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Audiobook about the history of sound in and around the car by Karin Bijsterveld

Weg van lawaai: Geschiedenis van geluid in en om de auto‘ is a Dutch-language audio cd with a printed booklett on the history of sound in and around the car, with historical audio fragments.

The audiobook has been written by Karin Bijsterveld (Maastricht University), read by Rik van de Westelaken, published by Uitgeverij Rubinstein in collaboration with Sound and Image, and financed by NWO.

The full press release is available in Dutch.

New FASoS T&L Blog on word association and group learning

In the latest FASoS Teaching & Learning Blog contribution, Paul Stephenson asks whether we can gain insight into group learning by using word association at the beginning and end of a course. While students’ presentations and individual papers give a sense of their individual achievement, zooming out from the specifics of the student’s own research, can word association be used to assess a change in the group perspective over time?

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On Expedition to the Past: Tips for Hidden Cultural Heritage Destinations

A mysterious villa, a motionless ship, a luxurious library, a forgotten industry, an unusual museum. At the occasion of Prof. Dr. Ernst Homburg’s valedictory lecture (26 April 2019), members of the Maastricht University research programme in Science, Technology and Society Studies (MUSTS) have collected tips for cultural heritage destinations that are hidden gems, intriguing and highly worthy of visiting, but not widely known and at times hard to find.

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Aline Sierp publishes new book

Aline Sierp has published a new book entitled ‘Dividing United Europe. From Crisis to Fragmentation’ (Routledge, 2019) together with Christian Karner (University of Nottingham).

The edited volume brings together scholars who examine the nexus between (economic) crisis, national identities and the use of historical images, and prejudices and stereotypes, by focusing particularly on media and political discourses in different European countries.

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New FASoS T&L Blog on grading known students in PBL

Nora Vaage discusses the (unacknowledged) challenge of grading the work of known students in PBL in the latest contribution to the FASoS Teaching & Learning Blog.

She finds that tutors grading their own groups raises major quality concerns. And while there may be a rising awareness of this – given an increasing number of courses where tutors do grade each others’ groups – we need to continuously search for better options.

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New FASoS T&L Blog on using video reflection in teaching staff training

In the latest contribution to the FASoS Teaching & Learning Blog, Vincent Bijman reflects on how video footage can be used to facilitate reflection. Last November’s PBL Movie Night led to new insights on strategies to improve the role of the tutor in PBL and underlined the importance of incorporating reflection on video footage as part of university teaching staff training.

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Blog post by Valentina Carraro on expertise in UN bodies

To what extent are members of the UN human rights treaty bodies truly expert and independent from their home governments – as their mandate requires – considering that they are nominated and elected by states?

Valentina Carraro wrote a blog post addressing this issue, discussing results from her recent article published in the European Journal of International Relations.

Adriaensen, Bijsmans & Groen publish on skills development in the BA ES

Johan Adriaensen, Patrick Bijsmans and Afke Groen have just published a first article from their research project on generic skills development in the BA ES. The open access article in particular looks at how a portfolio – and in this case, a PBL self-assessment – may help to monitor students’ generic skills development. The current portfolio may achieve its educational objectives, but has limitations in light of teaching and learning research.

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Eurozine launches new Focal Point, co-edited by Ferenc Laczó

With the release of six essays and an editorial, Eurozine, a network of European cultural journals, has just launched its new Focal Point ‘The Legacy of Division. East and West after 1989.’. Dozens of essays by prominent intellectuals will be published throughout the year. The Focal Point is edited by Luka Lisjak from (Slovene journal) Razpotja and Ferenc Laczó from Maastricht University.

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New blog @FASoS T&L blog by Constance Sommerey and Afke Groen

On International Women’s Day, Constance Sommerey and Afke Groen blog about the gender biases they encounter in the teaching evaluations of students. Being a young and female tutor is a recipe for poorer teaching evaluations, which can have real consequences. It’s thus about time to address and disarm such bias.

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