You said, we did: March 2019

To keep everyone informed on the changes that are made at FASoS in response to your feedback, FASoS staff and the Student Reps started a new series.

In our second post we highlight some of the things we are working on:

  • Button in the bikeshed GG76S
  • Stress survey
  • Faculty Drinks
  • New electric system in GG80-82

Button in the bikeshed GG76S

You said
The button in the GG76S bikeshed was in a bad place, leading to a dangerous situation when leaving the bikeshed.

We did
The button is now successfully moved, so everyone can leave the bikeshed safely!

Stress survey

You said
I am so stressed!

We did
We made a survey to find out more about the reasons why students are stressed, and raised awareness in the faculty.

Faculty Drinks

You said
Let’s have a party!

We did
We organised the October faculty drinks…And another is coming soon!

New electric system in GG80-82

You said
The door in the GG80-82 bikeshed is broken, and does not open properly.

We did
The door in the GG80-82 bikeshed will get a new electric system installed, so the door will soon open properly.

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