Facility updates (buildings, IT, University Library)

Trial for new platform EU Matrix

EU Matrix is a EU-focused research platform/think tank adapted to the digital age. It combines expert insight and digital technology to provide factual and objective information on how the EU political machinery works.

You can currently test it until December 2022. To access, connect to the UM network and go to www.eumatrix.eu.


  • Email/user: maastricht.university@eumatrix.account.eu
  • Password: CSD5a9eF

Make sure to fill out the evaluation form!

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Reminder: register sickness with your manager

You are ill. Now what?

On your first sick day, inform your manager (not your secretariat) as soon as possible, so they can register your sick leave. Only if your manager is away, contact the secretariat.

For more information about registering sickness, please check out the intranet.

Two new journals available for FASoS

The FASos Library Committee has purchased two subscriptions to the following journals:

Read on for a detailed description of these two journals.

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Required ICT updates

There might be long updates waiting on your devices when you log in to your university network account for the first time.

Please try and install all of these necessary updates.

For macOS there was an update released to account for vulnerabilities in their previous system updates. Staff who use Zoom should make sure that they have installed the latest version. Laptops with Windows should be generally updated regarding the operating system.

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Enjoy your summer break!

Today, the last FASoS weekly of the academic year is sent out out. There will be no FASoS Weekly between Monday 4 July and Friday 19 August 2022.

The first edition of the new academic year will be published on Thursday 25 August.

Enjoy your summer break!

Temporary IB Helpdesk closes on 1 July

Since 8 June, work has been undertaken on the new HR system ‘SuccesFactors’.

In order to answer questions or take a look at the system, a special FASoS IB-Helpdesk has been installed in the room above Bandito, in addition to the UM-wide Helpdesk. This Helpdesk is temporary and will stop working on 1 July.

If you still have questions in the coming period, you can still contact the central Helpdesk via ASK-HR@maastrichtuniversity.nl.

Blocking of .zip, .htm and .html attachments in external emails

Starting 21 June, ICTS blocks .zip, .htm and .html attachments in emails coming from outside the UM Exchange environment, since they are common attack vectors for phishing and malware.

This may impact the exchange of these types of files with external contacts.

If you need to send and/or receive .zip, .htm and .html files to/from external contacts, there is an alternative, in the form of the SURFfilsender (not to be confused with the SURFdrive).

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FASoS Weekly summer break from 4 July-19 August

Please note there will be no FASoS Weekly between Monday 4 July and Friday 19 August 2022.

The last FASoS Weekly before the summer break will be published on Thursday 30 June. The first edition after the summer break will be published on Thursday 25 August.

Start early adopters MS Teams phone system

On 2 June, a group of around 40 FASoS colleagues started as early adopters/first users of the new phone system at UM: Microsoft Teams (MS Teams).

The current telephone system on our desks (Mitel) is outdated and will be replaced in the coming months. Given the large usage of Microsoft Teams across the university and hybrid working, Maastricht University has adopted MS Teams as the new phone system.

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Go-live of new ‘Integrale Bedrijfsvoering’ (IB) system SAP SuccessFactors

The Go-live of the ‘Integrale Bedrijfsvoering’ (IB) system SAP SuccessFactors took place on Wednesday 8 June.

Since then, you can register leave, make declarations and purchase orders again. Please read on for practical information how to use the new system.

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