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RMES student Serena Rosadini publishes academic article

RMES student Serena Rosadini has published her first academic article in the African Journal of Political Science and International Relations. The article discusses the changes in the South African political culture and system after the fall of the Apartheid regime and the 1994 elections.

You can read the open access article here.

New FASoS Teaching & Learning Blog on DIY videos in teaching

In our latest blog post, Sjoerd Stoffels discusses the actual process of filming a video for teaching purposes.

Using video has become part of teaching reality during recent months, but on a global scale this is hardly a new development. It concerns more than just recording full lectures; instead it is about various concepts that are better suited for digesting information on devices or screens, not just in times of online teaching and learning.

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Leonard Schuette co-authors commentary on Brexit in The Times

Together with Luigi Scazzieri (CER), Leonard Schuette published a commentary for The Times (UK).

In this commentary, they argue that the Brexit acrimonies should not prevent EU and UK foreign policy cooperation in the future.

Ilias Alami and Adam Dixon publish paper in Political Geography

Narratives of state capitalism conjure up a variety of powerful geographical imaginaries and representations, none of which are innocent.

In a new article in Political Geography, Ilias Alami and Adam Dixon show how the category ‘state capitalism’ is rapidly becoming a central geopolitical marker, acting as a powerful tool in hierarchising the spaces of world politics, and justifying policy adjustments in foreign policy, trade, and development.

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Patrick Bijsmans and Esther Versluis publish research on ES and PBL

Patrick Bijsmans and Esther Versluis have published a peer-reviewed article in European Political Science entitled ‘Problem-based learning and the relevance of teaching and learning European Studies in times of crises‘.

They discus the question how to maintain a study’s relevance in light of ever-changing societal developments, based on a survey and a focus group discussion with BA ES students.

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Special issue of NanoEthics on philosophy and synthetic biology

Darian Meacham and Miguel Prado (UWE, Bristol) have guest-edited a special issue on “Philosophy and Synthetic Biology” for the journal NanoEthics: Studies of New and Emerging Technologies on Philosophy and Synthetic Biology.

Contributions include an article from Nora Vaage and an “Art-Science” dossier coordinated by Darian.

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Yf Reykers publishes article on ad hoc military coalitions

Yf Reykers and John Karlsrud (Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, NUPI) published an article on ad hoc coalitions in international security.

They claim that ad hoc coalitions have so far been treated as a uniform category, which does not capture empirical reality. By introducing a new typology, they offer a tool to better understand how ad hoc coalitions may affect organisations such as the European Union and African Union.

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RMES student Leon Kaiser publishes policy brief

Leon Kaiser, student in the Research Master European Studies, has published a policy briefΒ on the Common Agricultural Policy with the OpenEUdebate Jean Monnet Network.

In this policy brief, Leon puts forward four ways for the EU to support small farmers and to begin shaping digital agriculture.

Christian Ernsten’s research in book, documentary and app

Christian Ernsten’s research on walking as a research method and on emergent Anthropocene landscapes will be published as walking guide, VPRO radio documentary, and walking app.

In the book Voorland Groningen. Wandelingen door het Antropoceen published by nai010 publishers in Rotterdam, Christian Ernsten – in collaboration with journalist Marten Minkema and photographer Dirk-Jan Visser – presents four walks through the Groningen landscape.

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Afke Groen, Patrick Bijsmans and Johan Adriaensen publish article

Afke Groen, Patrick Bijsmans and Johan Adriaensen have just published a new peer-reviewed article in ‘European Political Science’ on the generic skills self-assessment tool that is part of the BA ES mentor programme portfolio. They re-developed the existing self-assessment tool and tested its merits through a quasi-experimental study.

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