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Rene Gabriëls and Robert Wilkinson interviewed by De Volkskrant

Rene Gabriëls and Robert Wilkinson have been interviewed by the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant about the internationalisation and the increased use of the English language at Dutch universities.

You can read the interview here.

Patrick Bijsmans reflects on new German government in De Limburger

Patrick Bijsmans recently spoke to regional newspaper De Limburger about the new German government.

He reflected on how new German ambitions on matters such as climate change may be curbed by European realities, but also on how German and Dutch ideas about the EU’s future seem to have become more similar with new governments in both countries.

Research Article by Pablo del Hierro discussed in Spanish newspaper

The Spanish newspaper “El País” devoted an article to the research done by Pablo del Hierro on the city of Madrid as a transnational hub for neofascists after 1945.

The article, written in Spanish, highlights how on the streets of the Spanish capital — in offices, restaurants, taverns — we could discover those lives through which the unfolding of the most terrifying days of contemporary Europe seems to be understood.

Mariëlle Wijermars featured on NPO Radio 1

Mariëlle Wijermars was featured on Met het Oog op Morgen (NPO Radio 1) to discuss hacking group Evil Corp, and why Russia fails to counter hackers that operate from its territory more effectively.

The item is available online (in Dutch).

Katleen Gabriels guest on Belgian talkshow

Katleen Gabriels was a guest on the Belgian talk show ‘De Afspraak‘ on Wednesday evening 15 December.

She was invited to talk about the ethical implications of self-driving cars, following Mercedes’ announcement that they are releasing a car with a Level 3 autonomous driving system in Germany.

Claartje Rasterhoff in podcast of Dutch Heritage Network (NDE)

Claartje Rasterhoff was interviewed for the bi-weekly NDE-podcast ‘Paulus en De Nijs op reis’ by the Dutch Heritage Network.

She spoke about the use of digital heritage collections for research and education, and about the importance of researching digitisation processes.

You can listen to the podcast (in Dutch) here.

Research Harro van Lente discussed in Science Guide

Science Guide, the online platform on Higher Education, devoted an article to the research of Harro van Lente and Federico Ferretti on the Maker Movement.

The article (in Dutch) highlights how the social organisation and rules of knowledge production in the Maker Movement differ from mainstream university science. It is based on a recent paper of the two authors in Science and Public Policy.

Darian Meacham writes about values and policy making for the Observant

Why are mask mandates in place in Belgian and German universities but not at UM?

Darian Meacham ponders this question and thinks that it might have something to do with the role that values and identities have in policy making as well as the role given to scientific evidence in policy making.

You can read the piece written by Darian in Observant here.

Laura von Allwörden interviewed by Observant

PhD candidate Laura von Allwörden has been interviewed by observant about her presence at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference.

You can read the interview here.

Milan Babic interviewed for #ScholarSpotlight

Milan Babic has been interviewed for Global Policy’s #ScholarSpotlight.

The interview and podcast can be found here.

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