Decisions and announcements Faculty Board meetings February 2019

The FASoS Faculty Board held two meetings on 13 and 28 February.


  • The Faculty Board discussed the Self Evaluation Reports (SERs) of the bachelor’s and the master’s programmes Arts and Culture, and approved the reported procedure.
  • The Faculty Board approved two applications of the Graduate School regarding a PhD research visit to FASoS and the registration of an external PhD candidate.


  • The University Library offers faculties the support of a data-steward for one day a week, starting early 2019 (and the library will cover the costs the first year). The data-steward supports researchers with regard to data management during all phases of the research project. (S)he will be based in the Faculty Office research policy cluster.
  • The Board discussed the FASoS Financial Settlement 2018 and the accountability report on the Study Advance Means 2018.
  • In 2019, FASoS submits several research applications in the NWO PhDs in the Humanities programme.