemological differences in various approaches of sustainability assessment and discusses the implications. The paper was nominated from among 62 articles.

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Klaartje Peters receives KNAW Grant for research on local governance

The Staatsman Thorbecke Fund of the KNAW has awarded a grant for a research project on ‘Strengthening the role of the local council’ by Klaartje Peters.
The grant, that will be partly spent on a postdoc for two years, aims to assess the accountability regime in Dutch local government, and to search for accountability practices elsewhere that could be useful for Dutch municipalities.

Call for researchers – NWO Bessensap

On Friday 15 June 2018, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and the Dutch association for Science Journalism and Communication (VWN) will jointly host Bessensap in Amsterdam. To help shape the programme, the NWO is looking for researchers who are interested in presenting their own research to a large audience of science journalists, communicators, and other interested parties. Submit your proposal by email by Friday 30 March.

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Sally Wyatt to coordinate VSNU ‘Digital Society’ initiative

The VSNU (Association of Universities in the Netherlands) has launched a nation-wide initiative to conduct research about the ‘digital society’, and to consolidate the Dutch position. Together with Professors Inald Lagendijk (Delft) and Maarten de Rijke (UvA), Sally Wyatt will coordinate the initiative for the coming three years.

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New commissioned research project for Joop de Jong and his team

Tout Maastricht has commissioned Joop de Jong and his research team, consisting of Sandra van Helden and Ward Schoonbrood, to analyse and evaluate the effects of the cultural education programme Toon je Talent (Show your talent) on cultural participation of children in group 8 (year 6) of primary schools in Maastricht and surrounding villages for the years 2018 -2020.

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New FASoS Teaching & Learning Blog on study choice

In the latest post on the FASoS Teaching & Learning Blog, Afke Groen and Patrick Bijsmans talk to BA ES alumni Philipp Hermann and Christopher Dürr on their study choice for the BA ES. The blog includes advice for prospective students!
Follow the FASoS Teaching & Learning Blog on Twitter for other posts and more.

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Joop de Jong presents results of research project

Yesterday the results of the survey on cultural participation amongst 12.000 inhabitants of Maastricht were officially presented during a press conference in the town hall. The survey was commissioned by the municipality of Maastricht and conducted by Joop de Jong, Sandra van Helden en Ward Schoonbrood (FASOS), in cooperation with Tout Maastricht. Next week’s Observant will also give attention to the survey and the results.

Russo and Vink receive funding for project voting mobile EU citizens

Luana Russo and Maarten Vink are part of an international consortium that has been awarded a European Commission Action Grant to work on the project “Fostering Awarness, Inclusion and Recognition of EU mobile citizens’ Political Rights” (FAIREU). The project aims to foster the successful inclusion of the EU mobile citizens in their host EU country’s civic and political life through the provision of a holist approach to tackling obstacles they face when exercising their political rights.

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