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C. Erlichman publishes blog on collaboration in historical research

In his latest contribution to the History Department Blog, Camilo Erlichman reflects on the reluctance of historians to engage in collaborative forms of writing, tracing the reasons to the development of the discipline in the 19th century.

In doing so, he argues that while mono-authorship will remain a key pillar of the discipline, historians need to embrace more emphatically collective forms of writing.

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New FASoS T&L Blog: Clara Weinhardt’s 3 lessons learned online

Everybody is longing to bringing education back to our campuses. Yet, while we may not like it, we currently do not know with certainty in what ways – and for how long – this will be possible. This makes it important to reflect upon ways in which we can use some of the advantages of online teaching, and at least mitigate disadvantages.

Clara Weinhardt discusses her three lessons learned in the latest FASoS T&L blog.

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The Legacy of Division out in Slovene translation

The volume The Legacy of Division. East and West after 1989 edited by Ferenc Laczo and Luka Lisjak Gabrijelcic has just been released by the Slovene Academy as Dediščina razdeljenosti: Vzhod in Zahod po 1989.

The volume has been discussed at multiple Slovene radio stations, at Eurozine in Vienna and at the Casa della Cultura (Milan) in recent weeks.

MO-TRAYL researchers publish in Mobilities journal

MO-TRAYL researchers Valentina Mazzucato (PI) and Laura Ogden have published an article titled “Changing relationships to the country of origin through transnational mobility: migrant youth’s visits to Ghana” in Mobilities about how the embodied nature of visits to Ghana shapes migrant youth’s relationships to the country over time and space.

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New FASoS T&L Blog on the online experience in Leeds and Maastricht

It’s been over 15 months since we’ve had to suddenly move our courses online. A time during which we have learned many new things about synchronous versus asynchronous learning, about the technicalities of Microsoft Teams and Zoom, but also about the difficulties of maintaining a learning community of students and staff in an online setting.

In our latest blog, Patrick Bijsmans (FASoS) and Simon Lightfoot (FSS Leeds) report on a transnational exchange on more than a year of online teaching and learning with over 20 colleagues from both faculties, plus a student from each.

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Adriaensen, Bijsmans & Groen publish on methods curricula

Johan Adriaensen, Patrick Bijsmans and Afke Groen (formerly FASoS, now Mr. Hans van Mierlo Stichting) have just published a new chapter entitled ‘Designing and implementing methods curricula‘.

The chapter explores the place of methods training within the undergraduate Political Science curriculum and appears in the book Teaching Research Methods in Political Science (Edward Elgar), edited by Jeffrey L. Bernstein

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Maria Debre and Hylke Dijkstra publish article on COVID-19

COVID-19 is often said to be a key challenge to multilateralism and cross-border cooperation. In a new open access article in Global Policy, titled ‘COVID-19 and Policy Responses by International Organizations: Crisis of Liberal International Order or Window of Opportunity?‘, Maria Debre and Hylke Dijkstra analyse how 75 major international organisations actually responded to the first wave of COVID-19 in 2020.

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Leonie Cornips and Lotte Thissen publish chapter on football derby

Leonie Cornips and Lotte Thissen have published a book chapter titled ‘Regional politics of place-making and (un)belonging through language practices at a derby football match in the south of the Netherlands‘ in the book Football, Politics and Identity.

In the chapter, Leonie and Lotte analyse language practices in a football derby match between MVV (Maastricht) and Roda JC (Kerkrade).

Wiebe Bijker presents advisory report to Minister OCW

On Wednesday 16 June, Wiebe Bijker presented Minister van Engelshoven with an advisory report that proposes the establishment of a scientific network organisation, the Dutch Caribbean Research Platform (DUCARP).

The report was commissioned by NWO as part of the Caribbean Research Programme. Bijker co-authored the report with Jorien Wuite.

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Tullio Viola publishes chapter on social memory

Tullio Viola has published a chapter (in German) on “Pragmatism” in the new Handbuch Sozialwissenschaftliche Gedächtnisforschung published by Springer.

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