Call: applications for additional research time (ART/SEO) in 2020/2021

FASoS is opening a call for its faculty staff to apply for:

  • additional research time (ART) to start or finish a project or prepare a funding proposal (what used to be called sabbatical hours at FASoS);
  • additional research time (SEO) to prepare/rework and submit/resubmit a Horizon 2020 funding proposal (including ERC and Societal Challenges).

A separate call will follow for SEO Marie Curie visiting fellow applications.

ART applications may be used as buy-outs from teaching in the Academic Year 2020/2021 to:

  • finalise a research project (e.g. a high profile publication, special issue);
  • prepare/rework and submit/resubmit a funding proposal in any scheme that is not covered by SEO (e.g. any programme by NWO or large funding foundations);
  • commence a new research project, set up a new research line, do pilot studies;
  • conduct valorisation activities.

SEO funds may be used as buy-outs from teaching in the Academic Year 2020/2021 to:

  • rework and resubmit European grant proposals (track 2);
  • prepare new Horizon2020 applications (track 3);
  • prepare new ERC applications (track 4).

Please note:

  • Only FASoS employees can apply who will still be employees at the time that the buyout will take place.
  • SEO focuses on supporting grant applications in European funding schemes, while ART funds have no such restrictions. For this reason, Horizon 2020 related projects should apply for SEO funds, and all others should apply for ART. It is not possible to apply for both schemes with the same project; however, it is possible to apply for both schemes with different projects. Please indicate to which scheme you are applying when submitting your proposal.
  • The current round is intended for applications for buy-out only. This means that additional expenses related to the preparation of funding applications (preparatory workshops, matchmaking meetings, travel costs, student assistants, language editing, consultants, etc.) should be applied for separately (for instance RSF, SWOL, Studio Europa, departmental budgets, external funding institutions, SEO funds). Applicants are advised to discuss such additional financial needs with their superiors and the funding advisor during the preparation of applications (see below).
  • The instrument cannot be used for buyout for administrative tasks (e.g. directing a research centre).

Application process

First step: you consult with the Heads of Department (HoDs) about career development, with the Research Programme Leader (RPL) on the academic aspects of their proposal, and (if applicable) with the funding advisor (Merle Achten) on upcoming deadlines and eligibility criteria for funding applications. Note that there is an upper threshold of hours that each FASoS department has available for ART/SEO buyout, so coordination with HoDs and RPLs is important. Your HoD will also discuss with you how your teaching or other obligations can be replaced.

Next: please prepare your application and send it to by Thursday 5 March 2020.

A full application consists of:

  • Brief cover e-mail, indicating whether you apply for SEO or for ART;
  • Current CV;
  • Proposal of about 2-3 pages, containing the following: description of the research or publication project, its innovativeness, and its contribution to scholarly knowledge;
  • Results/output to be achieved;
  • Amount of requested buyout, and plan on when and how the hours will be used;
  • Explanation on how the planned activity fits into one or more of the research programme focal points;
  • Where appropriate: an indication of foreseeable additional financing needs for material costs and your ideas on where to apply for them [1];
  • In the case of a planned re-submission of a previously rejected funding proposal, attach all referee reports that you received from the funding institution.

Decision procedure and evaluation criteria

The research policy office checks the completeness of the files and distributes the applications to the relevant HoDs/RPLs between 10 and 12 March 2020.

The criteria for evaluating the proposals are:

  • Eligibility;
  • Realistic chances of acquiring funding or of securing publication in the respective publishing houses/academic journals;
  • Academic quality of the proposed activities;
  • Relation to one of the research programme focal points;
  • Importance of the proposed activities for the professional development of the applicant;
  • The plans for teaching replacement or replacement of administrative duties are realistic [2].

In early April, a joint meeting of the associate dean of research, the heads of department, and the research programme leaders will be held. The meeting discusses the applications per department and reviews the consistency of the proposed allocation of buyouts across departments. It also looks at possible adverse consequences of buyouts for teaching and management. The FB reviews and formally approves the recommendations of the joint meeting in the second half of April 2020. Results are communicated in time before SOLVER for the Academic Year 2020/2021 opens.

Follow up

The Research Policy Office keeps track of ART hours and the results achieved. If you are successful with your application, you will have to write a short report at the latest six months after the end of the period for which ART funding was granted. In this report, please describe how you have used these funds, and whether you have achieved your goals.

[1] No full budget and detailed descriptions are necessary. Funding for such activities will not be decided in the current procedure and will not play a role in the decision-making on buyouts.

[2] You do not need to indicate your plans in this respect in your application, but you should discuss the issue with your HoD when preparing your application.

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