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Costanza Marcellino (RMES) blogs about the EU’s Roadmap to recovery

Wednesday 6 May is the next video meeting of national leaders, who will have to put aside their diverging positions on the financing of the EU’s Recovery Fund, to show solidarity and deliver a strong, rapid response.

In her new blog post ‘COVID-19: a Roadmap to recovery – what does it mean for the EU budget?‘, Costanza Marcellino traces the fast-moving events of the last month, geographical divisions and uncertainties over the shape of financing.

Christine Neuhold and sister publish article in Observant

Our prospective dean Christine Neuhold and her sister Stephanie have published their tird article in Observant providing their views on the coronacrisis.

Christine does this from the viewpoint of the EU and discusses the challenges the EU faces in this crisis. Stephanie does so from the viewpoint of a doctor at the Intensive Care unit.

You can read the entire article here.

Miriam Meissner publishes article on economic policy in The Broker

Miriam Meissner has published an article on economic policy in The Broker.

The article argues that industrialised countries’ economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic needs to steer away from the limited paradigm of economic growth. It emphasises links between economic growth, biodiveristy loss and zoonotic pandemics; and it advocates an economic policy that focuses on well-being and solidarity, instead of GDP.

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Veerle Spronck publishes opinion piece in Trouw

Veerle Spronck has published an opinion piece in Dutch newspaper Trouw.

In the article ‘Vergeet het cultuurpubliek niet’, she brings attention to art lovers and amateurs in the new 1.5-metre society. Although the Dutch government already announced help in the form of €300 million for cultural institutions that are deemed vital, this help does not take into account cultural participation, one of the aims of Dutch cultural policy.

You can read the piece here.

RMES student Chiara Russo publishes blog on EU’s response to COVID

The EU’s response to COVID-19: adapting the Emergency Support Instrument (ESI)‘ is the title of the recent blog post written by RMES student Chiara Russo on the EUFINACCO website (Financial Accountability in the EU), hosted by Paul Stephenson.

Over the next few months Chiara and fellow student Costanza Marcellino will be writing a number of posts to keep track of developments in the EU’s response to COVID-19 and budgetary implications thereof.

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Sally Wyatt writes article about BA Digital Society

Sally Wyatt wrote an article about the BA Digital Society for the Spring Forum on Digitalisation of the European Association for International Education (EAIE).

Because of the corona crisis, EAIE has made the entire issue freely available. Sally’s article can be found here.

Christine Neuhold publishes blog on parliaments in times of corona

Christine Neuhold has published a blog post on European Parliaments in times of the coronacrisis.

During the coronacrisis, European governments appear to be the main players. Does this mean parliaments in the EU are bypassed? If so, what consequences does this have for democracy in the EU?

Read Christine Neuhold’s full blog post here.

Clara Weinhardt publishes article on politicisation of EU FTAs

Clara Weinhardt and Anke Moerland (Faculty of Law) published an article on why “deep” EU trade agreements are not necessarily more contested than shallow ones in the Global South.

The article is part of a Special Issue on “Politicization of EU Trade Policy across Time and Space” in Politics and Governance.

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New FASoS Teaching & Learning Blogs

This week, we published two new contributions on the FASoS Teaching & Learning Blog.

Darian Meacham discusses his experience teaching Political Philosophy online. If done with nuance, it can be very valuable to link philosophical reflection to current debates. But reflection also takes time.

Patrick Bijsmans updates us on his ventures into online teaching and learning from his home office. He has started sowing seeds for his own period 5 teaching.

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New Teaching & Learning Blog by Paul Stephenson

To print or not to print? That is the question Paul Stephenson asks himself in our latest blog. Paul has a stack of assessments to do of individual papers, group papers and take-home exams from across the BA and MA programmes. He would normally print all of them, but what to do now, online, without fresh paper, but with two ink cartridges in reserve?

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