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Inge Coenen built her own home

Like most of us, Inge Coenen, Cluster Coordinator of the Finance department at FASoS, saw a lot of fun activities disappear due to the corona crisis and new interests emerge. Inge got more time for biking when the corona crisis hit and she had finished building her house.

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Melissa Wijnen’s vegetarian Polish dishes

Melissa Wijnen, HR assistant at FASoS, saw most of her hobbies disappear due to the corona virus: travelling, going to festivals, going out to dinner, seeing friends, going to the gym. But it is also thanks to the corona pandemic that she gained a new hobby. With more time on her hands due to the corona crisis, she discovered her love for cooking.

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Pablo del Hierro’s sustainable practices

Pablo del Hierro, assistant professor in history, arrived in Maastricht in January 2013 on a 6-months contract. He didn’t have to think twice when he was offered this short-term contract. “I worked as a teacher in Madrid back then and had a lousy contract. The worst case scenario for me was that I would indeed only be able to stay on for 6 months at FASoS, enjoy living in the Netherlands, and then go back to a lousy contract in Spain; there are plenty of those around there.”

Fortunately, Pablo managed to stay on at FASoS. But now during the corona pandemic, he is (temporarily) back in Spain. How come?

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Karin van Leeuwen does fitness boot camps

“That’s a very complicated question you are asking… what I do in my time off… it’s been a while since I had time off,” Karin van Leeuwen, assistant professor in the History department, writes to me in an email when I invite her for a chat for the Humans of FASoS. “But I’ll do my best to think about something during the interview,” she closes off her email.

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Raf Widdershoven and his combination of theatre and psychology

Last week, I interviewed one of our newest additions to the student advisers team, and winner of the 2020 FASoS Christmas quiz: Raf Widdershoven. Before joining FASoS, Raf studied psychology and a research master’s in psychopathology at FPN. During his studies, Raf was an active member of the student theatre association Alles is Drama. Why did he not pursue a life on stage, and how can his background in acting explain his current career choice?

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Award-winning triathlete Diede Diederiks

A little before the Christmas break, I met with Diede Diederiks, Educationalist at the Educational Development and Policy cluster. Diede’s supervisor had told me she participates in triathlons, which I assumed she did as her hobby. Little did I know Diede is a semi-professional triathlete.

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Christmas fanatic Eva Durlinger

In the spirit of Christmas I decided to interview me, yours truly, interviewer and writer for the Humans of FASoS series. Because who better to interview around Christmas than the one person who is possibly the biggest Christmas fanatic at FASoS?

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Cerien Streefland: FASoS director or construction worker?

I was very honoured to interview FASoS’ very own director Cerien Streefland and I was intrigued to know what her free time looked like. My supervisor already told me that Cerien was quite a handy woman. But how handy is quite handy?

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Shoki Hayir: from Somalia to The Netherlands

I always do a little bit of online research before I interview colleagues for the Humans of FASoS. This time, I was especially intrigued by what I read online.

I was about to interview Shoki Hayir, teacher at FASoS and PhD candidate at Radboud University, who had quite a life journey coming to The Netherlands as a refugee.

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Soccer coach Joost Dijkstra

On Friday morning, I enter Zoom to meet with Joost Dijkstra, head of the Educational Development and Policy cluster. With the weekend ahead, I ask him what he likes to do in his free time.

“I started playing badminton 2 years ago but I’m so bad at it that after 2 hours I’m completely exhausted,” Joost says. He started salsa dancing about one and a half years ago and he is “good at it in a Dutch way. I know the dance steps but look a bit stiff.”

His ultimate hobby then? Being a soccer coach to his son’s soccer team.

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