Activities for students on campus!

Since Monday 3 May, FASoS has opened its doors again to physically welcome you! After months of solitude, curfew and small screens, we hope to increase your wellbeing by offering you mindful activities such as yoga, meditation, arts and crafts workshops and movies for the coming weeks.

These activities are for FASoS students only and due to the pandemic, several rules apply. You need to register for the activities beforehand. To do this, you need to first log in with your UM credentials via the student desktop anywhere. Then, you need to open a web browser and copy and paste this link: in the address bar. Now you are all set to register for your activities of choice!

Please note that you will not receive a confirmation of your registration via the system, but we do know when you have registered via your student ID. Make sure to bring your UM card to the faculty so we can check your student ID on our registration list!

If you have registered for an activity but in the end cannot make it, please deregister in the registration system by clicking on the ‘x’ in front of your reservation. This way, you make room for another student to register for the activity.

In case you encounter problems with registration, please send an email to In case you have questions about the contents of the activities, please send an email to

You can register for activities taking place on 1 day per week only, but we do offer the possibility to choose more than one activity per day. We offer the same range of activities on all weekdays. Only a limited number of students can participate – first come, first served! Should you have been too late to register one week, there is a new opportunity the next week!

You can only enter FASoS via the main entrance at GG90-92. When you come by bike, you can leave it in the courtyard in front of GG90-92 because the bike shed and the front door of GG80-82 are closed. You need to check in and out of FASoS with your UM card. There will be corona stewards present at FASoS to make sure everyone sticks to the corona measures in place (i.e. 1.5 metres distance rule, wearing face masks when walking or standing, etc.).



Show yourself some appreciation and take time for yourself. Get away from exam, thesis and COVID-19 stress. Yoga professional Michelle Nijssen happily visits FASoS for daily yoga sessions in the Turnzaal. You can bring your own yoga mat and/or pillow, but if you don’t have one, FASoS has a few you can borrow. We expect you to clean your FASoS mat after your session.

The yoga sessions take place every weekday from 13.00 – 14.30. Make sure to register for the yoga sessions here.


Ready for inner peace? Want to connect to yourself? FASoS offers meditation sessions. You can bring your own pillow for extra comfort.

The meditation sessions take place every weekday from 14.45 – 16.00. Make sure to register for your meditation session here.

Arts and crafts workshop

You can paint or sketch to your heart’s content! We have the space and the utilities, so just bring your creative mind (and perhaps some old clothes). You can of course also bring your own supplies! You will work in a space with max. 5 other students. Do you have other creative urges? Please let us know by sending an email to the student representatives.

The arts and crafts workshops take place twice a day, from 9.30 – 12.30 and from 13.30 – 16.30. Make sure to register for the workshop here.


Lockdown may have given you ample time to watch movies, but…don’t you miss the big screen? In cooperation with Lumière cinema, we will be offering 5 movies the coming weeks, which you can watch at Lumière (address: Bassin 88, 6211 AK Maastricht).

The movies will be screened every weekday from 9.30 – 12.00. Make sure to register for the movies here. Only registered FASoS students are admitted, so bring your UM card.

Certain rules apply at Lumière due to the corona pandemic:

  • You can only access Lumière when you have proof of registration.
  • You need to use Lumière’s side entrance.
  • The 1.5 metres rule applies in the waiting line and inside.
  • You can only take off your face mask when you are seated.
  • Do not come to Lumière more than 15 minutes before the start of the movie.
  • Seating individually (so you cannot sit next to your friends, but on 1.5 metres distance).
  • No food in the cinema.
  • Lumière is only open for the FASoS movie screening and the catering at Lumière is closed.

The movies that are on offer are: Parasite, Knives Out, The Imitation Game, EX Machina and BlacKKKlansman. Please see below of an overview of when which movie is screened. You can register for next week’s movies only.

3-5-2021 4-5-2021 5-5-2021 6-5-2021 7-5-2021
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Parasite Knives Out Liberation day Blackkklansman Imitation Game
10-5-2021 11-5-2021 12-5-2021 13-5-2021 14-5-2021
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Imitation Game Parasite Knives Out Ascenscion day Blackkklansman
17-5-2021 18-5-2021 19-5-2021 20-5-2021 21-5-2021
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Blackkklansman Imitation Game Parasite Knives Out Ex Machina
24-5-2021 25-5-2021 26-5-2021 27-5-2021 28-5-2021
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Pentecost Blackkklansman Imitation Game Parasite Knives Out
31-5-2021 1-6-2021 2-6-2021 3-6-2021 4-6-2021
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Knives Out Ex Machina Blackkklansman Imitation Game Parasite
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