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Survey concerning advancement of expression in Dutch by students

Would you like to have a say in the decision to amend the Implementation Decree WHW 2008 on the introduction of provisions regarding the ability to express in Dutch and the added value of a language other than Dutch? Then take this survey (in Dutch).

Updated FASoS Guidelines for grading & assessment using CANVAS/j-drive

Updated guidelines on the use of Canvas for grading/feedback, and the grading process at FASoS, are now available:

The timeline of the grading process does not change.

Information on how to use the new plagiarism check “Urkund” can be found here.

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Call for contributions to the Working on Europe Paper Series

The Working on Europe Paper Series (WEPS) is a joint project of the Maastricht Working on Europe research programme and the Centre for European Research in Maastricht (CERiM).

We call for contributions on a wide range of topics in European affairs, stimulating theoretical and empirical interdisciplinary academic debate, as well as promoting dialogue with policymakers, stakeholders and citizens from Europe and beyond.

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SG lecture: Psychology and the Law, on Monday 26 October

Biases plague many domains of our life and the legal system is no exception. Experts are therefore relied upon heavily, as their judgment is regarded as objective and impartial.

Drawing from the field of criminal justice, Itiel Dror will present data from real casework during this lecture, showing that many different types of biases affect even experts.

When: Monday 26 October, 20.00
Where: Zoom

Register here.

Arts, Media & Culture Online Colloquium, on Wednesday 28 October

Arts, Media & Culture Online Colloquium on how the (new) Library tools can ease your research work.

When: Wednesday 28 October, at 15.30
Where: Zoom

This workshop will be given by Maria Vivas Romero and Lidwien Hollanders.

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KNAW call: Valuing Science Communication

Do you regularly share your academic research with the wider world? Then the KNAW pilot call ‘Valuing Science Communication’ could be for you.

FASoS can propose one project to recognise and reward academics who frequently communicate their research (and have done so at least one year prior to applying for this call).

The budget per project is €10,000. Projects must be carried out by at least 3 researchers, involve PhD researchers, and results must be shared within the faculty.
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Till Schöfer wins the Dahrendorf Forum PhD research paper award

Till Schöfer has won the Dahrendorf Forum PhD research paper award for his paper Is Multilateralism in Crisis? – Insights from the US, China and the European Union

SG lecture: the ethics of technology, on Thursday 29 October

On Thursday 29 October, from 20.00 – 21.45, Studium Generale organises a lecture on the ethics of technology. You can view the livestream here.

Katleen Gabriels will talk about Artificial Intelligence and her latest book ‘Rules for Robots’. Cultural sociologist Siri Beerends discusses the risks of Artificial Intelligence.

To all the creatives: submit for Mosaïek Magazine

Mosaïek Magazine is working on their next autumn edition and the topic will be FUTURE. We want to know what you have to say about FUTURE.

You can send your essay, poem, photography or any kind of art to We are also looking for your photography for our cover page. The submission deadline is 2 November.

Follow Mosaïek Magazine on Facebook and Instagram.

Zoom recording function now available to all teaching staff at FASoS

All teaching staff at FASoS have received recording rights for Zoom, because our faculty has indicated that we need to use Zoom’s recording function for recording knowledge clips or lectures.

We urge you to carefully read the manual for recording, which you can find here on the VideUM website.

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