Nominate your colleague(s) for the Sustainability Award 2019

Are you committed in an extraordinary way or do you want to make UM and its surroundings or society more sustainable? Or do you know someone or a team who has made a special contribution to the sustainability of UM and its surroundings in an administrative, scientific or service related way?

Nominate yourself or (a) colleague(s) for the UM Sustainability Award 2019 and send it to sustainability@maastrichtuniversity.nl by Wednesday 11 December 2019.

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Apply for the Synergy award 2020

The Synergy Award 2020 is awarded to a PhD candidate who has the most exciting idea towards impact on society. A selection of candidates will get the opportunity to improve their idea and ‘pitch’ in interactive sessions during the conference on 6 February.

The winner of the Award will receive €2500 to be used for realisation of the idea.

To apply, download the form and send it to synergy2020@nwo.nl before Friday 6 December, 14.00.

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Inspire secondary school children

The Student Recruitment team of the MUO/Marketing & Communications Department is constantly looking for UM teachers and scientific staff (PhD included!) willing to share their story with secondary school pupils in Limburg and North Brabant.

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Meet our master’s ambassadors

Our master’s ambassadors represent their programmes on social media and at Maastricht University’s events, such as Open Days.

The Master’s Open Day on Saturday 30 November is the perfect chance to meet our master’s ambassadors in person. They are ready to answer all your questions about their respective programmes. You can also already contact them via social media.

Click on ‘read more’ for the links to their social media pages.

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Message In A Bottle: follow FASoS students’ initiative on Instagram

Almost everyone has a reusable water bottle at FASoS, not only for daily hydration but also as an effort to fight plastic pollution. Where did you get your bottle? How long have you been using it? There is a story behind every reusable bottle.

To show your support to the ocean and the earth, don’t forget to follow messageinabottle_um on Instagram, post your selfie with your reusable bottle using the hashtag #messageinabottle and tag @messageinabottle_um.

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Call for applications: European Award for Excellence in Teaching

The Central European University opened a call for applications for the European Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Social Sciences and Humanities.

You can either recommend someone before 1 December 2019, or apply yourself before 31 January 2020 by sending your application to teachingaward@ceu.edu.

For more information on selection and eligibility criteria see here.

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Nominate a colleague for the Wynand Wijnen Education Prize 2019

Can you think of a colleague or a group of colleagues who is/are making an exceptional contribution to education at Maastricht University?

You can nominate – together with at least one colleague – this person or group for the Wynand Wijnen Education Prize 2019.

Please use this form to submit your nomination – ideally including some examples – before Wednesday 27 November 2019. Please attach some additional information to support your nomination.

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Protests in Higher Education continues: join with automatic reply text

Since 2000, the financing of teaching that universities receive has dropped 25% per student. The national WOinActie protest movement has now adopted a longer term strategy until the parliamentary elections of March 2021.

The first step is to keep the protests visible with an automatic reply on your email account stating you support the action. You are invited to join, see sample texts below.

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FASoS students publish in UM’s open journals

FASoS students who participated in the MaRBLe excellence programme last academic year have created a journal entry in Maastricht University’s open journals. All individual papers can be downloaded and read, in line with the journal’s open access policy.

Decisions Faculty Board meetings October 2019

The Faculty Board of FASoS held meetings on 9 and 23 October. Please click on ‘read more’ to read the decisions the Faculty Board has taken.

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