Exhibition “Pause”, from 12 June 2022 – 12 June 2023

Luca Vanello, PhD candidate in artistic research at FASoS, invites you to “Pause”, a new installation realised in-situ at the Verbeke Foundation.

The composition of the installation remains open in its making, adapting and morphing in relation to the seasonal changes in the greenhouse throughout the year.

When: 12 June 2022 – 12 June 2023
Where: Verbeke Foundation, Westakker 1, 9190, Belgium

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Apply for seed funding at Studio Europa Maastricht

The Strategic Research Agenda led by Studio Europa Maastricht helps renew and expand UM’s research agenda on European integration, the EU and Europe.

Its seven calls are open now and encourage innovative, interdisciplinary and high-quality research with societal impact and outreach component, by offering multiple ‘seed funding’ opportunities.

Click here for more information and the application procedure.

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MSA Week of Events and Open Members Meeting, on 4 – 12 July and 27 June

In lieu of the annual conference, the Memory Studies Association (co-directed by Aline Sierp) will be hosting a week of virtual events from 4 July to 8 July, followed by a series of online panels organised by some of the MSA working groups on 11 and 12 July.

Attendance and registration is free also for non-members. Register via the hyperlinks.

On 27 June at 15.00 there will also be an open members meeting. Register for the members meeting here.

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Michiel Bron interviewed by RTL Nieuws

For their daily news broadcast, EditieNL (part of RTL Nieuws) interviewed Michiel Bron, PhD Candidate in energy history, on the rescaling of Dutch coal-fired power plants in response to limited gas deliveries to Europe from Russia, the rising coal prices, and the possible similarities between the debates over the closure of coal mines during the oil crises in the 1970s and the closure of gas fields in Groningen today.

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Partners of MERIAN sign collaboration agreement

On 24 May 2022, MERIAN hosted a launch event at the Jan van Eyck Academie to mark the official start of the network as well as for the partners to sign the collaboration agreement.

MERIAN would like to thank everyone present including the deans, controllers, researchers, members of the MERIAN working groups, the steering committee and vice members as well as the Jan van Eyck staff for making the event a success.

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Thank you FASoS Teaching & Learning Festival

On 16 June the first FASoS Teaching & Learning Festival took place.

The organisation was a bit apprehensive before the start and therefore is very pleased with all your positive reactions during the day.

Everyone had a great time largely due to your discussions on and contributions to technology-enhanced learning.

The organisation is looking forward to writing up a first report with your input.

“Screentime knitting” event by the MUSTS Knitting Hub, on 29 June

The MUSTS Knitting Hub invites you to a crafty afternoon outside Bandito on 29 June at 16.00.

During this informal event, the group will finish their Covid-19 related project “screentime knitting”, in which each knitter has created a piece that reflects their screentime use during the pandemic.

If you are curious, please join!

There will be crafting kits for those who want to “get their hands dirty”, as well as cookies.

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Laura Ogden represents MO-TRAYL as finalist of NWO’s Synergy Award ’22

FASoS postdoc Laura Ogden was one of four finalists for the NWO’s Synergy Award ’22.

Representing the MO-TRAYL team, Laura made a pitch at the Synergy ’22 event on 16 June at Fokker Terminal, The Hague, for a social impact project to help policymakers and the public rethink the way we categorise migrant youth.

The Synergy Award aims to provide an opportunity for current and recent PhDs to explore the potential impact of their research on society.

Francesca Colli and Yf Reykers publish in EJIS

Francesca Colli and Yf Reykers have published their article “Enemies or allies? How NGOs can push the military towards transparency around the use of force” in the European Journal of International Security.

The article studies the case of the Hawijah airstrikes by the Netherlands to examine the conditions under which NGOs gained access to military administrations and successfully pushed for improved transparency measures.

Read the article here.

Winners Education Awards 2022

The winners of the Education Awards 2022 are proudly presented to you.

Best tutors:

  • BA ES: Chiara Russo
  • BA AC: Jacob Ward
  • BA DS: Eva Dieteren
  • MA (all programmes): Aneta Spendzharova

The special award ‘Best technology’ has been given to Josje Weusten as tutor and course coordinator for the course of Discourse analysis 2 (ACU2510).

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