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Call for student testimonials on learning and studying difficulties

The Student Representatives want to provide feedback and present solutions to the faculty regarding a better learning environment for students with learning or studying difficulties during their studies.

Are you someone with a diagnosed or undiagnosed learning disability, reading disability or writing disability or another form of dyslexic disability? Please send email with your experience (few hundred words) to

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Bachelor European Studies Education Program Committee meeting update

Last month, all members of the Education Program Committee (EPC) of the Ba European Studies met for the first time this year to establish the agenda that will be worked on this academic year.

Find out about the EPC’s work representing you in the Faculty through the Meeting Updates series in the FASoS Weekly! After each Committee meeting, an update will be posted so you can follow the progress and keep up with all relevant developments at FASoS.

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UM launches FASoS student project ‘QR Code: Are you okay?’

Have you ever experienced confusion (or even helplessness) while trying to establish a support system at UM? FASoS Student Representatives understand these obstacles. They are doing what they can to help streamline the process of finding the support you need at UM.

The Student Representatives are extremely proud to announce that this week marks the launch of a project they helped develop: the QR codes that can now be found in every bathroom.

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The Student Representatives are hiring!

Do you want to have a say about your programme, the FASoS education environment and student life at FASoS?

The following Student Representative positions are open for the academic year 2022/2023:

  • Education Programme Committees (EPCs) – for first-year students
  • Complaints Committee – for all BA students/all years

Apply via e-mail before 23 September (23.59). Include your CV and a motivation letter answering the questions listed bellow.

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The student representatives are hiring!

Have you ever wanted to have a say about your programme, the FASoS education environment and student life at FASoS? This is your chance to become a Student Representative!

The following positions are open for the academic year 2022/2023:

  • Student adviser to the Faculty Board
  • Library Committee
  • Complaints Committee

Interested? Send your motivational letter and CV before 16 May at 23.59 to

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Fill out the FASoS intranet survey

The Student Representatives want to know how and for what students use the intranet and other UM platforms.

Let your voice be heard and take 5 minutes to fill out the questionnaire. It will help make information more accessible and create a guidebook for FASoS students.

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Meeting update: European Studies Programme Committee

The European Studies Programme Committee met on 9 February to discuss developments in the curriculum.

The meeting started with a discussion of the IWIOs of the second period of this academic year. Next, a proposal to introduce a threshold to sign up for the bachelor thesis course was discussed. Lastly, the coursebook for “International Economics and European Integration”, the new elective economics coursebook for second-year students, was discussed.

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Student Representatives half-term report 2021-2022

The Student Representatives (SR) of FASoS are a team of 30 elected and appointed students belonging to the bachelor’s and master’s programmes.

Twice a year, the SR produce a half-term report to give an overview of the work conducted by the SR in the first half of the academic year.

The fragility and intensity of the current times has made the SR’s work even more relevant than ever. Read the first half term report of the academic year 2021-2022 here.

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Meeting update: Arts & Culture Education Programme Committee

The Arts and Culture EPC meeting that took place on 16 February focused on discussing the results of the IWIOs for the courses of periods 1 and 2. The objective was to evaluate to what extent this form of feedback offers thorough insight into the student experience.

Furthermore, issues related to the thesis trajectory and feedback criteria inconsistencies across programmes were brought up.

You can find the approved minutes of previous meetings here.

Career Day: student experience inventory

The Student Representatives have begun the work of organising this academic year’s Career Day.

To make sure that it can cater for everybody’s needs, we would love to hear from YOU! So, we ask if you could please take the time to fill in this (very short!) survey.

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