Online PhD Defence Nantke Pecht, on Wednesday 27 January

Nantke Pecht will defend her PhD dissertation “Language Contact in a Mining Community. A Study of Variation in Personal Pronouns and Progressive Aspect in Cité Duits” on Wednesday 27 January at 10.00. Due to the corona regulations, the defence will take place online.

Nantke’s supervisors are Prof. Dr. Leonie Cornips and Prof. Dr. Peter Auer (Freiburg).

Recognition and Rewards: opportunities and challenges, on 3 February

We warmly invite you to join the event ‘Recognition and Rewards: opportunities and challenges’.

The event will take place on Wednesday 3 February from 11.00 – 12.30. The event is open to all staff members at FASoS.

Please register here if you would like to attend (you only have to fill out your name – email address + department/cluster).

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AMC colloquium on ‘the global novel’, on Wednesday 3 February

Arts, Media & Culture online colloquium ‘The Global Novel’ on Wednesday 3 February at 15.30.

This session will take the form of a reading group discussion rather than a presentation so that we can spend as much time as possible bouncing ideas off of each other in an informal and interactive way. The session will be moderated by Elsje Fourie.

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Workshop on community organising by CUBE, on Saturday 6 February

On Saturday 6 February, CUBE organises a workshop that will introduce you to the most fundamental concepts and practices of community organising. Community organising teaches us how ordinary citizens can take their common fate into their own hands by intervening collectively in the political systems that shape their lives.

For more information and registration, send an email to Sören Brandes at

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EDLAB workshop social engagement in blended education, on 12 February

On Friday 12 February, from 10.00 – 12.00, Arie van der Lugt from FPN will be running a hands-on experimental workshop on student engagement.

The workshop offers an opportunity to try out and observe different techniques for getting to know your students better, making yourself more accessible, ensuring students are well acquainted with each other and that they establish good working relationships.

Sign up for free for this workshop here.

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Call for applications: MEL Creathon, in March

Are you a BA/MA/PhD student or a young professional residing in Belgium, the Netherlands or the Lille city region (MEL) with innovative cross-disciplinary ideas about the interaction between design, sport and health, and do you have a creative entrepreneurial spirit?

If so, then apply for our trinational Franco-BelgianDutch Creathon ‘Sport, Health and Design’ – taking place on 9, 17, 18 and 19 March – before 14 February.

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Save the date: Caring Communities for Radical Change event, 24-28 August

From 24 to 28 August, the International Degrowth Conference ‘Caring Communities for Radical Change’ will take place in The Hague. It aims to connect activists, artists, academics, practitioners, students, and general public to create an open platform for discussing ideas and practices which can ensure well-being for all within the Earth’s limits.

Registration for this event opens in May.

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MUSTS Colloquium ‘New Funding Horizons + CAST posters’, on 20 January

MUSTS Colloquium ‘New Funding Horizons’ + CAST students present their internships

Speakers: Merle Achten, Karin Bijsterveld, Anique Hommels, 2nd year CAST students
When: Wednesday 20 January, 15.30 – 17.00
Where: online via Zoom link:

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Workshop how to reach out to the press, on Thursday 21 January

Want to know more about the UM press office and how they can help you reach out to the press? Need tips on how to interact with journalists? Looking for more information on research communication?

Join the workshop given by the UM press office on Thursday 21 January from 11.00 – 12.00. There is also plenty opportunity to ask questions. Register for the event here.

CPD webinar ‘Using audience response tools in T&L’, on 21 January

Audience response tools such as Mentimeter and Wooclap have gained a prominent position in on-campus education, but they can also foster student engagement in an online setting.

On Thursday 21 January, from 13:00 – 14:00, the FASoS Support Team Online T&L will hold a webinar on using audience response tools in on- and offline teaching and learning.

Participation in the webinar is worth 1 CPD hour. You can register for the webinar here.

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