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Crowdfunding garden: 45% of goal reached!

On 5 October, we festively opened the FASoS garden and officially launched the crowdfunding to be able to decorate the garden.

So far we have reached 45% of our crowdfunding goal. Thank you very much to everyone who has donated!

You can still make a donation until the end of this year via this link: https://www.umcrowd.nl/project/give-for-a-green-faculty/donors. Donate together with your department, study programme or research group and make sure your name ends up on the hall of fame, or get a bench or picnic table with your group’s name on it!

Last FASoS Weekly for staff + reminder to register for intranet launch

Today, you have received the last FASoS Weekly for staff members in your inbox.

Don’t worry, you will still receive all necessary and fun information about FASoS, but via a different platform: UMployee. Just like the FASoS Weekly, you will still receive a weekly email in your inbox with links to all kinds of fun events, funding opportunities, publications by colleagues, etc.

If you want to share something with colleagues, have a look at this post to see how to do this. There will be no submission form anymore; you will simply post a message yourself in a group on UMployee.

To help get everyone started, we are organising a launch event for the new intranet on Tuesday 8 November from 12.00 – 14.00 in GG90-92, D1.08. Sign up here.

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Get ready for the FASoS Christmas party, on 21 December

After 2 years of absence due to the corona pandemic, we can finally celebrate our famous Christmas party again!

The Faculty Board warmly invites you and your partner to the FASoS Christmas party, taking place in the Turnzaal on Wednesday 21 December, from 16.00 – 21.00.

The Turnzaal will be transformed into a magical Winter Wonderland. Join us and register here before Sunday 11 December at 00.00.

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Next week last FASoS Weekly + guidelines UMployee

Next week, on Thursday 3 November, the last FASoS weekly for staff members will be sent out.

As of Tuesday 8 November, we will be moving to our new intranet: UMployee. All information that was usually communicated via the FASoS Weekly will then be found here. Just like the FASoS Weekly, you will still receive a weekly email showing an overview of all interesting messages and events at FASoS and UM, depending on which groups you are member of.

Where do you exactly find and publish information then? Read on for an overview!

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Reminder: sign up your UM account for Multi Factor Authentication

UM strongly believes in data protection. Therefore, UM is continuously working to improve information security. Various measures have been and are being taken to make the university network even more secure. That is why UM is switching to the use of Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).

This requires you to successfully complete two steps to access UM services. After entering your UM account and password (something you know), a second authentication step follows via a separate device, for example via your smartphone or tablet (something you have).

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Donate to the FASoS garden and receive a FASoS mug!

Have you seen fellow colleagues and students walk around with a FASoS mug? Would you like to get one yourself?

Then donate to the FASoS garden crowdfunding and receive a complementary mug when you donate at least €10: https://www.umcrowd.nl/project/give-for-a-green-faculty/donateurs.

Picture credits go to Luana Russo.

Join the festive launch of UMployee, on Tuesday 8 November

On Tuesday 8 November, we will be festively launching the new intranet. Join us from 12.00 to 14.00 at GG90-92, room D1.08.

Free lunch will be served by Bandito, and make sure to bring your laptop, because we will be filling our intranet profiles. Everyone who has filled out their profile page on the new intranet receives a Bandito gift voucher!

A professional photographer will be joining the event to take portrait pictures of you that you can use on your intranet profile, on your Personal Profile Page and on your social media channels.

Sign up here for the lunch and/or pictures.

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FASoS Weekly moves to UMployee

As previously announced, we will be getting a new staff intranet!

As of 8 November, UMployee will be our main internal communication channel. All information, from forms and procedures to staff publications and new employees, will be announced in one place.

This means that the FASoS Weekly will move to UMployee, and this will look and work a little bit different than you are used to.

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Join the festive opening of the FASoS garden!

On Wednesday 5 October at 15.30, we will festively open the FASoS garden (at the back of FASoS, in front of the parking lot). Enjoy a drink and a bite served by Bandito, stroll through the garden, and hear all about the plans we still have to make the garden even more enjoyable.

We are very grateful to the faculty for having covered the basic costs of transforming the concrete space behind FASoS into a garden. To be able to decorate the garden with, for example, benches and insect hotels, we will be officially launching a crowdfunding project during the opening of the garden.

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UMployee: our new staff intranet!

You may have read it in UM news already… we are saying goodbye to the old staff intranet and we are getting an entirely new system!

In November, we will be transitioning to a user-friendly intranet, where you can find both relevant information about working at FASoS and UM, and fun information about news and events at FASoS, UM, and UM-liaised organisations such as Studium Generale, the staff career centre, Campus Brussels, etc.

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