New developments calls Dutch National Research Agenda (NWA)

The Dutch National Research Agenda consists out of four components, each of which will have call(s) in 2019:

  1. Annual call for Research along Routes by Consortia for all NWA routes.
  2. Thematic calls in cooperation with ministries.
  3. Maintaining networks and innovation of the NWA.
  4. Research communication and sharing knowledge.

Please read below for more information per component.

1) NWO ORC: Research along Routes by Consortia for all NWA Routes
Whereas the full proposals of the first round are still under evaluation, the second call for this NWA component will open by the end of this month/early March. The procedure will be similar to 2018, i.e. with a deadline for pre-proposals and full proposals. The first deadline is expected around June. Further planning and scheduling is not yet known but will be announced at the NWO website.

2) Thematic calls in cooperation with ministries
This Spring six new thematic calls will open, that NWA developed jointly with Dutch ministries. The themes are: 1) Cyber security; 2) Sustainable food transition; 3) Ecology and the North Sea; 4) Energy storage and conversion; 5) Prevention and Big Data; 6) Debts and Poverty. The calls are currently being prepared with a clear NWA profile and are to be published throughout Spring 2019. Projects have a duration of at least three years, and have a minimum total budget of one million Euro a year. The same criteria as for the Open Routes for Consortia are applicable.

3) Maintaining networks and innovation of the NWA
In 2019 two calls for ‘Ideas Generator’ will open, the first one will open at March 7 and will close at May 2. The second one will open mid-May and close somewhere in September/October 2019. The idea is to have risky research in small short projects (budget max. 50.000 Euro for a duration of max. 1 year). It is open to all disciplines and for all applicants, i.e. from PhD researcher to full professor. There is full freedom re. the form of the research e.g. research internships, living labs, field labs, academics in society in which academic work for a period of time in a public or private organisation.

4) Research communication and sharing knowledge
There will be no calls for component 4, but in the near future two conferences are organised: At March 7 the conference “Innovative risks or risky innovation” in the Hague. At April 4 a NWA conference is scheduled for universities of applied sciences.

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