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Wiebe Nauta co-publishes article on South Korea’s Aid Policy Reforms

Wiebe Nauta has co-published, together with Jaekwang Han & Taekyoon Kim, an article titled ‘Inspiring Democratic Progress in Development Assistance: South Korea’s Aid Policy Reforms via Civic Engagement‘ in Forum for Development Studies.

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Camilo, Ferenc and Pablo contribute to debate on European history

Camilo Erlichman, Ferenc Laczo and Pablo del Hierro have made a joint contribution to “Why Europe, Which Europe? A Debate on Contemporary European History as a Field of Research”, a digital debate organised with the friendly support of the Max Weber Stiftung.

Their joint contribution is titled “Reconceptualisation and Renewal. On Writing Contemporary European History Today“.

Francesca Colli publishes policy brief on the European Green Deal

Francesca Colli has published a policy brief with the Egmont Institute, discussing some ways to improve public participation in the European Green Deal.

You can read the policy brief here.

Lutz Krebs co-authors article on Trump’s Foreign Policy Entrepreneurs

Lutz F. Krebs has co-authored an open access article titled “The Failure of Foreign Policy Entrepreneurs in the Trump Administration” in Politics & Policy with Roberta Haar of UCM.

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Ilias Alami and Adam Dixon publish in Antipode on global development

Ilias Alami and Adam Dixon, along with Emma Mawdsley of Cambridge University, have published an article in Antipode, titled ‘State Capitalism and the New Global D/development Regime‘.

This paper is of the SWFsEUROPE ERC project.

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Simone Schleper publishes article in Environment and Planning

Simone Schleper published an article in Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space, titled ‘Airplanes, cameras, computers, wildebeests: The technological mediation of spaces for humans and wildlife in the Serengeti since 1950‘.

The article is part of her work for the Moving Animals project.

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Assem Dandashly publishes co-authored article in Democratization

Assem Dandashly published a co-authored article in Democratization titled ‘A model no more? Debating Turkish influence in the southern neighbourhood‘ with Senem Aydin-Düzgir from Sabanci University.

It is part of a special issue about the ‘Domestic Contestation and Patterns of Norm Diffusion in the European Neighbourhood’ edited by Assem Dandashly and Gergana Noutcheva.

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Soetkin Verhaegen co-publishes in International Affairs

Soetkin Verhaegen has co-published an article titled ‘Elite attitudes and the future of global governance‘, together with Jan Aart Scholte and Jonas Tallberg, in International Affairs.

This article examines what contemporary elites think about global governance and what these attitudes might bode for the future of global institutions.

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Pablo del Hierro co-authors article on Spanish-Italian mercury cartel

Pablo del Hierro has co-published with Espen Storli (NTNU) an article titled ‘Poisoned Partnership: The International Mercury Cartel and Spanish–Italian Relations, 1945–1954‘ in the Journal of Enterprise and Society.

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Leonard Schuette publishes policy brief on NATO’s 2% target

Leonard Schuette published a policy brief with the Egmont Institute, which makes the case to replace NATO’s 2% spending target by an output-oriented metric.

You can read the policy brief here.

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