Facility updates (buildings, IT, University Library)

Trial on database Central and Eastern European Online Library

As of 14 October, FASoS can access the database ‘Central and Eastern European Online Library’ (CEEOL) for a trial period of 4 weeks.

Connect to the UM network (see tips below) to can access the database here.

We invite you to take a look in the database and inform us about your experiences via this form before 18 November.

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Purchase IT equipment no longer used at FASoS

At the moment we are in the process of selling various equipment that is no longer used in the education rooms.

The minimum age of these products is 5 years old, but they work fine. Every employee gets the opportunity to purchase one item for a cheap price.

The options are shown in the table in the ‘read more’ section.

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Book a room via the resource booker

As of now, you can book a room again for your (group) meeting via the resource booker.

Exam schedules

In a few weeks, the first examination period of this academic year will take place.

Below, you can find the exam schedules:

Instructional sessions Prowise screens

In order to ensure that we are ready to use the new Prowise Whiteboards at the start of academic year 2021-2022, we kindly ask all colleagues teaching in period 2 to sign up for a 45 minutes instructional session, taking place on campus and organised by Nick Lardenoije from FASoS ICT.

The instructional sessions take place on FASoS campus and run between 4 October – 19 October 2021 (for all colleagues teaching in period 2). For everyone that already registered before this message: it has to be done again because the times in the schedules are changed, sorry for any discomforts. If you are teaching in period 2 and haven’t attended the session in period 1 or want to refresh your mind, we kindly urge you to sign-up for the instructional session through this link.

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Extended opening hours FASoS as of 4 October

The opening hours of the FASoS buildings are extended as of Monday 4 October:

  • Monday – Friday: 8.00 – 22.00 (between 18.00 and 22.00 access only with UMcard)
  • Saturday: 10.00 – 18.00 (access only with UMcard and for employees only)
  • Sunday: closed

Leave registration will move from IMAR to SF

As part of the Integrated Operational Management programme, as of 1 January 2022, we will not be using IMAR anymore to register leave.

As of 10 January 2022, all forms of leave (personal, special, pregnancy, etc.) will have to be registered in SAP Success Factors (SF).

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Beware: phishing emails

This morning some colleagues received a phishing email from, supposedly, another colleague.

Please be aware that this email was not send by this colleague, as you can see that the email address is not a UM or personal email account. We would like to request that you delete the email and do not click on anything or respond to the email.

ICTS has already been informed and will take action to intercept the email.

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Find FASoS information on intranet

Need information on a specific topic but not sure where to start looking? The FASoS staff intranet contains a lot of information to help you get started!

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Register for a massage

After 1.5 years of absence due to the corona pandemic, FASoS will be offering massages again!

As of Tuesday 7 September, masseuse Iris Stomp will come to FASoS every week on Tuesday and Thursday to give massages to FASoS staff. You can register for a massage via the form at the reception desk.

You don’t need to bring your own face towel anymore as you will receive a fresh towel from Iris each treatment.

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