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Research Council of Norway grant for a project co-led by Yf Reykers

The Research Council of Norway has awarded a 12 million NOK (~ €1.2 million) grant to the ADHOCISM research project. This 4-year project will be led by John Karlsrud (NUPI, Norway) as PI and Yf Reykers (Politics Department) as co-PI, in collaboration with researchers from the Graduate Institute Geneva and the University of Witwatersrand (South Africa).

ADHOCISM will study the impact of ad hoc crisis responses on international organisations.

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Pablo del Hierro publishes article on the Degrelle affair

Pablo del Hierro recently saw the publication of an article written for the International History Review, with the title: “The End of the Affair: The International Dispute over the Deportation of Degrelle from Spain to Belgium, 1945–1946“. The article is available open access.

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Procedure for visiting professors/fellows/PhD candidates

If you are considering inviting someone for a research stay at FASoS in 2021, please keep in mind the procedures that apply. The current policy is available on the intranet.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Research Support Office at research-fasos@maastrichtuniversity.nl if you have any questions.

Leonie Cornips co-initiator of Centre for Animal-Human Studies

Leonie Cornips has, together with Pim Martens (also UM) and two alumna from the University of Amsterdam, established a Centre for Animal-Human Studies.

In the natural sciences, animals are studied as objects, while in the social sciences, humans are central to research. The four initiators established the centre to generate more attention for the relationship between the two, where animals are also seen as active, social and intelligent individuals.

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Inventory FASoS research events

Are you organising an event, such as a symposium, congress, book launch, etc. at FASoS?

Please let research communications officer Eva Durlinger (e.durlinger@maastrichtuniversity.nl) know, as we are making an inventory of all research-related events taking place at FASoS in the upcoming 6 months. Please provide all relevant information, such as title of the event, number of expected participants, duration of the event, etc.

Joop de Jong participates in research project on self-employed artists

Two national organisations: LKCA (National Centre of Expertise for Cultural Education and Amateur Arts) and Boekmanstichting (Boekman Foundation Institute for arts, culture and related policy), together with two provincial cultural organisations: Huis voor de Kunsten Limburg and Stichting Kunst & Cultuur Drenthe, have invited Joop de Jong and his research team to participate in a research project on self-employed artists.

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Call for papers: ‘Towards 2040: creating classical music futures’

What will classical concerts look like in 20- or 30-years’ time? Will digital concerts become an integral part of the practice? What will the concert hall look like? What aesthetic issues will be important? How will music education contribute to the changing future of musicians?

This MCICM symposium seeks to engage with the different ways that practitioners are constructing this future, while considering critically the process of ‘futuring’ itself.

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Participate in a podcast

3FM and BNNVARA are looking for Dutch-speaking researchers who have stumbled upon an interesting scientific discovery by coincidence. Penicillin, champagne, LSD and the microwave were all made or discovered by coincidence, when the scientist was in fact looking for/looking to create something else.

Have you made an interesting scientific discovery when in reality you were looking for something else, do you speak Dutch and would you like to participate in a podcast? Then sign up here.

RMES student Chiara Russo takes part in an international conference

Chiara Russo, a student of the Research Master in European Studies, presented her current research at an international conference organised by the Early Career Network ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance (RegGov) on Monday 7 December.

The title of the paper she presented was “Challenging the apoliticisation assumption: the need for political accountability in the EU as a regulatory state”.

Update your Pure research output for 2020

Please fill in your 2020 output in Pure before Sunday 10 January 2021. If you require assistance, please provide a Word document detailing your publications to research-fasos@maastrichtuniversity.nl.

Important: for all kinds of assessments, only output registered in Pure counts.

Or, in other words: if output is not registered in Pure, it does not exist!

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