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FASoS T&L Blog on games in PBL

One of the key characteristics of PBL is its emphasis on active student engagement. One way of activating students in such a context is the use of games.

On 7 June 2022, Patrick Bijsmans and Anna Harris hosted an interactive Continuing Professional Development workshop aimed at exploring the possibilities that games offer in a PBL context.

In this latest Teaching and Learning blog, they provide a synopsis of this workshop.

Francesca Colli and Yf Reykers publish in EJIS

Francesca Colli and Yf Reykers have published their article “Enemies or allies? How NGOs can push the military towards transparency around the use of force” in the European Journal of International Security.

The article studies the case of the Hawijah airstrikes by the Netherlands to examine the conditions under which NGOs gained access to military administrations and successfully pushed for improved transparency measures.

Read the article here.

Pablo del Hierro publishes article on neofascism during the long 1970s

Pablo del Hierro has published “‘From Brest to Bucharest’: Neofascist transnational networks during the long 1970s” in European Review of History. It focuses on political activism of neo-fascist groups between 1968 and the early 1980s. Why did these groups grow in Europe during those years?

With a broader chronological perspective, it analyses the exchange of ideas and strategies carried out by these actors across national borders since 1945.

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Wiebe Nauta publishes article in Asian Journal of Peacebuilding

Wiebe Nauta has published the article ‘The Challenges of South-South Cooperation and Triangular Cooperation for the United Nations: Towards True Solidarity and a Human Rights Based Democratization of Global Health?’ in the Asian Journal of Peacebuilding.

Access the article here.

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FASoS T&L Blog on peer feedback

Peer feedback is often used in courses as a tool for collaborative learning. In theory, providing comments on another student’s assignment and engaging with comments from peers is a formative experience. Yet, is it always so collaborative and constructive?

In this blog, Yf Reykers shares his experience in using a writing assignment for peer feedback.

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LSE Impact Blog on pursuing citational justice

Aurélie Carlier, Hang Nguyen, Lidwien Hollanders, Nicole Basaraba, Sally Wyatt and Sharon Anyango published a post on the LSE Impact Blog, reflecting on their efforts to achieve greater citational justice for women and other groups under-represented in the production of knowledge.

A few months ago, this group of six women published the UM Citation Guide, a guide by FEM.

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Milan Babić and Adam Dixon publish on the China effect

While European policy-making was ambiguous about the question of hosting Chinese state-led investment (CSLI) in the early 2010s, we can observe a recent surge of protectionist legal measures across Europe. What explains this trend among different European countries?

In a new open access article in The Chinese Journal of International Politics, Milan Babić and Adam Dixon answer this question.

Access the publication here.

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Giselle Bosse publishes policy brief on Ukraine’s EU membership bid

Giselle Bosse has published a policy brief with the Montesquieu Institute, discussing the prospects of Ukraine’s membership in the European Union.

You can read the policy brief, in Dutch, here.

Imogen Liu and Adam Dixon publish new article on financialisation

Imogen Liu and Adam Dixon published a new (open access) article in the Journal of Economic Geography about the role of the state in China’s state-led financialisation of infrastructure.

Access the article, titled “What does the state do in China’s state-led infrastructure financialisation?”, here.

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New FASoS Teaching & Learning Blog on podcasts

It isn’t that long ago that podcasts were still a relatively unknown medium. But search for “podcast higher education” in Spotify and you’ll find yourself scrolling for quite a while until you reach the end of the list.

Patrick Bijsmans and Andreea Nastase recently embarked on using podcasts in their courses and share a few things to consider when you want to start producing podcasts for your course in this latest Teaching & Learning Blog post.

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