Panel discussion on a career in diplomacy, on Friday 16 April

On 16 April at 16.00, ECA Maastricht will welcome you to our online panel talk with five high ranking diplomats.

This special event provides valuable insights into a career in diplomacy. We have invited five different diplomats, all with vast, yet various, experience, to cover different career paths and prospects in the field of diplomacy, including the national diplomatic service, in the European External Action Service headquarters, and in EU delegations around the world.

You can register for the event here. For more information, see here.

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Discussion on COVID-19 and mental health, on 17 April

Join an expert panel and students from the US, Europe, and Africa for a discussion on mental health during the pandemic. We will be having solutions-oriented discussions about improving mental health in different countries and next steps to take.

This event is hosted by BridgeUSA, BridgeEurope, and BridgeAfrica and takes place online on Saturday 17 April from 19.00 – 21.00.

Register for the event here.

SG Lecture on the Field of Forensic Pathology, on Monday 19 April

Forensic pathology is crucially important to criminal research. We immediately think of post-mortems, which establish the cause of death. But forensic pathologists do more than that. For instance, they investigate whether a bruise is caused by a fall or by violence, and how foreign substances enter the body.

WhatSG lecture
: Monday 19 April, 20.00
Where: Zoom, register here
Speaker: Prof. Bela Kubat

UNSA’s Careers Beyond Borders: 19-22 April

Careers Beyond Borders (CBB), is UNSA’s Career Week on International Politics that brings professionals working for various international organisations to Maastricht for lectures and workshops.

CBB will be held online from 19 – 22 April.

Check our Facebook and Instagram to get to know more about the speakers and workshops, sign up and get inspired!

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SG Talkshow: LET’S TALK – Engagement and Our Future, on 21 April

Worried about the world, climate change, inequality, poverty or conflicts, etc.? Want things to change, maybe starting with yourself or your immediate environment? Get involved and learn how to put your knowledge into practice, add meaning to what you do and improve your skills along the way.

WhatSG Talkshow
When: Wednesday 21 April, 20.00
Where: Online via Zoom. You can register here.

UNSA workshop on transferable skills, on 22 April

This workshop on transferable skills, which takes place on Thursday 22 April, 18.30 – 20.00, will be given by Eszter Boros, a UCM graduate, in collaboration with UNSA.

In the negative CV workshop, you will reflect on your past, on the roads not taken, the studies/jobs/internships/travels you did not embark on. What can you learn from that experience? How can you work that into your upcoming plans? We will work on this and more! The workshop is intended for active participation.

You can register for the workshop here.

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Online book launch Hitler’s Cosmopolitan Bastard, on Thursday 22 April

On Thursday 22 April, from 16.20 – 18.00, the online book launch of Martyn Bond’s book Pioneer of a United States of Europe: ‘Hitler’s Cosmopolitan Bastard’ takes place.

The presentation will be opened by Martyn Bond, followed by an intervention by Claudia Hamill, who contributed to the production of the book, and a Q&A session. The event will be moderated by Sophie Vanhoonacker.

You can register for the book launch here.

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Lecture on the Future of the Paris Agreement, on Friday 23 April

Niclas Svenningsen (Manager for Global Climate Action at UNFCCC) will give a lecture on “What is the future of the UNFCCC and how to make the Paris Agreement more ambitious?” on Friday 23 April, from 15.00 – 16.30 via ZOOM.

You can sign up for the lecture by sending an email to

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Ramadan in a Box, in April and May

MSA Nour and RPM would like to introduce you to: ‘Ramadan in a Box’. The goal of this project is to bring people from different backgrounds together during Ramadan and exchange culture, food and laughter.

We are preparing food boxes for you, together with a recipe for a dish that a refugee has brought from his/her home country. When you pick up your box, you are not only getting the ingredients, but also a glimpse into someone’s life.

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Panel on (Gender) Diversity & Inclusion in Digital Humanism, on 13 April

Digital Humanism is ‘focused on ensuring that technology development remain centered on human interests’.

This panel on 13 April, from 17.00 – 18.30, focuses on ‘which humans’, and how different voices and interests can and should be included in the development and application of digital technologies. Speakers include Sally Wyatt, Judy Wajcman, Hinda Haned, Jeanne Lenders & Erin Young.

For more information and registration, see here.

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