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Sally Wyatt and Michel Dumontier interviewed by ScienceGuide

Sally Wyatt and Michel Dumontier are interviewed by the national online platform ScienceGuide. Both have a very different view on digitalisation and would like to use this to make students think about the societal implications of big data and artificial intelligence. The full interview is available online (in Dutch).

Picture: Sacha Ruland

Maaike Meijer in national newspaper Trouw on biographies

In an essay in the national newspaper Trouw Maaike Meijer writes about the fact that not only more biographies get published in the Netherlands, the quality also gets better. The essay is published (in Dutch) in the weekend supplement ‘Letter & Geest’.

Maaike Meijer on national tv in ‘VPRO Boeken’

Maaike Meijer was one of the guests on the national tv programme ‘VPRO Boeken‘. She was invited to talk about her latest book ‘Hemelse Mevrouw Frederike: Leven en werk van F. Harmsen van Beek’.

The full episode is available online (in Dutch).

Hylke Dijkstra interviewed by Luxemburger Wort

The Luxemburger Wort published an article about the 25-year anniversary of the EU Treaty, the European Studies programme and the city of Maastricht. Hylke Dijkstra was interviewed for the article, which includes his quote that ‘the Treaty had the same significance as the Yalta conference of 1945’.

The full article is available online after entering an email address.

Leonie Cornips interviewed in documentary on street language

In a documentary on street language, initiated by the city archive of Amsterdam, Leonie Cornips is interviewed (4,50′). The documentary can be watched on YouTube.

Maaike Meijer writes opinion piece in Dutch newspaper Trouw

In the Dutch newspaper Trouw Maaike Meijer urges for the permanent use of holiday houses, to tackle the growing shortage on the housing market.

The full opinion piece (in Dutch) is available online.

Opinion piece by Yf Reykers in Belgian newspaper De Tijd

The Belgian government will soon take a decision about the acquisition of a new fighter jet fleet, replacing the ageing F16 fighter jets. Yet, this procurement process has raised serious controversy.

In this opinion piece, Yf Reykers and Daan Fonck (KU Leuven) provide a set of proposals to increase transparency and democratic accountability.

Louis van den Hengel talks about ecosexuality at

The largest Dutch journalism website about the world and you,, talked to Louis van den Hengel about Ecosexuality. “What if nature isn’t your mother, but your lover?”

The full interview is available online.

Maarten Doorman interviewed on radio 1 on forming a well-founded opinion

For the programme ‘Nieuwsweekend’ on the Dutch national radio station Radio 1 Maarten Doorman was interviewed. He was consulted on how you can form a well-founded opinion.

Research by Jolien Makkinga and Leonie Cornips quoted in the Limburger

Jolien Makkinga and Leonie Cornips researched the impact of dialect on residents of a nursing home. It turns out that speaking dialect has a very positive influence.

An installation called Mia, which is a (sound)cupboard from which Limburgian words and sounds appear (about which an article has already been written), has now been built. It should improve the well-being of residents.

An article has been published in the Limburger on 1 October.

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