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Marloes de Hoon co-authors WODC study

Marloes de Hoon – PhD candidate at FASoS and affiliated to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), who is conducting research into mobility of refugees under the umbrella of the Institute for Transnational and Euregional cross border cooperation and Mobility (ITEM) – co-authored a report concerning migration of asylum permission holders which was published by the Research and Documentation Centre of the Ministry of Security and Justice (WODC) and CBS.

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FASoS researchers publish book on South-South Development Cooperation

Elsje Fourie, Wiebe Nauta and Emma Mawdsley (Cambridge) have published a new edited volume with Routledge, titled ‘Researching South-South Development Cooperation: The Politics of Knowledge Production’.

This is the culmination of an international collaboration that began with a workshop in Maastricht in 2015. FASoS’ own RSF and ART funds helped to bring the project to fruition.

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Book with contributions by Ferenc Laczo wins Outstanding Academic Title Award

Erno Munkacsi’s ‘How it Happened. Documenting the Tragedy of Hungarian Jewry‘ has won Choice’s Outstanding Academic Title Award for 2019.

Ferenc Laczo wrote the introduction to the book and co-authored – with Laszlo Csosz – its extensive annotations and glossary. The book has been edited by Nina Munk.

New FASoS Teaching & Learning Blog on attendance at FASoS

Does attendance matter in a Problem-Based Learning environment? In the latest contribution to the FASoS Teaching & Learning Blog, Arjan Schakel and Patrick Bijsmans provide new evidence on the effect of attendance on study success from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. They contextualise the discussions on attendance, and present options for further research and refinement of the faculty’s attendance policy.

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Ferenc Laczo publishes anthology Confronting Devastation

Ferenc Laczo has just published an anthology under the title ‘Confronting Devastation: Memoirs of Holocaust Survivors from Hungary’.

The anthology draws on the archives of the Azrieli Foundation’s Holocaust Survivors Memoir Program and features excerpts from 21 book-length memoirs. This volume contains some 480 pages divided into five thematic sections. Ferenc selected the excerpts and wrote the introduction to the book and all its sections.

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Collective volume on language in the mines by Leonie Cornips & Pieter Muysken

A special issue of the ‘International Journal for the Sociology of Language’ has just been published on language use in the mines. Language use in mining poses a particular challenge, since mining creates very specific social ecological circumstances. The issue came out of a symposium comparing mining languages in Africa, South America, and North Western Europe, held at Maastricht University, the Netherlands.

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New Teaching & Learning blog on teaching political ecology with PBL

Environmental problems of the Anthropocene require politically-orientated solutions, and a new generation of complex problem-solvers. Problem-Based Learning is a natural fit for teaching political ecology, and in this blog post Nick Kirsop-Taylor and Dan Appiah report on an experiment at the University of Exeter on this.

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The European Parliament Elections of 2019

50 authors from 30 different countries, and available exactly one month after the 2019 European Parliament election night.

Edited by Lorenzo De Sio, Mark N. Franklin and Luana Russo for CISE-LUISS University Press (with the cooperation of Maastricht University), “The European Parliament Elections of 2019” is now available as a free download.

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FASoS writing workshop leads to photoessay in popular food/art magazine

Last year Simon Clews ran a number of interactive writing workshops for FASoS staff, PhD students and the Maastricht Young Academy. During the workshops participants wrote pitches for non-academic publications and worked on social media/public presentations.

One of the successful outcomes of the workshop is a photo essay by Anna Harris this month in the food/art magazine The Gourmand, which started as a pitch during a workshop writing exercise.

Book by Maaike Meijer nominated for OPZIJ Literatuurprijs

Hemelse mevrouw Frederike, a biography of the Dutch poet and multi-artist F. Harmsen van Beek (1927-2009), written by FASoS Prof. Dr Maaike Meijer, has been nominated for the OPZIJ Literatuurprijs.

The winner will be announced on 3 July in a special edition of OPZIJ magazine.

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