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Ruud Hendriks interviewed in Austrian newspaper Kurier

Ruud Hendriks was interviewed, together with Magdalena Schamberger, in a series on dementia by Axel Halbhuber in the Austrian newspaper ‘Kurier’.

Hendriks was in Vienna at the occasion of the Health Care Clowning International Meeting (April 4-6), where he talked about the ethics of elder-clowning for an audience of 400 healthcare clowns from over 50 countries in the Opening plenary with Michael Christensen, Sue Morisson, and Giora Seeliger.

Maarten Doorman interviewed on Dutch radio on Lucebert

On 17 June Maarten Doorman was interviewed on Dutch radio 1 because of his new book (Dichtbij en ver weg) for a documentary on Lucebert and the recent findings on his war history. Some of the questions were for example: will we look at him differently now? What is the relationship between being an artist and work? The episode is available online.

Ties van de Werff interviewed in Dutch newspaper Trouw

Ties van de Werff has been interviewed by the Dutch newspaper Trouw on his PhD thesis ‘Practicing the Plastic Brain’. Read the interview online which has been published on 8 May.

Peter Peters interviewed by Dutch radio 4

Peter Peters has been interviewed by the Dutch radio station ‘Radio 4’ in the programme Podium on his appointment as Professor of Innovation of Classical Music and the newly founded Maastricht Centre for the Innovation of Classical Music (MCICM).

Leonie Cornips quoted in Dutch newspaper Trouw

Leonie Cornips is quoted in the Dutch newspaper Trouw on 11 April on how social media can positively influence the use of local dialects.

Maarten Doorman on Dutch radio programme OVT about Rousseau

On 15 March Maarten Doorman spoke on the popular history radio show Onvoltooid Verleden Tijd (OVT) on Dutch radio 1 about the philosopher Rousseau. This was because the theme of the Boekenweek (national book week) is nature.

Attendance research Bijsmans and Schakel in ScienceGuide and Observant

The attendance research done by Patrick Bijsmans and Arjan Schakel was published in ‘Higher Education’, one of the leading peer-reviewed international journals in higher education studies. It has now also been quoted in ScienceGuide and the university newspaper the Observant.

Opinion piece on local elections by Klaartje Peters in newspaper Trouw

On 21 March 2018 Dutch local elections will take place, typical 2nd order elections. In the piece Klaartje makes an appeal to voters to not automatically vote for the political party they prefer at the national level, but look into the politicians that want their vote at the local level.

Andreea Nastase interviewed on new Code of Conduct for EU Commissioners

Andreea Nastase was interviewed by Altinget, a Danish political online media, regarding the new Code of Conduct for EU Commissioners, which was launched on 31 January 2018.

Lies Wesseling interviewed in Dutch newspaper NRC

Raising your kids gender neutral stirs a lot of discussion if parents can and/or should break the stereotypes of boys and girls. Lies Wesseling has been interviewed (in Dutch) by the newspaper NRC on the topic.

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