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Brigitte Le Normand publishes blog on history of Yugoslavian migrants

How can you tell the difference between a refugee and an economic migrant? Are migrants most loyal to their places of origin or their host states?

In her latest Mosa Historia blog, Brigitte Le Normand explains why we are asking the wrong questions, drawing on her research for Citizens Without Borders: Yugoslavia and Its Migrant Workers in Western Europe.

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Till Schöfer and Clara Weinhardt publish blog post on The Loop

Till Schöfer and Clara Weinhardt published a blog post on “The unmaking of developing countries’ special rights in global trade politics” at the European Consortium for Political Research blog The Loop.

They analyse changing North-South power dynamics in a multipolar era. Building on findings of their DFG-funded research project, they argue that the special rights of developing countries in the World Trade Organization are increasingly unmade.
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Yf Reykers co-authors article for Carnegie Europe

The EU’s pursuit of a single European defence market necessitates stronger democratic oversight.

In this article for Carnegie Europe, Yf Reykers and Raluca Csernatoni suggest that members of the European Parliament and national legislative bodies should play a more proactive role as watchdog and engage in strategic foresight and planning.

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Lea Beiermann publishes blog on microscopy slide production

Lea Beiermann has published a blog post on Mosa Historia.

In her blog post, Lea explains how microscope slide makers started to share and preserve their slides during the mid-nineteenth century. Not only did they create beautiful slides, but their work should also be understood as an important practice that shaped how scientists understood their world.

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Ferenc Laczó writes blog on migrant crisis at Polish-Belarusian border

Ferenc Laczó has published a blog post about the migrant crisis at the Polish-Belarusian border on the platform UK in a changing Europe.

You can read the blog post here.

Maarten Doorman writes opinion piece in Observant

Maarten Doorman has published an opinion piece in Observant about cancel culture.

You can read the article here.

Leonie Cornips publishes article on animal turn in linguistics

Leonie Cornips has published an article titled ‘The Animal Turn in Postcolonial Linguistics: The Interspecies Greeting of the Dairy Cow‘ in the Journal of Postcolonial Linguistics.

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Pablo del Hierro publishes article in Contemporary European History

Pablo del Hierro has published an open access article titled “The Neofascist Network and Madrid, 1945–1953: From City of Refuge to Transnational Hub and Centre of Operations” in Contemporary European History.

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Monika Barget co-publishes book on images of political violence

Monika Barget has, together with Malte Griesse and David de Boer, published a book titled Revolts and Political Violence in Early Modern Imagery

In the early modern period, images of revolts and violence became increasingly important tools to legitimize or contest political structures. The volume offers an in-depth analysis of how early modern people produced and consumed violent imagery.

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Harro van Lente co-edits special issue in Science and Public Policy

Together with colleagues from CNRS Paris and the University of Lausanne, Harro van Lente is a guest editor (and contributor) of a special issue in Science and Public Policy on ‘Regimes of Promising‘.

The SI investigates how particular promises dominate the agenda of science and innovation policies, at the expense of alternatives. The question is whether such routinised promising has become an ‘enemy of the future’.

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