Launch podcast Terra Mosana

Will we still be speaking Limburgish or English in 500 years’ time? What does our future language sound like? How come so many different dialects and languages ​​can be found in the Euregio just a few kilometres away? Is it true that German dialects are disappearing? Do Walloons still come home in their own language like their Flemish neighbours?

In a three-part podcast, two young people from Dutch Limburg are looking for answers to these questions in their homeland: the Euregio.

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Brigitte Le Normand publishes blog on history of Yugoslavian migrants

How can you tell the difference between a refugee and an economic migrant? Are migrants most loyal to their places of origin or their host states?

In her latest Mosa Historia blog, Brigitte Le Normand explains why we are asking the wrong questions, drawing on her research for Citizens Without Borders: Yugoslavia and Its Migrant Workers in Western Europe.

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Till Schöfer and Clara Weinhardt publish blog post on The Loop

Till Schöfer and Clara Weinhardt published a blog post on “The unmaking of developing countries’ special rights in global trade politics” at the European Consortium for Political Research blog The Loop.

They analyse changing North-South power dynamics in a multipolar era. Building on findings of their DFG-funded research project, they argue that the special rights of developing countries in the World Trade Organization are increasingly unmade.
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Rene Gabriëls and Robert Wilkinson interviewed by De Volkskrant

Rene Gabriëls and Robert Wilkinson have been interviewed by the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant about the internationalisation and the increased use of the English language at Dutch universities.

You can read the interview here.

Patrick Bijsmans reflects on new German government in De Limburger

Patrick Bijsmans recently spoke to regional newspaper De Limburger about the new German government.

He reflected on how new German ambitions on matters such as climate change may be curbed by European realities, but also on how German and Dutch ideas about the EU’s future seem to have become more similar with new governments in both countries.

Research Article by Pablo del Hierro discussed in Spanish newspaper

The Spanish newspaper “El País” devoted an article to the research done by Pablo del Hierro on the city of Madrid as a transnational hub for neofascists after 1945.

The article, written in Spanish, highlights how on the streets of the Spanish capital — in offices, restaurants, taverns — we could discover those lives through which the unfolding of the most terrifying days of contemporary Europe seems to be understood.

e-Zine of UNL Digital Society conference 2021 now available

The highlights of the UNL Digital Society conference have been brought together in an e-magazine so you can catch up on those sessions you missed, including great keynote lectures by Genevieve Bell on the history of cybernetics and Tarleton Gillespie on deprioritising content as a way of dealing with hate speech and other undesirable content.

Sally Wyatt, one of the national coordinators of the Digital Society programme, is also interviewed.

Launch sustainability interview series: no more plans for drawers

The FASoS Sustainability Platform is interviewing students and staff at the faculty who are working on sustainability.

Sjoerd Stoffels started making more sustainable personal choices many years ago, but his efforts don’t end there. To him, engaging with sustainability at FASoS is a logical consequence of his motivation. Ever since he took on the lead in the FASoS Green Impact team in 2018, he has been putting work into change at FASoS.

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Maarten Doorman writes opinion piece in Observant

Maarten Doorman has published an opinion piece in Observant about cancel culture.

You can read the article here.

Christian Ernsten launches online exhibition

Christian Ernsten has launched the online exhibition ‘Cape Town Day Zero/Ground Zero: A Decolonial River Walk‘.

Together with students from the master’s programme Arts and Heritage, photography by Dirk-Jan Visser, design by Erik Wong, and web development by Ivo Kruchten, the online exhibition came about.

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