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Crowdfunding garden: 99% of goal reached!

On 5 October, we festively opened the FASoS garden and officially launched a crowdfunding to be able to decorate the garden.

Colleagues and students donated to the garden en masse. Besides that, the FASoS ICT department sold IT equipment, and donated all proceeds to the garden crowdfunding; an amazing €3800!

Thank you to everyone who has donated, and a special thank you to the FASoS ICT department. Thanks to your donations, we have reached 99% of our goal so far.

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Lunch concert at FASoS, on 29 November

This academic year, you can enjoy short concerts of classical music once per month in the Turnzaal at FASoS for free.

This is a great opportunity to take some time for yourself and get out of the routine of study and work.

During this 30 minute concert on 29 November at 14.00, you will discover the vibrant and rich sound of marimbas and vibrophones with the ensemble “Maaßticks”. The ensemble will play play pieces by Steven Reich and Maurice Ravel.

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ECA info evening with Hertie School of Governance, on 30 November

Are you wondering how to further navigate your career after Maastricht? Do you want to further expand your knowledge regarding public policy or international affairs and continue your education in that path?

Alongside The Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, European Careers Association Maastricht is organising this info evening on your educational opportunities on 30 November from 18.30 to 20.30 at the Statenzaal (FoL).

Sign up here.

SG film screening of ‘Children of the Mist’, on 6 December

Join this Studium Generale Film & Talk screening of ‘Children of the Mist’.

Di, a 12-year-old girl from the mist-shrouded mountains of northern Vietnam, belongs to the Hmong, an ethnic minority in which girls get married at a very young age.

An expert will give an introduction to the film.

When: Tuesday 6 December, 19.30
Where: Lumière Cinema, Bassin 88
Costs: Students €5 / others €10

For tickets, click here.

UM Career Services workshop, on 9 December

This workshop addresses the challenges specific to finding and applying for a job for students with a disability, a chronic disease or health condition ranging from recognising your personal competencies, to identifying job opportunities that fit your unique needs, abilities and talents, and the job application process.

When: 9 December, from 9.30 – 12.30
Where: Karl Dittrich Hall (SSC)

For more information and registration, click here.


Growing Up in Science with Prof. dr. Martin Paul, on 9 December

Behind every success you can read on a CV, there are the numerous failed attempts, challenges, and lessons learned. And then there are also all the successes that no one ever hears about. The guest for this Growing up in Science session is former UM president Prof. dr. Martin Paul.

This hybrid Growing Up in Science event takes place on 9 December at 14.45 at the Tapijn Brasserie (or via Zoom).

You can register here.

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Workshop – Consultancy Interview Case Preparation, on 12 December

The popular consultancy firms are notorious for the application procedure. An especially challenging element is the case interview.

In this workshop, you learn how to approach a case interview and how to train for it. At the end you have practised part of a case interview and gained valuable tips and tricks on how to perform well.

When: 12 December, from 9.30 – 12.00
Where: Karl Dittrich Hall (SSC)

For more information and registration, click here.

IT equipment sales for the FASoS Garden

The selling process of various equipment that was previously used in education rooms has resumed. The money that is raised will be used for the FASoS Garden!

If you are interested in buying some equipment or want more information, send an email to or come by the office at Grote Gracht 90-92 room B0.08.

Remember stocks are limited so: sold out = sold out!

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Do not forget to sign up your UM account for Multi Factor Authentication

UM strongly believes in data protection. Therefore, UM is continuously working to improve information security. Various measures have been and are being taken to make the university network even more secure. That is why UM is switching to the use of Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).

This requires you to successfully complete two steps to access UM services. After entering your UM account and password (something you know), a second authentication step follows via a separate device, for example via your smartphone or tablet (something you have).

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Workshop: Echolocation & multi-sensory interactions, on 23 November

Both sighted & non-sighted participants are invited to join this Training the Senses workshop in an exploration of our non-visual senses. It will include an introduction to Echolocation (or Click Sonar), and considers how people collectively experience each other and the spatial environment through their auditory and tactile senses.

When: 23 November, from 19.00 – 21.00
Where: Marres
Costs: €5 (regular), €2.50 (students)

Click here for tickets.

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