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Nico Baakman interviewed by Omroep Zeeland

Nico Baakman has been interviewed by Omroep Zeeland about the Spahr case.

Spahr van der Hoek was mayor of Middelburg from 1997 until he had to leave after a vote of no confidence in 2000. Nico has just completed 16 years of research, which resulted in a book ‘de rechte weg’, into Spahr’s turbulent mayor years which were ruled by unjust declarations and a trust crisis.

Valentina Mazzucato, Bilisuma Dito and Konjit Gudeta interviewed by UM

Researchers in the Well-being, Women, and Work in Ethiopia (3WE) research project – Valentina Mazzucato, Bilisuma Dito, and Konjit Gudeta – have been interviewed by UM on the effects of the corona crisis on the situation of female workers in foreign flower farms and factories in Ethiopia.

Christian Ernsten’s Voorland project in national and regional media

On Monday 22 June, Christian Ernsten was interviewed on Opium – NPO Radio 4 about his Voorland Groningen book and app.

On Saturday 20 June, both the national daily Financieel Dagblad as well as the regional newspaper Dagblad van het Noorden reviewed the project. In addition, the regional news outlet in Groningen RTV Noord paid attention to Voorland Groningen.

Leonie Cornips interviewed by NRC

Leonie Cornips has been interviewed by NRC about the research she does into the language cows speak.

She explains that in her research she refutes the premises that only humans have their own language by which they set themselves apart from animals.

You can read the entire interview (in Dutch) here.

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Christian Ernsten’s Voorland project is the VPRO gids cover story

This week’s VPRO magazine presented a background article to Christian Ernsten’s ‘Voorland Groningen: Wandelingen door het antropoceen’ project. This national TV and radio network will broadcast the first episode of the radio documentary on Radio Doc, NPO Radio 1 on Sunday 21 June at 21.00.

Both the Voorland book and the app will be available from 19 June.

René Gabriëls interviewed by L1 about conspiracy theories

René Gabriels has been interviewed by L1 about conspiracy theories. The corona crisis has created many uncertainties, which gives room for conspiracy theories to emerge. What do conspiracy theorists do to their fellow human-beings? And why do people like to believe in conspiracy theories?

René Gabriels explores these questions in this radio interview.

Joep Leerssen interviewed by de Groene Amsterdammer

Joep Leerssen, together with several other experts, has been interviewed by de Groene Amsterdammer about the vulnerabilities of the dominating West in light of the corona crisis.

Leerssen argues that whereas China’s first response to the coronavirus was denial, Western neo-liberal countries were reserved as to taking action so as not to harm citizens’ freedom and the economy.

You can read the entire article (in Dutch) here.

Cyrus Mody interviewed by UM about his Vici grant

Cyrus Mody has been interviewed by UM about his Vici grant. In the interview, he explains that he will research the dilemma of the entanglement between science and the oil industry with the €1.5 million grant he received.

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Leonie Cornips interviewed on NPO Radio 5

Leonie Cornips has been interviewed on NPO Radio 5 about her research into the language cows speak. In the radio interview, she gives a few examples of the sounds cows make and their (possible) meaning and explains how cows communicate.

You can listen to the interview here.

Lauren Wagner interviewed by de Groene Amsterdammer

Lauren Wagner has been interviewed by de Groene Amsterdammer for an article about Morocco receiving support from diaspora. In the diaspora, generations often lose the connection to their country of origin, but they don’t lose the connection with their Moroccan community.

You can read the article (in Dutch) here.

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