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Christian Ernsten’s research in book, documentary and app

Christian Ernsten’s research on walking as a research method and on emergent Anthropocene landscapes is published as walking guide, VPRO radio documentary, and walking app.

In the book Voorland Groningen. Wandelingen door het Antropoceen published by nai010 publishers in Rotterdam, Christian Ernsten – in collaboration with journalist Marten Minkema and photographer Dirk-Jan Visser – presents four walks through the Groningen landscape.

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Afke Groen, Patrick Bijsmans and Johan Adriaensen publish article

Afke Groen, Patrick Bijsmans and Johan Adriaensen have just published a new peer-reviewed article in ‘European Political Science’ on the generic skills self-assessment tool that is part of the BA ES mentor programme portfolio. They re-developed the existing self-assessment tool and tested its merits through a quasi-experimental study.

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New FASoS Teaching & Learning blog post

In our latest blog post, Patrick Bijsmans discusses his first experience with using videos in online teaching and learning. While he had considered using videos pre-corona, he never actually came around to trying. Patrick wanted to use the current crisis to experiment with videos to support students’ learning, as he had to redesign three lectures that were ideal for introducing video.

This is what he learned – includes links to all videos!

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Leonie Cornips publishes article in Cambridge University Press

Leonie Cornips has published her article titled “The impact of preschool attendance on children’s bidialectism in The Netherlands: Why toddlers may stop speaking a regional language (Limburgish) at home” in Cambridge University Press.

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Klaartje Peters co-publishes interim report on online decision-making

Klaartje Peters, chairwoman of the evaluation committee of the Dutch emergency law on online decision-making in municipalities and provinces, has co-published the first interim report on the working of online decision-making in local bureaucracies.

You can read the report (in Dutch) here.

New FASoS T&L Blog by Stefan Jongen (FSE)

Our latest blog is a guest contribution by Stefan Jongen of Maastricht University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Stefan discusses his experience moving a skills training course in the Maastricht Science Programme online, while keeping with PBL principles. How do students learn online? How do I present content online? What is my role as instructor? The answers to these questions shaped Stefan’s innovative approach.

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Miriam Meissner publishes article in Der Freitag

Miriam Meissner has published an article in German newspaper Der Freitag.

The article argues why the cultural zeitgeist for shift in economic thinking towards post-growth is ripe. It comments critically on emerging policy measures that seek to recover the economy at the expense of the environment and advocates for a post-technocratic shift tackling the intertwined economic, health and environmental crises of our time.

New FASoS T&L Blog: Zooming into online teaching and learning

In our latest blog, Patrick Bijsmans interviews Marisa Mori and Mirko Reithler. A few weeks back Patrick wrote that he would be observing the online tutorials of Marisa and Mirko.

He was impressed by how well everything seemed to work. But he also noticed a few differences in the way Zoom was used and integrated during the meetings. In this interview he asks Marisa and Mirko a few follow-up questions.

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Iskander De Bruycker writes opinion piece in De Morgen

Iskander De Bruycker wrote an opinion piece in Belgian newspaper De Morgen on lobbying in Belgium in times of the coronavirus. He argues that lobby groups can contribute to more legitimate and effective decisions to cope with the crisis, but that a balance of interests should be respected.

You can read the article (in Dutch) below. If you are subscribed to De Morgen, you can read the article here.

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Leonard Schuette publishes commentary on Brexit for EPC

Leonard Schuette, PhD researcher in the NestIOr project, has published a commentary on the next phase of the Brexit negotiations for the European Policy Centre, a think tank in Brussels.

He reflects on the first phase of negotiations, discusses the structural differences of the next phase, speculates about the impact of COVID-19, and predicts that a no-deal is more likely than not.

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