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Till Schöfer and Clara Weinhardt publish in International Affairs

Till Schöfer and Clara Weinhardt published an article on “Developing-country status at the WTO: the divergent strategies of Brazil, India and China” in International Affairs.

The article asks what strategies emerging powers adopt as they come under pressure to give up rights commonly reserved for regime members with developing country status.

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Akudo McGee publishes blog on Autocratic Legalism

Akudo McGee recently made a contribution to the European Consortium for Political Research’s blog, The Loop.

In it, she describes the need for a better understanding of different authoritarianisms through her example of how governments in Hungary and Poland restricted democracy and rule of law mostly through legal means- a process referred to as autocratic legalism.​

The article, available here, is a part of a larger series called ‘Autocrats with Adjectives’.

Onallia Esther Osei, Valentina Mazzucato & Karlijn Haagsman publish articles

Based on her PhD research, Onallia Esther Osei, together with Valentina Mazzucato and Karlijn Haagsman, has published in two renowned journals: one in Social Inclusion and one in Global Networks.

Both articles are about Ghanaian youth living in Ghana whose parents have migrated overseas and look at how Ghanaian youth shape their own futures.

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Monika Barget Publishes blog on the DigiKAR geohumanities project

Monika Barget recently published an article for Mosa Historia, on her experiences working on the DigiKAR geohumanities project.

The historical project attempted to analyse spatial relations in early modern Electoral Mainz and Electoral Saxony, using a combination of spreadsheets, scripts and sample databases. By drawing from this experience, Barget discusses low-maintenance alternatives to complex database projects.

Christin Hoene co-edits new book on Asian Sound Cultures

Together with Iris Haukamp (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan) and Martyn David Smith (University of Sheffield, UK), Christin Hoene has co-edited a new book titled Asian Sound Cultures: Voice, Noise, Sound, Technology, published by Routledge.

The book examines the meanings, uses, and agency of voice, noise, sound, and sound technologies across Asia.

The introduction as well as the chapters written by the editors are available here.

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Elsje Fourie publishes creative nonfiction in Anthropology & Humanism

Elsje Fourie has published a creative nonfiction essay in the academic journal Anthropology and Humanism.

Her contribution, titled ‘On watching shoes being made in Addis Ababa’, focuses on her experience of conducting ethnographic fieldwork in Ethiopian factories.

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Thomas Frissen publishes article in Communication Methods and Measures

Thomas Frissen just co-published a research article and a new digital methods research toolkit for meme researchers in the journal Communication Methods and Measures (IF: 9.01).

Aiming to bridge the gap between technical disciplines and the social sciences/humanities, this study proposes an innovative, integrative avenue combining the robust pattern-recognition capacities of computers and the excellent interpretative qualities of humans.

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Félix Streicher publishes article in Francia

Félix Streicher published an article on everyday life and social interactions in Bitburg, a German city under Luxembourgish military occupation (1945-55), in Francia: Forschungen zur westeuropäischen Geschichte.

It draws inspiration from the theory of space and analyses three ‘contested spaces’ (public, semi-public, and private space) to uncover the power dynamics between Luxembourgish occupiers and German occupied in their daily lives.

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Adam Dixon, Imogen Liu and Milan Babic publish edited volume

Adam Dixon, Imogen Liu, and former SWFsEUROPE postdoc Milan Babic (now at Roskilde University) have just published the edited volume ‘The Political Economy of Geoeconomics: Europe in a Changing World‘.

The volume brings together researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds and analytical perspectives, with a strong emphasis on international political economy, to advance debate and understanding of the emerging field of geoeconomics.

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Darryl Cressman edits new Book

Darryl Cressman has edited a new book titled “The Necessity of Critique: Andrew Feenberg and the Philosophy of Technology“, published by Springer Press.

It was published to commemorate Andrew Feenberg being awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society for Philosophy and Technology.

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