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FASoS a partner in successful WUN grant on health humanities

Anna Harris was a partner of a successful WUN (Worldwide Universities Network) grant recently, led by the PI Professor Sandra Carr from The University of Western Australia.

The topic of the grant is the health humanities, and how to develop patient-centred and compassionate care through education. Other partners are from University of Alberta, Sydney University, Durham University and University of Cape Town.

Patrick Bijsmans awarded UM diversity and inclusivity research funding

Patrick Bijsmans (FASoS) and Carla Haelermans (SBE) have been awarded UM funding for a Diversity & Inclusivity research project on the international classroom and global citizenship education.

The project builds on earlier research that Patrick has been conducting with Arjan Schakel (now University of Bergen) and BA ES alumni Asena Baykal and Sven Hegewald. The new project will look at BA programmes at several UM faculties.
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Maarten Vink collaborates with National Geographic

Maarten Vink collaborated with National Geographic and published a 1-page data visualisation on the global variety in citizenship laws, drawing on data from the Global Citizenship Observatory (GLOBALCIT), a web platform that provides user-friendly open access to a major worldwide collection of data and analyses on citizenship laws and franchise.

National Geographic magazine reaches 49 million print and digital readers in 33 languages worldwide.

Workshop Anna Harris, Sally Wyatt and Shanti Sumartojo filmed

On 22 October, Assistant Professor Anna Harris, Professor Sally Wyatt and Assistant Professor at Monash University Shanti Sumartojo organised a workshop called ‘designing atmospheres of learning’. In the ethnographic workshop, staff members gathered to discuss the meaning of spaces and also designed new spaces in FASoS classrooms.

The workshop was filmed by the UM Video Team. You can watch the end result here.

New FASoS Teaching & Learning Blog on course evaluations

The pros and cons of course evaluations are a continuous issue of debate, here at FASoS, but also elsewhere in academia. Building on a previous FASoS T&L Blog post about biases in teaching evaluations, Matthijs Krooi addresses strengths and limitations of the standard approach to such evaluations in a new blog post.

Join the debate in the comments or contribute your own blog entry.

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Katleen Gabriels interviewed by Trouw

On Sunday 17 November, an interview with Katleen Grabiels appeared in Dutch newspaper Trouw.

In the interview, she reflects on her latest book ‘Regels voor robots’ in which she pleas to create ethical norms and rules for robots and AI systems, but also for engineers and other developers.

Ilias Alami publishes book on financial capital in emerging markets

lias Alami, postdoctoral researcher at the department of Technology & Society Studies, has published his book ‘Money Power and Financial Capital in Emerging Markets: Facing the Liquidity Tsunami’ with Routledge. The book is set to be in stores by mid-December.

You can pre-order the book here.

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Dorina Baltag wins Excellence 100 Award

Dorina Baltag has been awarded the Excellence 100 Doctoral Prize based on her doctoral research and her research agenda on the EU practice of diplomacy. This highly unique and competitive prize selected 100 outstanding academics across a wide range of disciplines to advance their career.

If you wish to keep in touch with Dorina or establish potential collaborations please get in touch with her at

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Prof. Cornips interviewed by Radio 1 on signing ‘Limburgs convenant’

In 1997, the Dutch government officially recognized Limburgish as an official regional language. On Wednesday 6 November 2019, Minister Knops, Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, signed the ‘Limburgs Convenant’, which is aimed at better protecting the Limburgian language culture.

Prof. Leonie Cornips reflects upon the importance of the signing of the covenant in an interview with Radio 1.

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Ferenc Laczo co-edits volume ‘The Legacy of Division’

Ferenc Laczo has co-edited, with Luka Lisjak Gabrijelcic, the volume ‘The Legacy of Division. East and West after 1989‘ (Budapest: CEU Press-Eurozine).

The volume includes contributions from Aleida Assmann, Ivan Krastev, Peter Pomerantsev, Philipp Ther and Jan Zielonka, among many others. Parts of it have already been translated into six further languages.

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