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FASoS dean Sophie Vanhoonacker interviewed by 1Limburg

FASoS dean Sophie Vanhoonacker was interviewed by the Dutch regional news website 1Limburg.

In the interview, she explains that the students of the BA digital society will bridge the gap between technology and society. “There is a huge shortage of people with knowledge on this”, Prof. Vanhoonacker claims.

You can read the interview here.

Katleen Gabriels appeared on 1Limburg

On Friday 15 November, Katleen Gabriels was invited for a talk at 1Limburg. In the studio, she talked about the new BA Digital Society and the importance for the programme for today’s society.

You can watch the interview here.

Katleen Gabriels interviewed by Trouw

On Sunday 17 November, an interview with Katleen Grabiels appeared in Dutch newspaper Trouw.

In the interview, she reflects on her latest book ‘Regels voor robots’ in which she pleas to create ethical norms and rules for robots and AI systems, but also for engineers and other developers.

Prof. Cornips interviewed by Radio 1 on signing ‘Limburgs convenant’

In 1997, the Dutch government officially recognized Limburgish as an official regional language. On Wednesday 6 November 2019, Minister Knops, Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, signed the ‘Limburgs Convenant’, which is aimed at better protecting the Limburgian language culture.

Prof. Leonie Cornips reflects upon the importance of the signing of the covenant in an interview with Radio 1.

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Karin Bijsterveld interviewed about her research on Stasi wiretapping

In the framework of World Day for Audiovisual Heritage on 27 October, Professor Karin Bijsterveld was interviewed about her research on Stasi wiretapping.

In the interview, she reflects on her research, digging through the former Stasi and other GDR archives in Berlin to explore how the Stasi tried to develop technologies for processing the audio recordings they made for surveillance purposes.

Lies Wesseling in ‘De Stemming’ on L1 Radio

On Sunday 20 October, Lies Wesseling joined in on a discussion on L1 Radio about females in history writing.

The role of women has been largely ignored in history books. Do historians interpret our past incorrectly? Or did women simply not achieve that many advancements?

Lies Wesseling discussed the theme ‘Zij/Hij’ (she/he) in the History Month together with archaeologist Gemma Jansen and historian Marjon Koene.

Annemieke Klijn interviewed on Dutch radio 1

Annemieke Klijn was interviewed for the popular history radio show Onvoltooid Verleden Tijd (OVT) on Dutch radio 1 about ‘The ideal woman. Erotic advice from the Jesuit collection of Theodoor van de Velde at the beginning of the 20th century’.

The full epidode is available online here.

Lies Wesseling interviewed by RTV Maastricht

Within the framework of the Maand van de Geschiedenis (English: History Month), which has the theme Zij/Hij in 2019, Lies Wesseling was interviewed by RTV Maastricht on 15 October, together with Jet van Aalst from the Vereniging Literaire Activiteiten Maastricht and Inke Bours of the Vrouwenrechtswinkel Maastricht.

Camilo Erlichman Historical Advisor for German TV documentary

Camilo Erlichman has acted as historical advisor for a 12-episode German TV documentary on the history of the German Democratic Republic and has checked all episodes for historical accuracy.

The documentary ‘Unser Leben in der DDR’ (‘Our life in the GDR’) will be broadcast on N-TV Germany starting on 8 October 2019 at 20.00 and running every Tuesday until 12 November.

Interview with Tannelie Blom and Jo Wachelder

As you all may know, FASoS is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. FASoS Professor Tannelie Blom and Associate Professor Jo Wachelder were founders of the sixth faculty at Maastricht University.

In an interview they look back on an especially dynamic quarter of a century. They discuss how the faculty came about, who was involved, and the hurdles they had to overcome.

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