Call for honours project descriptions 2022 – 2023

Associate and full professors are invited to design an honours project for the upcoming academic year (2022/23) related to their own research and research interests.

Honours projects are run for a maximum of 5 students from the top 5% of the bachelor programmes (Arts and Culture, European Studies, Digital Societies, Global Studies).

To apply, please send your description to Clara Weinhardt (clara.weinhardt@maastrichtuniversity.nl) before 25 July.

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Partners of MERIAN sign collaboration agreement

On 24 May 2022, MERIAN hosted a launch event at the Jan van Eyck Academie to mark the official start of the network as well as for the partners to sign the collaboration agreement.

MERIAN would like to thank everyone present including the deans, controllers, researchers, members of the MERIAN working groups, the steering committee and vice members as well as the Jan van Eyck staff for making the event a success.

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Thank you FASoS Teaching & Learning Festival

On 16 June the first FASoS Teaching & Learning Festival took place.

The organisation was a bit apprehensive before the start and therefore is very pleased with all your positive reactions during the day.

Everyone had a great time largely due to your discussions on and contributions to technology-enhanced learning.

The organisation is looking forward to writing up a first report with your input.

Reminder: Board of Examiners fraud and plagiarism message to staff members

The FASoS Board of Examiners have shared a new fraud and plagiarism message for staff members.

Please click here or take a look at the message on Intranet.

BA Digital Society student publishes first paper

The paper ‘Stigmatization of Women in Chinese Society‘, co-authored by Jiaru Zheng (Digital Society student at FASoS) and Yimiao Huang, has been published in 2021 International Conference on Public Art and Human Development (ICPAHD 2021) (pp. 391-396).

Moreover, this article has been accepted by CPCI.

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Join the sustainability platform

The sustainability platform is currently working on the FASoS garden, interview series, the website for the platform and a sustainability plan for the faculty.

Students and staffs are welcome to share their ideas for new projects and help out with any project related to sustainability.

Interested in sustainability and want to make FASoS greener? Join the sustainability platform by sending an email mentioning what you would like to contribute to the platform.

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Decisions and announcements Faculty Board meetings May 2022

The Faculty Board of FASoS held meetings on 10 and 25 May.

Please read on for an overview of the decisions and announcements.

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Two bachelor’s thesis prizes for FASoS

Two FASoS students, Nino Luijpen (BA Arts and Culture) and Konstantin Matthias Reiners (BA European Studies), have won the 2021 UM thesis prizes. Congratulations Nino and Konstantin!

Click here for a video in which all UM bachelor thesis prize winners are presented. The time stamp for the FASoS winners is 30.03.

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Two master’s thesis prizes for FASoS

Two FASoS master students received the Thesis prize 2021. The students completed their master’s programmes in 2021 with a thesis that was labelled excellent by their faculty.

A huge congratulations to Sara Fornasiero (Master European Public Affairs) and Danai Petropoulo Ionescu (Research Master European Studies)!

Click here for a video in which all 9 UM winners of the thesis prizes briefly present their topic.

Share your advice on scientific funding with the Dutch government

Together with Populytics, De Jonge Akademie is organising an online consultation to give all researchers the chance to join the discussion on the division of research funding and to bring out advice to politicians.

Should more money be given to permanent contracts, excellent researchers or research in teams?

Share your advice on the future of Dutch science funding with politicians and university boards up until 1 July 2022 via this link.

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