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Yf Reykers published ‘Multinational Rapid Response Mechanisms’ (Routledge)

Yf Reykers, together with John Karlsrud (Norwegian Institute of International Affairs), has edited the volume ‘Multinational Rapid Response Mechanisms: From Institutional Proliferation to Institutional Exploitation’.

This edited volume brings together a group of leading scholars to explore and identify the key factors that hamper and enable the development and deployment of multinational rapid response mechanisms.

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New textbook on EU-China relations co-authored by Thomas Christiansen

A major new textbook on relations between the EU and China, co-authored by Thomas Christiansen, Emil Kirchner (Essex University) and Uwe Wissenbach (EEAS) has just been published by Palgrave Macmillan in their European Union book series. This accessible text offers a comprehensive analysis of one of the most important relationships in global politics today.

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Hylke Dijkstra published third edition of International Organization

Hylke Dijkstra has joined a team of authors to publish the third edition of a bestselling textbook ‘International Organization’ (Red Globe Press, formerly known as Palgrave).

This book puts forward a unique political systems approach to understanding international organizations and fully accounts for the challenges to international organizations by the emerging powers, the Trump administration and Brexit.

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CRISPR in Humans? Publication by Darian Meacham

Darian Meacham and Matthias Braun (FAU) have published a commentary in EMBO Reports on the announcement that CRISPR gene-editing tools had been used to modify the genome of babies born in China. They argue that the debate needs to go beyond issues concerning safety and informed consent to include difficult questions about inequality, risk-sharing, and vulnerability.

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New Book by Kiran Patel on Nazi Social Policies in a Global Perspective

Kiran Patel has co-edited an OUP book with Sandrine Kott (Geneva/New York) on Nazi social policies in a global perspective. Ever since the Kaiserreich, Germany had used its social policies as part of its nation branding. How did the Nazis build on that and, more importantly, how did politicians, experts, and citizens around the globe react to this?

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The Over-Extended Mind? New publication from Darian Meacham

New publication from Darian Meacham (Philosophy) and Miguel Prado (UWE, Bristol): The Over-Extended Mind? Pink Noise and the Ethics of Interaction-Dominant Systems

There is a growing recognition within cognitive enhancement and neuroethics debates of the need for greater emphasis on cognitive artefacts.

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Erlichman publishes edited collection on post-war Germany

Camilo Erlichman has published an edited collection on ‘Transforming Occupation in the Western Zones of Germany: Politics, Everyday Life and Social Interactions, 1945-55’ (Bloomsbury: London, 2018). The book was launched in the Netherlands with a round-table discussion at the workshop ‘Towards a European History of the 1940s’, organised by Erlichman on 10 October at the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies in Amsterdam.

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Sonic Skills book by Karin Bijsterveld published in open access

‘Sonic Skills: Listening for Knowledge in Science, Medicine and Engineering (1920s-Present)’, authored by Karin Bijsterveld, has been published by Palgrave in open access format.

About the book

It is common for us today to associate the practice of science primarily with the act of seeing—with staring at computer screens, analyzing graphs, and presenting images.

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New FASoS T&L Blog post on stress among students

Media have been reporting about increased levels of stress and psychological problems among students in Higher Education. While some question to what extent this really is a serious problem, others describe this as one of the biggest challenges universities are currently confronted with.

In our latest FASoS Teaching and Learning Blog post, student advisor Pia Harbers gives her take on the matter and suggests ways in which teaching staff can act.

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‘The Global New Deal’ Goes Italian

Kiran’s prize-winning ‘The New Deal: A Global History’ (Princeton: Princeton UP, 2016) has now come out in Italian.

Il New Deal. Una storia globale was published by Einaudi, one of Italy’s leading publishing houses.

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