Mobility in Electoral Mainz: launch of project website

Teachers and students at Johannes-Gutenberg-University Mainz, supported by Monika Barget of the FASoS History Department, have launched the project website “Mobility in Electoral Mainz (1600-1800)”.

This website contains data and visualisations of early modern clerical biographies. Most maps were created by MA students of history who had no prior GIS experience.

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European Citizen Initiative: specific learning disabilities on EU level

‘Focus on specific learning disabilities on EU level’ is a European Citizens’ Initiative. It aims to grant more rights to people with specific learning disabilities (e.g. Dyslexia) by creating a European definition of the problem and granting more funds for research on the issue.

This initiative has been written and presented by people from this faculty.

Please sign the initiative here and share it with your friends and family.

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Improving sustainability at FASoS: share your ideas and feedback

The FASoS Sustainability Platform, which brings together students and staff interested in environmental topics, is looking for your input on how to improve sustainability at the faculty to update the FASoS Sustainability Plan.

Submit feedback and suggestions via email or via this short online survey.

Also, you are welcome to sign up for the UM Sustainability email newsletter or follow the FASoS Sustainability Platform on Instagram.

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Patrick Bijsmans in expert meeting on international classroom

On 31 October, Associate Dean for Education Patrick Bijsmans took part in an expert meeting on the international classroom, organised by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Netherlands School of Public Administration.

Bijsmans has published on the international classroom in the European Journal of Higher Education and currently leads a large UM international classroom study together with Carla Haelermans of SBE.

Download Uni-Life app, official community and events platform of UM

Have you heard about the Uni-Life app? It is the official community and events platform of UM.

With Uni-Life you will have direct access to all the events from the associations in Maastricht. You can also join or create a community to meet other students with similar interests, or organise your own activity that other students can join.

Download the app, select your interests, and never miss an opportunity again.

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Looking for helpers and tools for the FASoS garden

The new FASoS garden team is looking for people to join and help keep the green spaces tidy.

Are you a gardening enthusiast and want to spend 1-2 hours every two weeks to contribute to gardening at FASoS, then send an email to sustainability-fasos@maastrichtuniversity.nl before Thursday 3 November.

Also, more gardening tools are required. If you have spare ones that you want to donate, please send an email to jrharbord@maastrichtuniversity.nl.

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Thomas Frissen publishes article in Communication Methods and Measures

Thomas Frissen just co-published a research article and a new digital methods research toolkit for meme researchers in the journal Communication Methods and Measures (IF: 9.01).

Aiming to bridge the gap between technical disciplines and the social sciences/humanities, this study proposes an innovative, integrative avenue combining the robust pattern-recognition capacities of computers and the excellent interpretative qualities of humans.

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Annet Schoot Uiterkamp featured in various media outlets

Annet Schoot Uiterkamp has been featured in various media outlets to talk about PhD dissertation “Kolen en kampen. Tewerkstelling van politieke delinquenten in Nederlandse steenkolenmijnen, 1945 -1958”. [Coal and Camps: the employment of political delinquents in Dutch coal mines, 1945 – 1958] which she defended on 12 October.

UM students who are Autistic or have AD(H)D needed for focus group

Funded by the UM Diversity & Inclusivity Grant, the UM project team Embracing Neurodiversity aims to facilitate a better learning space for neurodivergent students.

However, neurodivergent students themselves know their needs best. As such, students who are Autistic and/or have AD(H)D are asked to join the focus groups sessions taking place in the second and fourth week of November!

Sign up here.

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Bart Zwegers appointed as new heritage curator

Bart Zwegers is Maastricht University’s new curator of the Arts and Heritage Commission. He succeeds Annemieke Klijn.

Bart: “It is my ambition to continue Annemieke Klijn’s fine work and organise special public activities in which art, heritage and the special collection of the university library come together in a unique way.”

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