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Decisions and announcements Faculty Board meetings May 2020

The Faculty Board of FASoS held meetings on 13 and 27 May. For an overview of the decisions and announcements, see below.

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Decisions and announcements Faculty Board meetings April 2020

The Faculty Board of FASoS held meetings on 1, 15 and 29 April. Please see below for an overview of the decisions and announcements.

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Vacancy: programme director Research Master European Studies

FASoS has a vacancy for the position of programme director of the Research Master European Studies. The selected candidate is expected to start in September 2020. The remuneration previewed for this position is 225 solver hours.

Interested candidates are encouraged to send a CV and a motivation letter/email by Thursday 28 May to secr.philotss@maastrichtuniversity.nl.

For more information, please contact the current programme director Giselle Bosse.

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Report on student evaluation of online education I

In week 2 of period 5 a student evaluation survey about online education at FASoS was offered to all students.

A report on the outcomes of this survey can be found here.

Update contact details (technical) support

Below you find an overview of the updated contact details for (technical) support. Please note that these contact details differ from the contact details communicated in yesterday’s FASoS weekly Special Edition.

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Vacancy: Mentor programme coordinator BA European Studies

Are you interested in teaching and the educational practices at FASoS? Would you like to play an important role in ensuring the academic support of our students? Do you have a vision of how to help students cope with workload and expectations while participating in a FASoS BA programme? Are you able to coach colleagues in their role as mentor?

If so, consider applying for the vacancy of mentor programme coordinator of the BA European Studies.

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Evaluations during corona times

Especially during this insecure period, in which most of us experience extra pressure, we do opt for conducting evaluations because we greatly value views and experiences of all persons involved in education. Through performing the next evaluations, we hope to gain good insight into the dynamics of our online education process, which we are creating together every day.

Please read below for more information on course evaluations in times of online education.

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Decisions and announcements Faculty Board meetings March 2020

The Faculty Board of FASoS held meetings on 4 and 19 March. For an overview of the decisions and announcements, please click on ‘read the entire article on the website’.

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CPD COVID-19 update

As you know, due to the COVID-19 crisis all UM teaching activities are currently migrating online.

The Executive Board wishes to formally recognise the formal and informal learning process you are engaging in by regarding this as the fulfilment of your CPD hours for this academic year.

Please inform your line-manager and FASoS CPD coordinator Patrick Bijsmans about relevant activities you have undertaken.

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Open call for EPC member BSc Global Studies: deadline extended

We are looking for a FASoS representative to serve on the Educational Programme Committee (EPC) for the new inter-faculty BSc Global Studies.

Interested candidates are invited to send a CV and a short motivation letter/email to fransje.muijsken@maastrichtuniversity.nl. The application deadline is up to and including Monday 6 April.

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