Cultural Hackathon Maastricht: ‘Hacking Heritage’

Hackathons − also called ‘hackdays’, ‘hackfests’ or ‘codefests’ − are events during which participants get together to realise digital projects. They may, for example, develop new soft- and hardware, create apps or augmented reality games. Karin Wenz and Annika Richterich will organise a ‘cultural hackathon’ at the Continium Discovery Experience in Maastricht on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 February.

During this event, participants from various backgrounds will create innovative, digital projects related to Limburg’s mining heritage. Their projects will show how one can visualise material and data related to the mining history of the region.

This hackathon is not only for programmers: people from various backgrounds and with different interests will join – hackers, students and professionals from arts and heritage, media culture, design, computer science as well as engineering. The Continium Discovery Experience Maastricht (Boschstraat 30a) will be open to the public during the hackathon. Visitors are welcome!

The hackathon is part of the KIEM project “Hacking Heritage”: a collaborative project between Karin Wenz and Annika Richterich (FASoS), the Betawerk and the Social Beta Foundation in Heerlen, and the Continium Discovery Center Kerkrade. “Hacking Heritage” is a flagship project of the Maastricht Centre for Arts and Culture, Conservation and Heritage (MACCH).

For more information about the “Hacking Heritage” project and the hackathon, go to: