New editorial team FASoS Teaching & Learning Blog

With Afke Groen recently having left the faculty, a change in the team that runs the FASoS Teaching and Learning Blog was inevitable. While Patrick Bijsmans will remain as editor, we are happy to share with you that Diede Diederiks and Mirko Reithler have agreed to step in as new co-editors.

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Aline Sierp edits special issue of ‘History & Memory’

Aline Sierp edited a special issue of ‘History & Memory’.

The issue ‘Museums and Monuments: Memorials of Violent Pasts in Urban Spaces‘ examines how museums and memory sites construct historical narratives through processes of preservation, education and public exhibition.

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Miriam Meissner publishes article in Der Freitag

Miriam Meissner published an article on the COVID-19 pandemic in relation to the climate crisis in the German newspaper Der Freitag. She reflects on the lessons we can learn from the coronacrisis and the changes we see in the climate due to the crisis.

You can read the article (in German) here. A shortened English version of the article is available here.

UM website interviews Patrick Bijsmans on online teaching & learning

The UM website has recently interviewed FASoS assistant professor and faculty coordinator of Continuing Professional Development Patrick Bijsmans on online teaching and learning.

Finding a new routine perhaps is the biggest challenge we face, says Patrick. Online education, no lectures or tutorials, no contact with other students, no University Library… all these aspects are having a huge effect.

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Several new FASoS T&L Blogs

In the past weeks, the FASoS Teaching & Learning Blog has published several posts on online teaching and learning, including a list of ten tips for students and first experiences from staff on teaching online and working from home.

Despite COVID-19, other things are still happening in the world of teaching and learning, as reflected by Johan Adriaensen and MA student Caterina Pozzi’s post on a research project on curriculum design.

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Nominations for UM student prize are open

Nominate a (fellow) student for the UM student award.

This annual award is presented in recognition of a student or group of students who have delivered outstanding achievements in a civil, social or cultural context. The award consists of a statuette, a €1000 cash prize and a portrait of the winner in the student hall of fame in the UM administration building.

Recommendations can be submitted to Monique Kussendrager until 1 May 2020.

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New FASoS T&L Blog on online individual feedback

Academic Writing Advisor John Harbord, who regularly meets students off- and online to discuss their writing, discusses the do’s and don’ts of online individual feedback; essential insights for those who are currently planning individual meetings with mentees and supervisees.

Are you a student or member of teaching staff who would like to write something about your own online teaching and learning experience? Check out the website for details on how to submit a post!

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LSE blog on the regulation of COVID-19

Regulating COVID-19 appears to be problematic for governments worldwide. What can we learn from the previous handling of the 2009 swine flu pandemic by the EU and the WHO for the regulation of the current pandemic?

Read more about this in Esther Versluis’s blog post at the LSE blog EUROPP – European Politics and Policy.

New FASoS T&L Blog on online teaching

In this timely new FASoS Teaching & Learning Blog, Emilie Sitzia discusses the use of videos in teaching. The issue as such is not new, with debates going back to the 1970s, but has become more prominent in debates on teaching and learning at FASoS and other faculties and universities. The blog features a couple of examples – including links – and a few pointers as to things to take into account in times of unexpected online teaching.

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RMES alumna nominated for Theodore Roosevelt American History Award

RMES alumna Eva Durlinger has been nominated by the Roosevelt Institute for American Studies (RIAS) for the Theodore Roosevelt American History Award (TRAHA).

The TRAHA will be awarded to the best master’s thesis in American history during the annual Amerikanistendag on 29 May.

The title of Eva’s thesis is “US Foreign Policy toward Western Europe: The Nixon Administration, Werner and Davignon”. Her supervisor was Prof. Mathieu Segers.

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