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Poetry contest

Poetry is often a source of solace in difficult times – both reading it and writing it. John Parkinson, Paul Stephenson and Sally Wyatt have made a start, with a quatrain and a limerick (see below). But feel free to turn your hand to sonnets, haiku, odes, or whatever form works for you.

Please send your entries to Sally Wyatt. We’ll include one here every week. Once this is over, prizes will be awarded at our next physical FASoS get-together.

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UM crowdfunding for students

The UM has started a crowdfunding initiative to raise money for students in financial difficulties. For some students, the bar, restaurant, or company they work in are closed, existing regulations are inadequate to continue their payment, and parents are not in the position to help their children out financially.

If you want to donate, you can do so via this link.

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Trial: Age of Exploration database

As of 1 April, FASoS can access the Age of Exploration database for a trial period of 12 weeks. The trial ends on 25 June.

Connect to the UM network (see tips below) and access the database here. For more information, see here.

PDF download options are not available during the trial.

We invite you to take a look at the database and inform us about your experiences via this form.

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New editorial team FASoS Teaching & Learning Blog

With Afke Groen recently having left the faculty, a change in the team that runs the FASoS Teaching and Learning Blog was inevitable. While Patrick Bijsmans will remain as editor, we are happy to share with you that Diede Diederiks and Mirko Reithler have agreed to step in as new co-editors.

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Follow online classes via ‘Quarantaine Colleges’

The University of the Netherlands has started a new initiative: ‘Quarantaine Colleges’. Now that almost everyone in the Netherlands needs to stay inside, university students receive online education.

To offer more content to students, many university lecturers record lectures and post them on the Quarantaine Colleges YouTube channel. Most lectures are now only available in Dutch.

Christine Neuhold and sister reflect on COVID-19 crisis

Professor Christine Neuhold, who has been appointed dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences starting 1 September 2020, and her sister, Dr. Stephanie Neuhold, shared their thoughts on the current COVID-19 crisis with Observant.

Read the reflections by the two sisters here.

Aline Sierp edits special issue of ‘History & Memory’

Aline Sierp edited a special issue of ‘History & Memory’.

The issue ‘Museums and Monuments: Memorials of Violent Pasts in Urban Spaces‘ examines how museums and memory sites construct historical narratives through processes of preservation, education and public exhibition.

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Miriam Meissner publishes article in Der Freitag

Miriam Meissner published an article on the COVID-19 pandemic in relation to the climate crisis in the German newspaper Der Freitag. She reflects on the lessons we can learn from the coronacrisis and the changes we see in the climate due to the crisis.

You can read the article (in German) here. A shortened English version of the article is available here.

UM website interviews Patrick Bijsmans on online teaching & learning

The UM website has recently interviewed FASoS assistant professor and faculty coordinator of Continuing Professional Development Patrick Bijsmans on online teaching and learning.

Finding a new routine perhaps is the biggest challenge we face, says Patrick. Online education, no lectures or tutorials, no contact with other students, no University Library… all these aspects are having a huge effect.

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Yale happiness class

During the COVID-19 crisis, many institutions start offering classes for free. A FASoS student shares one of her favourites with us: Yale’s ‘Science of Wellbeing’ class, taught by Yale psychologist Laurie Santos.

Following Santos’ ten-week seminar series, you’ll learn how to increase your happiness, debunk myths about what makes us happy and ultimately create better, more productive habits.

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