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New blog on thesis supervision @ the FASoS Teaching & Learning Blog

In the latest contribution to the FASoS Teaching & Learning blog, Esther Versluis shares her experience as a thesis supervisor. In addition to some useful advice for other supervisors, Esther also has one top tip for students working on their thesis!

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Patrick Bijsmans and FASoS alumna Christiane Barth publish thesis research

Patrick Bijsmans and FASoS alumna Christiane Barth (MA European Studies) have just published Christiane’s thesis research in the peer-reviewed Journal of Contemporary European Studies. Entitled ‘The Maastricht Treaty and public debates about European integration: the emergence of a European public sphere?’, this Open Access article looks at debates about European integration in British and German newspapers in the early 1990s.

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Holocaust Memorial Lecture by Ferenc Laczó available online

The text of the Holocaust Memorial Lecture ‘The Europeanization of Holocaust Remembrance?’ Ferenc Laczó held for Studium Generale on 23 January has been made available – in a slightly shortened form – at Eurozine.

Leonie Cornips co-editor of Cross-linguistic Influence in Bilingualism

Together with Elma Blom (Utrecht University) and Jeannette Schaeffer (University of Amsterdam), Leonie Cornips co-edited the book ‘Cross-linguistic Influence in Bilingualism’.

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Special Issue on the Health-Security Nexus and the European Union

Hylke Dijkstra and Anniek De Ruijter have edited a special issue of the European Journal of Risk Regulation bringing together lawyers and political scientists working on the public health-security nexus in the European Union.

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Paul Stephenson publishes in EUI book on Scrutiny of EU Policies

Paul Stephenson’s chapter ‘The European Parliament’s use of the European Court of Auditors’ special reports in the scrutiny of EU budgetary performance’ was written after his presentation at the workshop ‘Better regulation:scrutiny of EU policies’ held in Florence at the EUI, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies on 27 February 2017. The volume, edited by Alfredo de Feo and Brigid Laffan, is free to download.

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Maarten Vink and MSc ES Lea Smidt author study on cross-border mobility

Maarten Vink, professor of political science, and Lea Smidt, master’s student European Studies have co-authored a report analysing the population of non-resident workers in the Netherlands as of 1 December 2014 to estimate the potential cross-border impact of the qualifying foreign taxpayer obligation (‘90% rule’) that took effect on 1 January 2015. The report is part of the Cross-border Impact Assessment 2017 published by the ITEM institute.

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Valentina Carraro publishes article in Human Rights Quarterly

Valentina Carraro of the Political Science department recently published an article, ‘The United Nations Treaty Bodies and Universal Periodic Review: Advancing Human Rights by Preventing Politicization?’, in the Human Rights Quarterly journal.

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Luana Russo authors book chapter

Luana Russo, an assistant professor at the department of Political Science, is one of the authors of The Routledge Handbook of Elections, Voting Behaviour and Public Opinion. She contributed to the methodological section of this volume with a chapter titled ‘The Use of Aggregate Data in the Study of Voting Behaviour: Ecological Inference, Ecological Fallacy and Other Applications’.

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Ferenc Laczó co-edits ‘Catastrophe and Utopia’

Ferenc Laczó, assistant professor in History at FASoS, and Joachim von Puttkamer, professor of Eastern European History at Friedrich Schiller University Jena and director of the Imre Kertész Kolleg, have co-edited the volume ‘Catastrophe and Utopia. Jewish Intellectuals in Central and Eastern Europe in the 1930s and 1940s’. Laczó also wrote the introduction to the volume.

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