Paintwork hallways and staircases GG80-82 and GG90-92

From 12 October onwards the firm “Roel Bastings Paintworks” will start painting the hallways and staircases in GG90-92 and GG80-82. The painters will make sure that nuisance to the users of the buildings will be minimal. Works that cause a lot of noise will be performed before 8.30. Please contact Vincent Cordewener if you have any questions. The planning is as follows:

Planning UM – GG 90-92 (2015/2016)
B00D t/m B200D Staircase week 42
B00E Staircase to bike shed week 42
C0.01 Reception week 43
B00A t/m B200A Staircase week 44
D00A t/m D200A Staircase week 45
C100A t/m C200 A Hallway week 45+46
D000B t/m D200A Hallway week 46+47
D112 Coffeeroom week 47
E000A t/m E200A Staircase week 48+49
E000B t/m E200B Hallway week 48, 49, 50
E000C t/m E200C Hallway week 50+51
E00D t/m E200D Staircase week 51
B-wing Bike shed week 1+2 (2016)
Planning UM GG80-82 (2016)
0030 t/m 2030 Hallway week 3+4+5
0032 t/m 2032 Staircase week 5
-1030 + -1032 Hallway week 6
0020 + 0020A Hallway week 6+7
000A + 0000 Hallway week 7+8
000C Staircase week 9
1000 + 2000 + 3000 Hallway week 9+10+11+12
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