Facility updates (buildings, IT, University Library)

New database: VoteWatch Europe

The FASoS Library committee arranged a subscription to the database VoteWatch Europe. The database provides access to the full datasets on the votes within the European Parliament (since July 2004) and the Council of Ministers (since 2009).

Connect to the UM network and you can access the database here.

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Need help with Canvas?

Diede Diederiks can advise on designing courses in Canvas. You can sign up via doodle to set up a 1-1 meeting with her ahead of P4 teaching.

You can also ask for help from a student assistant (contact via Soraya Ben-Essalah
s.benessalah@maastrichtuniversity.nl), for example for copy/pasting materials or other course-related information to Canvas. Hans Duyx should be contacted to give the respective student assistant access rights to the relevant Canvas course.

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Implementation ICT servicedesk system Topdesk at ICT-FASoS

A new year is here with new opportunities and challenges. At ICT-FASoS, we would like to start the year with the implementation of our new year’s resolution.

In order to provide better service, we worked on the implementation of a new servicedesk system the past months, which will go live on 18 January.

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Window cleaning FASoS buildings, from 7 – 18 December

Between Monday 7 December and Friday 18 December, all office windows will be cleaned both on the inside and outside.

The window cleaners will adhere to the corona measures and will request people to leave the office for the time they are busy cleaning the inside windows.

Please make sure that the windows are free from papers or other objects.

Purchase of (IT) equipment

As you know, at FASoS you can buy (IT) equipment as an addition to the standard set-up that is offered by the faculty. The previous FB agreed on a set of guidelines on purchasing equipment in 2017.

As the purchasing of IT equipment is more salient than ever, we would like to draw your attention to the guidelines when it comes to purchasing IT equipment.

Please read on for the guidelines.

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FASoS policy for online assessment

From March 2020 onwards, FASoS had to switch to large-scale online assessment due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

This new appendix to the FASoS assessment policy summarises the principles FASoS aims to adhere to for online assessment, for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis and thereafter. The appendix is to be understood as a set of guidelines to FASoS examiners, and presents an overview of good practices that responsible examiners can consider during the design of their online exams.​

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Contact details colleagues on FASoS staff intranet

Need help with something but unsure who to contact? Check out the FASoS staff intranet for the tasks and contact details of FASoS support staff.

Need to speak to a scientific staff member? we have created a list of their phone numbers and Skype names on which they can be reached. To access the list, open the FASoS staff intranet, go to ‘organisation’ and then click on ‘contact details scientific staff’.

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Switch to Teams for video conferencing for high risk data processing

Following the outbreak of the coronavirus, UM introduced SURF Videobellen as the tool to perform video conferencing with high risk data processing, e.g. interviews with research participants.

Unfortunately, SURF will stop offering the Videobellen service as of 1 January 2021. Therefore, UM is making the switch to Microsoft Teams for video conferencing with high risk data processing.

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Teaching at FASoS in times of COVID-19: a comprehensive overview

If you are teaching in Period 2 (and beyond), please see the overview here for a summary of all the most important guidelines, support and information resources related to teaching at FASoS in times of Covid.

Please note that this is a ‘living’ document, which will be updated/edited on a regular basis.

For a more detailed overview of the equipment available in the tutorial rooms and the support that ICT FASoS can offer, please also see here.

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Live-streaming on-campus lectures: What steps to follow?

Please click on  read the entire article on the website’ to find out about the steps to follow when live-streaming on-campus lectures.

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