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Yoga at FASoS

As of 18 October, you can rest your mind during yoga at FASoS in GG76S, 1.017 every Monday and Wednesday from 16.30 – 17.45. Wear a comfortable outfit and bring along your yoga mat (and possibly a pillow).

You don’t need to register, but the capacity is limited. If you see that the door is closed, it means that there is a full house and you can try your luck next time…

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Regulations for students with COVID-19 issues/housing problems

As of the start of the new academic year, FASoS has been taking several actions to accommodate students struggling with severe COVID-19 related issues or with housing problems. We hope that you are all well and have found a place to stay.

Although COVID-19 less affects daily routines at the faculty, some students may still face unfortunate consequences.

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Empty FASoS weekly

Oops… we had some technical difficulties and many of you most probably received an empty FASoS weekly yesterday.

We apologise for any inconvenience and hope you enjoy the FASoS weekly today.

Corona flowchart

Not sure if you can come to campus/need to get tested for the coronavirus? Check the flowchart and find out!

Get ready for the on-site FASoS graduation ceremonies!

Are you ready? The FASoS graduation ceremonies will take place onsite again this year! We are super excited to be able to welcome all graduates of the academic year 2020/2021 to the FASoS graduation ceremonies.

In June, we had already communicated on what dates the ceremonies would take place. Please note that there is one tiny date and time change for the MA European Studies on Society, Science and Technology and the MA Globalisation and Development Studies. For an overview of the date and time of your graduation ceremony, please have a look at the FASoS graduation website.

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Katleen Gabriels awarded Edmond Hustinx prize 2021

During the Opening of the Academic Year on Monday 6 September, Katleen Gabriels was awarded the Edmond Hustinx prize for Science.

The Edmond Hustinx Prize for Science exists to emphasise the importance of the practical application of research as well as the importance of UM to Limburg. The cash prize of €15,000 is awarded to a different faculty each year.

Observant has interviewed Katleen about her research and about what she plans on doing with the prize money.

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Register now for a guided tour

Would you like to do a guided tour/treasure hunt through the city of Maastricht and along the faculties of Maastricht University?

Then register now for one of the time slots!

Pick up your goodie bag at the Marketing & Communications office

Are you a first-year student at FASoS? Then pick up your FASoS goodie bag at the Marketing & Communications office!

You can pick up your goodie bag on Friday 3 September between 9.00 and 17.00 in room B0.34 in GG90-92.

Positive accreditation Research Master European Studies

On 10 June, the Research Master European studies was visited by a panel of peers in light of the re-accreditation of the programme.

On that day, the panel held conversations with different groups of representatives from the programme, being programme management, teaching staff, the board of examiners, the educational programme committee, the student adviser, students and alumni.

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Save the date: on-site FASoS graduation ceremonies!

Good news: we are planning to host the FASoS graduation ceremonies onsite again!

The dates for the FASoS graduation ceremonies (for graduates of the academic year 2020/2021) can be found on the FASoS Graduation website.

Students will receive an email as soon as the Board of Examiners has determined that they have complied with the requirements of their study programme. This email will include an invitation to the ceremony and a link to the registration form. Registration is required.

*Please note that all the information stated here and on the FASoS graduation website is subject to change due to COVID-19 related developments.

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