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Vincent Cordewener travels the world

A couple of days ago I met with ‘the other Vincent’, Vincent Cordewener, Facility Manager at FASoS. The one who mistakenly receives emails on library services (which Vincent Lagendijk chairs) while he should be receiving messages on facilities at FASoS.

Coincidentally, we met on his birthday. I promised not to mention what age he had turned, but let’s just say he found the sound of it quite daunting. This turn-of-his-life event was a good opportunity to reflect on the life he had had so far.

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FASoS’ first human to be interviewed: Vincent Lagendijk

Vincent Lagendijk is assistant professor in history at FASoS. What he does in his free time? He goes cycling, running, and occasionally plays basketball (which might not be surprising to those who know him).

I met Vincent for a coffee at Banditos. Once I poured sugar in my cappuccino, Vincent gasped: “why would you do that?” It immediately became clear to me that I had stumbled upon a real coffee lover.

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