Honours+ is looking for supervisors

Honours+ honours programme is looking for Supervisors that are willing to supervise a group of talented motivated students from different faculties, during the exploration of the assignments inspired by Dutch National Research Agenda and the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, following the scientific method.

Are you based in Maastricht during November-May and are interested in working with a group of motivated and talented students from different faculties? Then we are looking for you! Send an email to honoursplus@maastrichtuniversity.nl before 1 October.

Honours+ is the Common Core for all faculty honours programmes. In Honours+, 2nd-year bachelor students (1st year honours students) are challenged to explore an academic and complex current topic, in groups of 6-8 students from different faculties. Honours+ is now looking for Supervisors who are willing to supervise a group of students during the exploration of these topics, following the scientific method. The role of the Supervisor would be to steer and guide the group, provide for a safe learning environment and guarantee sufficient challenge and academic depth.

The H+ Supervisors will receive:
1. An excellent opportunity to work with a group of motivated and talented students from different faculties;
2. A digital course manual for Supervisors with information on the exact role of a Supervisor, general information about the challenge, the requirements for the output to be delivered by the students and guidelines for the assessment of the students;
3. Free training offered by the Honours+ Central Management Team at EDLAB on the topics of “Team Dynamics” and “Managing interdisciplinary research teams”;
4. Support offered by the Honours+ Central Management Team at EDLAB for all sorts of practical and organizational questions;
5. Compensation of hours.

A true Honours+ challenge:
1. Is a challenging, academic and current case, issue or problem, with societal relevance;
2. Is linked to UN’s SDG’s and the Dutch National Research Agenda;
3. Pushes students outside their comfort zone;
4. Calls for an innovative solution, exploration or approach;
5. Allows and facilitates an interdisciplinary approach, with an equal input of the involved disciplines;
6. Requires a time investment of 125 hours per student;
7. Can be approached along the lines of the scientific method;
8. Either calls for a solution (applied research), or aims to advance knowledge on the phenomenon (theoretical research).

On our website we list all the challenges that are available this year, and we can assign 2-3 teams/Supervisors per challenge (multiple teams will be working on the same topic). Topics include inequality, water governance, sustainable transportation, balance between freedom and responsibility, crime and safety, worldwide urbanization, the effect of 24h economy on health, affordable health care, media influence etc.

We look forward to welcoming you as a Supervisor in Honours+!

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