FASoS student magazine Mosaïek is looking for new members

Our faculty student-run magazine Mosaïek is looking for new board members, keen writers and creatives to fill our magazine and our website with inspiring content.

Board positions:

  • Managing Editor
  • Treasurer (can be combined with different tasks)
  • Editor Blog
  • Theme Editor
  • Visual Content Editor
  • Event Coordinator
  • PR / Marketing Manager


  • Voluntary writers, artist & creatives

Have you ever felt the need to express your artistic self? We, the Mosaiek Team, offer the student community a platform to share these artistic urges. Mosaïek is an independent, non profit, student-run magazine, which encourages the arts, cultures, and social sciences. Not only will we be featuring articles by our voluntary writers, it is our aim to incorporate photography, paintings, drawings, poetry, and any other form of art that tells a story.

It is our goal to create a community of collaborative nature. In this writing community we will be focusing on peer review and improving your skills. Besides, getting to read the hopefully thought provoking articles our students offer, we hope to enrich you with further knowledge about writing and editing. We encourage mainly Dutch and English writing. This is your opportunity to improve your writing in a friendly and informed community while still incorporating academic aspects.

If you would like to be part of our pool of voluntary writers, artist and creatives, please feel free to email us at mosaiek-submissions@maastrichtuniversity.nl and we will give you the dates of our first meeting!

Open all for new board members

If you are looking to become part of the decision-making team of Mosaïek, we are also looking for board members. These positions offer a basis for the organisational aspects of the magazine. In order to apply for a board member position, please e-mail your CV and a short motivation letter of ½-1 page to mosaiek-submissions@maastrichtuniversity.nl. The role of a board members should not at all exclude you from submitting your own pieces or being part of the peer review procedure. Make sure to clearly mention, which position you are applying for. These are the positions available:

  • Managing Editor for the Blog
  • Visual Content Editor
  • Theme Editor
  • Marketing and PR Director
  • Treasurer (can be combined with different tasks)
  • Event Coordinator

Along with these individual tasks, all Board members help out with developing article ideas and, if necessary, editing of posts and articles. Any previous experience with editing, writing, organising, etc is not mandatory, yet appreciated. Do note that you will possibly be spending 4-6 hours a week on Mosaïek, depending on your input. Would you like to join the Mosaïek community and did any of these positions spark your interest? Don’t hesitate to apply!

How to apply:

Send an email to mosaiek-submissions@maastrichtuniversity.nl with your name, study, which position you are applying for, why you are interested in that position, and (optional) any relevant experience or sample of writing/photography.

Information Evening:

For more information come to our information evening on Wednesday 12 September, 19.00 @Brandweer Kantine