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Rector Rianne Letschert visits FASoS tutorial group

The CvB would like to hear from staff and students themselves how they are doing. UM’s Rector Rianne Letschert has therefore started a ‘faculty tour’.

This week she joined a tutorial group of FASoS. The focus: the psychological and social well-being of the students.

You can watch the video of her visit here.

Poetry, picture and art contest continues

Do you ever have trouble sleeping? Some people have spoken of how they have been dreaming more intensely the last few months, or else waking up during the night and not able to get back to sleep.

Earlier this week British poet Ruth Padel, great-great-granddaughter of the naturalist and biologist Charles Darwin, published a poem called ‘Night singing in a time of plague‘.​ It begins as follows:

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Send us your lockdown coffee picture and win a Banditos gift voucher!

We all miss Banditos, its great staff members, empowering coffee, delicious soups and heartwarming cookies. We hope we will be able to visit Banditos again soon.

In the meantime, send us your pictures of how you enjoy your coffee or tea at home during lockdown. We will be handing out a Banditos gift voucher to the most original picture we receive once every week in the month March. Send in your pictures to

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Poetry, picture and art contest continues

Snow fell in much of the Netherlands in the past week, creating a very different feeling to nature than what we all had during the first lockdown. We received our first contribution from a student, Aleksandra Kaleta, year 1, BA Digital Society. Click through to read her poem.

Maybe Carnival will inspire more students and staff to express their reactions to the continued lockdown in poetry, prose or art. Send your contributions to

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Poetry, picture and art contest continues

It is clear that our FASoS creativity has not been dampened by the months of corona uncertainty and anxiety. The call Paul and Sally put out last week has already generated several poems, the start of a dystopian novel (what else could it be at the moment), and surrealist photos of the Limburg landscape.

Read on for poems by ‘Anon’, Sally and Josje.

Keep sending your entries to

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Call for submissions art, picture and poetry contest

We hoped we wouldn’t be here again, but the virus and its mutations are still among us. Again, we are confined to our homes, unable to meet in person. We are learning and teaching largely in online environments, and studying with our books and papers behind closed doors and in private spaces. We have each developed new rhythms to our day and found novel ways of connecting with colleagues, students, family and friends.

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European Studies student Johanna Hvalić vlogs about her MaRBLe research

Johanna is a third-year BA European Studies student. During the course On Expedition: travels into the unknown, MaRBLE students use travel books from the university library’s Special Collections to write their bachelor thesis and a Wikipedia entry. Johanna is one of them.

In her vlogs, Johanna takes you along her expedition and shares her experiences during this period. In this vlog, she tells about the impact of the coronavirus on her research.

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Mosaïek Magazine’s Spring Issue is available online

The Spring Issue of Mosaïek Magazine is now available! The theme is Bodies and our writers cover a variety of topics, from fiction to cosmetic surgery to our relationship with our bodies, and much more.

For the very first time the issue is available online. Thank you to all the writers and creatives who have contributed. We hope you all enjoy reading it!

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Christine Neuhold and sister publish article in Observant

Our prospective dean Christine Neuhold and her sister Stephanie have published their fourth article in Observant providing their views on the corona crisis.

They discuss the difference in measures taken by EU governments. Whereas Stephanie can go to the zoo again, Christine is alerted by drones in the park about social distancing.

You can read the entire article here.

FASoS ultimate student recipe book

As part of the course ‘Introduction to Digital Technologies II’, first-year BA Digital Society students engaged in a crowdsourcing project. In the project, students were asked to contribute recipes which were collected into a booklet titled ‘the secret ingredient’.

Find all delicious recipes from different parts of the world here.

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