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Aagje Swinnen interviewed by de Volkskrant

Aagje Swinnen has been interviewed by Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant about ageing.

According to Aagje, people nowadays think that when you age you have two options: you are either hopping around life with your shiny grey hair or you are drooling in a wheelchair. Aagje thinks this image should change and people should instead consider ageing as nothing special, simply a part of life.

You can read the entire interview (in Dutch) here.

Patricia de Vries interviewed by de Correspondent

Patricia de Vries has been interviewed by de Correspondent about fear and anxiety. She claims that a life without fear does not exist, and she is happy about that.

You can read or listen to the interview here.

Leonie Cornips featured in several news outlets

Leonie Cornips has been featured in several news outlets the past week.

1Limburg wrote an article on her Klokhuis nomination. She has been interviewed by NPO radio 1 and het Nederlands Dagblad about her research into the language cows speak.

De Limburger, NPO radio 1 and the Kletsheads podcast interviewed her about her research into dialects.

Peter Peters interviewed by UM

Peter Peters has been interviewed by UM about the way in which the corona crisis has impacted his research.

The Maastricht Centre for the Innovation of Classical Music (MCICM) received funding from the NWO/SIA for research into ways in which symphony orchestras can involve their audiences more actively in concerts. And then the corona crisis hit. Peters explains what this means for his research and talks about the insights thus far.

You can read the entire interview here.

Carola Schoor interviewed by UM

FASoS PhD graduate Carola Schoor has been interviewed by UM about her PhD dissertation. For her PhD thesis, Carola researched how politicians use language and metaphor, with a focus on populists such as Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage.

You can read the interview here.

Sally Wyatt and Paul Stephenson interviewed about FASoS poetry booklet

Sally Wyatt and Paul Stephenson have been interviewed about the FASoS poetry booklet by UM. You can read the interview here.

Observant has also dedicated an article to the FASoS poetry booklet. You can read it here.

There still are a few copies left of the poetry booklet at the secretariats and at the Marketing and Communications Office (GG90-92, B0.34).

Maarten Doorman interviewed by Filosofie magazine

Maarten Doorman has been interviewed by Filosofie magazine about visions (of the future). The interview is also reflected upon in an article in Trouw.

Maarten claims that there is one certainty nowadays: the uncertainty surrounding the future, and how hard it is to cope with this uncertainty.

Esther Versluis interviewed by Studio Europa

Esther Versluis has been interviewed by Studio Europa about our (in)tolerance for uncertainty.

She explains her research into ‘wicked problems’, problems for which there is no clear solution, of which the current corona crisis is an example. The uncertainty surrounding the corona crisis feeds conspiracy theories, Versluis says.

You can read the interview here.

Christian Ernsten’s Voorland project in NRC and Volkskrant

In August, the Dutch quality newspapers the NRC and the Volkskrant published full-spread articles on Christian Ernsten’s Voorland Groningen project. In addition, websites like Archined and NEMO’s Kennislink reviewed the book positively.

In October, Christian and his collaborators are invited speakers at the public programme of the Panorama Nederland exhibition of the College van Rijksadviseurs held at the Groninger Forum.

Leonie Cornips interviewed in podcast series ‘P&M proat plat’

Leonie Cornips has been interviewed in the podcast series ‘P&M proat plat’ about the development of dialects, in specific in Peel en Maas.

You can listen to the podcast here.

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