Workshop: Diversify funding sources and impact from societal partnerships

Workshop on diversifying funding sources and impact from societal partnerships, on Wednesday 21 November from 14.00 – 16.00. Trainer: Jonathan Even-Zohar.

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Rethinking valorisation means looking differently at what else is happening in society. Many civil society organisations can benefit from cooperating with researchers.

The workshop will touch on four issues:

  1. EU societal grants
  2. Private foundations
  3. Societal partners
  4. Planning

Valorisation. Impact. Every funding proposal needs these. Nobody knows exactly what is meant by it. But guess what? This is an advantage for you, the researcher, to be inventive and innovative. Certainly, getting funding to do research in the social science and humanities field is not easy. Certainly not when fundraising frameworks are littered with economic performance language. Recent NWO and H2020 calls show increasingly high level of competition. Moreover, whereas excellence and project structures of applications may be sound, it often is the impact and valorisation dimensions that fall behind. Rethinking valorisation and impact means looking differently at what else is happening in society. Many civil society organisations, mainly in educational, cultural and social domains, can benefit with their fundraising by working together with researchers.

  1. EU societal grants: How to find, understand and contextualise them? Policy analysis, European Commission tools and methods, assessment.
  2. Private foundations: Which are the ones to look out for? How to best align with their needs?
  3. Societal Partners: How to orient toward strategic partnerships in other sectors? Matching track records, identifying supplementary needs.
  4. Planning: How to plan and plot social/cultural/educational project activities in lieu with research programme; understanding non-research benchmarks, deliverables and milestones in a Gantt chart.

Our trainer is Jonathan Even-Zohar, who has been Executive Director of a European NGO for 5 years, and has written many project applications for many different European grant programmes and private foundations, participated as reviewer for funds and has some ideas about fundraising because of this.

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