SG film: Chasing Einstein, on Wednesday 13 November

Nobody has managed to challenge Einstein’s theory of gravity, even though its shocking conclusion says that the majority of the universe’s gravity is due to a mysterious form of invisible matter which nobody has ever observed – until now?

When: Wednesday 13 November, 19.30
Where: Lumière Cinema, Bassin 88
Ticket prices: students €5 / others €9,50
Guest speaker: Jacco de Vries, Assistant Professor of Physics, UM.

InScience International Science Film Festival Nijmegen, is one of the largest science film festivals in Europe. Its fifth edition takes place from Wednesday 6 to Sunday 10 November in Nijmegen. Last year, we had a blast hosting the first satellite event. This year, we are focusing on GMO of food, the CRISPR technique and scientists challenging Einstein’s theory of gravity.

In close collaboration with Lumière Cinema, we are curating three thought-provoking and beautiful films from this year’s festival selection. Staff members of Maastricht University will introduce the films, and afterwards give a brief response to them and answer your questions.

Physics stands at a crossroads. Some of the field’s sharpest brains have dedicated their lives to searching for this ‘dark matter’, while others are working on a new theory of gravity. Chasing Einstein follows leading scientists at the largest particle accelerator LHC at CERN, the largest underground labs (XENON), the largest telescope arrays and the LIGO gravitational wave detector, to find out whether Einstein’s theory of relativity – as it passes its 100th birthday – stands the test of time.

Jacco de Vries works as Assistant Professor of Physics at Maastricht University. He is a researcher at LHC at CERN, in search for new fundamental particles. He will talk about his experiences at CERN and the development of the Einstein Telescope in Maastricht.

In cooperation with Lumière Cinema.

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