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Introducing: Mandy Walls

Hi everyone, my name is Mandy and last Monday I started working as Events Coordinator at FASoS.

I am new to Maastricht University, but so far I am really enjoying it and everyone has made me feel very welcome.

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Introducing: Marlies Vermeulen

Hi everyone, my name is Marlies Vermeulen.

I started as PhD candidate and have a background in architecture and work as a cartopologist. I focus on the act of attending to local qualities.

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Leonard Schuette takes up visiting PhD position in Oxford

Leonard Schuette will spend the forthcoming academic year at the University of Oxford (Department of Politics and International Relations) to continue his PhD research on international security organisations.

Introducing: Joris Roosen

Hello everyone, my name is Joris Roosen and I recently joined FASoS as a D3.

My time is split between working for the Centre for the Social History of Limburg (SHCL) and teaching at UM.

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Tsjalling Swierstra new member BAC

Tsjalling Swiestra will become a member of the Committee Promotion Assistant and Associate Professors (BAC).

The BAC advises the FASoS Faculty Board on promotions and on decisions related to tenure track.

Tsjalling takes up his role in the BAC as of September 2021. He replaces Lies Wesseling. The Faculty Board would like to thank Lies for all her work in the BAC over the past years. We also wish Tsjalling all the best in his new role.

Introducing: Cassy Juhasz

Hello everyone, my name is Cassy Juhasz and I have joined the philosophy department as a D4.

I am an alumna from FASoS, having done the BA Arts & Culture and the MSc Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology. I am glad to be able to stay a part of the faculty, albeit not as a student, but as a staff member.

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Introducing: Liang-Kai Yu

Hi everyone, my name is Liang-Kai YU. It is my great pleasure to join the Department of Literature and Art as a PhD candidate.

I am in the second year of my PhD, and my research focuses on queer politics in contemporary art museums. I am interested in curatorial approaches of LGBT-themed art exhibition, collection, and collaborative queer feminist art projects in Dutch and international art museums.

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Introducing: Eliza Steinbock

Hi everyone, my name is Eliza. I’m delighted to return to the FASoS fold, after nearly seven years away working at Leiden University for the programmes Film and Literary Studies, and Art History.

At FASoS, I’m joining in the position of Associate Professor Gender and Diversity Studies and will be active primarily in the Centre for Gender and Diversity, the research programme of Arts, Media and Culture, and with my home base in the Department of Literature and Art.

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Introducing: Maud Oostindie

Hi everyone, my name is Maud. Not new at FASoS, but in a new capacity: having worked as a D4 for the past three years, I’m now excited to start as a PhD candidate in the philosophy department.

My research focuses on cultural scripts of escalation and de-escalation, specifically in an online context. My PhD is part of the Deliberation Laboratory project and is supervised by John Parkinson.

Introducing: Noah Littel

Hi, I’m Noah (they/them)! I’m joining the Department of Literature and Art as a PhD candidate.

I am in the second year of my PhD, and my research focuses on the history of LGBT+ archives in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and West-Germany, from the 1970s onwards. I am particularly interested in processes of inclusion and exclusion within the archives and collections, and the impact of this on the construction of LGBT+ heritage.

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