Christin Hoene interviewed by BBC World Service

The BBC World Service interviewed Dr. Christin Hoene on the life and work of Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose for their programme The Forum.

The episode on “Radio waves and plants: the life of JC Bose” was broadcast on Thursday, 30 June 2022, at 11.06 am local time.

Click here to listen to the programme.

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FASoS T&L Blog on games in PBL

One of the key characteristics of PBL is its emphasis on active student engagement. One way of activating students in such a context is the use of games.

On 7 June 2022, Patrick Bijsmans and Anna Harris hosted an interactive Continuing Professional Development workshop aimed at exploring the possibilities that games offer in a PBL context.

In this latest Teaching and Learning blog, they provide a synopsis of this workshop.

Thank you FASoS Teaching & Learning Festival

On 16 June the first FASoS Teaching & Learning Festival took place.

The organisation was a bit apprehensive before the start and therefore is very pleased with all your positive reactions during the day.

Everyone had a great time largely due to your discussions on and contributions to technology-enhanced learning.

The organisation is looking forward to writing up a first report with your input.

Develop, make a difference, and live for free in the Match Houses

The Match Houses is the opportunity to further develop yourself alongside your studies and make a social contribution.

Prioritise your personal development with group and individual coaching and benefit from flexible working hours and a great discount on your rent (you only pay gas, water and electricity).

Click here if you want to know more or apply. You can apply until June 30.

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Patrick Bijsmans interviewed by eu!radio on COVID and higher education

For their weekly radio column “Ideas on Europe”, eu!radio recently spoke to Patrick Bijsmans – Associate Professor at the FASoS Politics department – about COVID lessons for European Higher Education and the accompanying challenges and opportunities.

You can listen to the radio column and read the transcript here.

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BA Digital Society student publishes first paper

The paper ‘Stigmatization of Women in Chinese Society‘, co-authored by Jiaru Zheng (Digital Society student at FASoS) and Yimiao Huang, has been published in 2021 International Conference on Public Art and Human Development (ICPAHD 2021) (pp. 391-396).

Moreover, this article has been accepted by CPCI.

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Euro-Arab Conversations on FASoS YouTube Channel

The Euro-Arab Conversations lecture series is now available on the FASoS Youtube Channel. The four lectures have been recorded and uploaded for those who wish to (re)visit them.

Click here to watch the lectures.

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FASoS T&L Blog on peer feedback

Peer feedback is often used in courses as a tool for collaborative learning. In theory, providing comments on another student’s assignment and engaging with comments from peers is a formative experience. Yet, is it always so collaborative and constructive?

In this blog, Yf Reykers shares his experience in using a writing assignment for peer feedback.

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UM-wide minor Sustainability, register now

Starting from 1 June, all bachelor students can sign up for the minor Sustainability!

This UM-wide minor explores the topic of sustainable development from various angles, in a multi- and interdisciplinary way. This minor is excellent for students who wish to deepen their understanding of sustainable development and conduct a research project.

Click here for more information and the application procedure for your programme.

BSc Global Studies Cohort Constitution Ratification Ceremony

The BSc Global Studies held a Cohort Constitution (CoCo) Ratification Ceremony on a festive Friday evening on 29 April.

It was a fun-filled event with speeches on the process that led to the two constitutions (one developed by each cohort), how the constitutions can be used to ensure a constructive and inclusive learning environment, a fun and funny CoCo quiz, music, dancing and drinks.

This was the first time the two cohorts had a festive event.

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