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DIAS weekly recommendations: Communities of The Qur’an

Why should there be consensus in the 21st century when throughout history believers from Cairo to Baghdad have agreed to disagree? How do modern communities of the Quran relate to the Quran?

In Communities of The Qur’an: Dialogue, Debate, and Diversity in the 21st Century various textual scholars attempt to answer this question and to revive an “ethics of disagreement” by foregrounding the diversity of modern Muslim communities.

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Meeting update: Arts & Culture Programme Committee

On Wednesday, we had our first Arts & Culture Programme Committee meeting of 2021 and we had three imperative points on our agenda: Student’s inputs on Online PBL sessions, evaluation of period 4 courses, and last but not least the Education Plan.

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Meeting update: Arts & Culture Programme Committee

In the Education Programme Committee right before Christmas break, we had two extremely necessary points on our agenda.

The first one was an extensive discussion in regards to the course Research and Writing I and II. We addressed the issues and success of the course. We stressed the importance of the course and if it intertwines well with all other courses offered along with it.

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Meeting update: European Studies programme committee

In the week before Christmas break, the items on the agenda for the European Studies programme committee were the IWIO evaluation for the first period, the discussion for the thesis evaluation process and some other issues brought up by the student members.

During the meeting, we had the chance to brainstorm with Eli Sapir concerning new possible methods on how to evaluate the thesis process for third-year students. This topic will be addressed again in this month’s meeting.

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OMT meeting update

Fee-Marie von der Brelie (BA AC, year 3), your Arts & Culture Student Representative, tells about what was discussed in the last OMT meeting of 2020.

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Fill in the professional skills survey

Your opinion has a real impact and would be of great help to us to know exactly what issues to tackle.

Please fill in the short survey which contains questions about your perception of the coverage of professional skills training at FASoS. The survey is completely anonymous and should take max. 7 minutes to complete.

Faculty Council update

In the last meeting before the new year, we discussed employability, the faculty budget change, ICT supplies and the personal strategic plan.

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Meeting update: Digital Society programme committee

In this meeting, we welcomed our new first-year student member!

We discussed the IWIO evaluations of all courses of the first period. Linked to that, we highlighted the issues students still experience with Canvas, especially the grading and email/notification system. In light of online education, we discussed different assessment criteria to improve upcoming moments of assessment as well.

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Meeting update: AC Programme Committee

During this week’s Arts and Culture Education Programme Committee we had an extensive discussion in regards to matters of Diversity and Inclusivity.

We addressed the issues of diversifying the literature across courses of the programme, in order to offer multiple perspectives and battle alienation and marginalisation of different points of view.

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Motivation Sundays with the Student Representatives

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Would you like to share with us how you stay motivated, positive or productive? Send us a 1 – 1.5 minute video with your hobbies and tips.

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