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Maarten Vink and Sally Wyatt in De Limburger

Maarten Vink was interviewed in De Limburger to comment on a plea for regional and national voting rights for non-citizen residents in the Netherlands. In the same article, Sally Wyatt’s recent op-ed arguing that the tie to a nationality clashes with the basic reasoning of the democratic system was cited.

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Opinion piece by Sally Wyatt and Hans Radder in the Volkskrant

Sally Wyatt, together with Hans Radder, wrote an opinion piece in the Volkskrant. The piece states that the tie to a nationality clashes with the basic reasoning of the democratic system.

The full article (in Dutch) is available online.

Leonie Cornips interviewed by L1 on new research

Leonie Cornips was interviewed by L1 on her new research. Cornips is currently researching human and non-human animal interaction; for example how does a farmer communicate with his or her cows, and how do the cows respond?

The interview and video (in Dutch) are available on the 1Limburg website.

Cornips was also interviewed on the radio programme L1 Cultuurcafé.

Interview: Raf de Bont on research project Moving Animals

Globalisation is undeniable. People, goods and information are moving around the world at an increasing pace. But what about animals? Do they also cross national and continental borders and how does that work? These are some of the questions that FASoS historian and researcher Dr Raf de Bont will research with his recently obtained Vici grant of 1.5 million euros. Read the entire interview here.

Interview: Miriam Meissner on researching minimalism and post-growth

A garbage island more than twice the size of Germany is gently rotating in the North Pacific. Also, there’s a sale. There’s always a sale. The perpetual accumulation of things brings with it some pitfalls: the issue of storage, the economic perils of living beyond one’s means and the colossal environmental problems that might eventually end our civilisation (in that order).
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Article in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on first MCICM symposium

The German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung published an article on the first symposium hosted by the Maastricht Centre for the Innovation of Classical Music (MCICM) in Maastricht on 29 and 30 March.

Throughout the two-day event, international experts from different fields discussed possibilities for classical music innovation.

The article is available online.

Christine Arnold interviewed by RTV Maastricht on the Maastricht debate

RTV Maastricht – English news interviewed Christine Arnold on the upcoming Maastricht debate. Christine talks about the relevance of the debate and the importance of the youth vote.

The full interview is available online.

Katleen Gabriels in newspaper De Morgen and on radio Klara, VRT

Katleen Gabriels was invited by Pompidou (a cultural programme on radio Klara, VRT) to read ‘The Blazing World’ by Margaret Cavendish and to talk about this 17th century philosopher and her book. The episode is available online.

Furthermore, Katleen was interviewed by the Belgian (Flemish) newspaper De Morgen on the opinion piece Mark Zuckerberg wrote for The Washington Post (30 March), in which he asked for more regulations.

Picture: Karel Duerinckx

Joop de Jong interviewed on cultural policy and the provincial elections

Joop de Jong has been interviewed on regional TV L1 and local RTV Maastricht on cultural policy and the provincial elections. In the interview Joop de Jong discussed the importance of the Province for arts and culture in Limburg, and the main goals and effects of the Limburg cultural policy.

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Ferenc Laczó interviewed by BBC World Service’s The Inquiry

Ferenc Laczó acted as one of four expert witnesses on the BBC World Service’s programme ‘The Inquiry’. The episode of 14 March posed the following question: will populism destroy the European Union?

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