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Lies Wesseling interviewed by RTV Maastricht

Within the framework of the Maand van de Geschiedenis (English: History Month), which has the theme Zij/Hij in 2019, Lies Wesseling was interviewed by RTV Maastricht on 15 October, together with Jet van Aalst from the Vereniging Literaire Activiteiten Maastricht and Inke Bours of the Vrouwenrechtswinkel Maastricht.

Camilo Erlichman Historical Advisor for German TV documentary

Camilo Erlichman has acted as historical advisor for a 12-episode German TV documentary on the history of the German Democratic Republic and has checked all episodes for historical accuracy.

The documentary ‘Unser Leben in der DDR’ (‘Our life in the GDR’) will be broadcast on N-TV Germany starting on 8 October 2019 at 20.00 and running every Tuesday until 12 November.

Interview with Tannelie Blom and Jo Wachelder

As you all may know, FASoS is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. FASoS Professor Tannelie Blom and Associate Professor Jo Wachelder were founders of the sixth faculty at Maastricht University.

In an interview they look back on an especially dynamic quarter of a century. They discuss how the faculty came about, who was involved, and the hurdles they had to overcome.

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Sally Wyatt interviewed by IP magazine

Sally Wyatt was interviewed by ‘vakblad voor informatieprofessionals’ (IP magazine, issue 7, 2019) about the start of the new bachelor’s programme Digital Society.

In the interview (in Dutch), Prof. Wyatt reflects upon the initiation of the Digital Society programme and the importance of starting such a programme.

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Farewell interview with Kiran Patel

Kiran Patel says farewell to FASoS. He is leaving Maastricht University for the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, where he will hold the chair in European History and establish an interdisciplinary research centre on Europe and European history. In the interview, Kiran reflects on his time in Maastricht.

Ernst Homburg interviewed in newspaper NRC on new book

The national newspaper NRC interviewed Ernst Homburg on his new book: Hazardous Chemicals, Agents of Risk and Change, 1800-2000. The book covers the discovery and regulation of hazardous chemicals. Homburg: “Sometimes fear goes to far.”

The full interview (in Dutch) is available online.

Picture: David van Dam

Leonie Cornips talks on radio L1 about her research

In the programme ‘Stemmingmakers’ on the local radio station L1 Leonie Cornips talks about where she grew up, the dialect she researched for her PhD, the undermining role of pre-schools on the Limburgian dialect and the language of cows.

The full episode is available online.

Maarten Doorman on national TV NPO2 in philosophical quintet

The TV discussion programme HUMAN of NPO 2 has a philosophical quintet which discusses words we struggle with. The fourth episode is on authenticity. We all long for authenticity and like to be original, but at the same time we also like to be part of something. Does that go together? How do you define what is authentic? And what is the purpose of the search?

The full episode (in Dutch) is available online.

Kiran Patel interviewed by ZDF on stepping down of Theresa May

For the programme Heute Journal of the ZDF Kiran Patel was interviewed after the announcement that Theresa May would step down as Prime Minister.

The full interview (in German) is available online.

Georgi Verbeeck interviewed for Belgian VRT news

In the programme ‘De Wereld Vandaag’ Georgi Verbeeck answers the question how Germans and Russians experience the large scale remembrances before D-day. This year it was exactly 75 years ago that D-day took place. To commemorate this several ceremonies took place, which were also attended by Theresa May, Emmanuel Macron, Donald Trump en Justin Trudeau. Angela Merkel and Vladimir Poetin did not attend.

The full episode is available online.

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